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½ Read Í One Rainy Night by Richard Laymon Ñ I had never heard of Richard Laymon until I noticed a blurb on a Stephen King novel saying something like Besides Laymon and Koontz, King hasblah, blah, blah So I went to my favorite used bookstore in my hometown and decided to see for myself what this Laymon guy was up to And, man, the dude had written like thirty books Vampires Aliens The unexplained Etc Etc I chose randomly, three or four titles One Rainy Night was among the fortunate to come home with me As I began the book I thought, No big dealjust another run of the mill horror writer That is until the action heated up You see, Laymon knows where the line is and is not only unafraid of crossing it, he does so with pleasure Women and children, fair game Heroes, they may or may not survive And that s what s so fascinating with his writing It constantly keeps the reader off balanced, eagerly flipping pages Vote 3,5Laymon s version of The Crazies the remake than George Romero s original one meets The Twilight Zone with lots of the author s trademark Sex, violence and bouncing boobs.
A brutal action packed page turner that I finished in a few nights, sadly characters were so lame that in the end I was just not caring very much about their often bloody fate.
Not best Laymon s novel I ve read, still not worst, just not bad at all.
This is one of my new favorite Laymon books What an action packed, fun filled ride through a night of terror and violence I would shelf One Rainy Night as Classic Laymon Other such titles I have thought as highly of from this amazing, but grossly underrated author are Island, Body Rides, Into The Fire, After Midnight and The Cellar I haven t read all of his books, as I am slowly working my through them Unfortunately, we lost Laymon in 2001, when he was felled by a massive heart attack, so once I read through them all, well, that s that.
The plot of One Rainy Night is best described in the blurb I can t do it any better than that The black rain falls, and everyone that gets wet with the gooey stuff goes insane and becomes overwhelmed by the desire to kill and rape and pillage The people not affected by the insanity rain may just be the least fortu

Das war unterhaltsam I wasn t sure at first what to expect from this book, whether it d be just another duty free shop mass market paperback, or a truly great and worthwhile book I m glad to say that One Rainy Night was much better than I thought and that although it has some excessive violence that really seemed unnecessary, it was a creative story and the writing had evident thought put into it.
Un estudiante de secundaria negro es asesinado brutalmente en la ciudad de Bixby La noche siguiente, una extra a lluvia negra cae sobre la ciudad Y de repente todos se atacan Cualquier persona tocada por ella pierde todas sus inhibiciones, y queda reducida a un estado violento, lujurioso y salvaje Curiosamente, los afectados nicamente atacan a las personas secas La noche no ha hecho m s que comenzar Lluvia negra A Rainy Night, 1991 es una novela brutal, visceral, escrita en el t pico estilo de Richard Laymon, sin complejos, mezclando violencia, sangre y sexo El libro transcurre en el curso de una noche, a un ritmo fren tico Los personajes de Lymon son fuertes y bastante reales en sus reacciones es f cil identificarse con los buenos y despreciar vilmente a los malos Sin embargo, Laymon no se corta a la , 30 ,.
Formerly Friendly Neighbors Turn To Crazed Maniacs A Stranger At A Gas Station Shoves A Nozzle Down A Customer S Throat And Pulls The Trigger A Soaking Wet Line Of Movie Goers Smashes Its Way Into A Theater To Slaughter The People Inside A Loving Wife Attacks Her Husband, Still Beating His Head Against The Floor Long After He S Dead As The Rain Falls, Blood Flows In The Gutters And Terror Runs Through The Streets First published back in 1990, One Rainy Night came at half way through Laymon s career Following Laymon s fast paced, action packed, blood filled formula for creating a novel that will be adored by many horror fans, One Rainy Night does not disappoint when it comes to an intensive splatter punk style tale of blood lust and unrelenting violence With huge similarities to novels such as James Herbert s The Fog , David Moody s Hater and Danny Boyle s 2002 film 28 Days Later , One Rainy Night sees a large proportion of the population in this case the vast majority of a town , turn into psychotic killers when they are subjected to the mysterious black rain that starts falling on the town From very early on the reader is thrown into the nail biting tension and claustrophobic fear that surrounds the town as the story spirals into an almost post apocalyptic scenario that is not too dissimil This is how books are meant to be I read 165 pages in one day Too me that only happens with specific kind of books I really enjoy it I couldn t stop reading it I will make a big review this week I read some reviews about racism in this book What racism Because it was a black kid killed in the beginnig of the book and his grandfather made a voodoo ritual so everyone start kill one another Oh please An apart now One day I will stop reading reviews because of stupid things like that What a heck Oh there wasn t a lot of black character Oh that serie is all whites Oh the deversity of cultural aspects is not that real Oh the girl on the cover is a bit whiter than the character in the book Ohh my the Whitewash of the writers Oh the black always die first on the horror movie I m sick of reading things like this and they are from WHITE PEOPLE People ar

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½ Read Í One Rainy Night by Richard Laymon Ñ izmirescort.pro Richard Laymon was born in Chicago and grew up in California He earned a BA in English Literature from Willamette University, Oregon and an MA from Loyola University, Los Angeles He worked as a schoolteacher, a librarian, and a report writer for a law firm, and was the author of than thirty acclaimed novels He also published than sixty short stories in magazines such as Ellery Queen,