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[ Read Online Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China ñ leadership PDF ] by Bianca Bosker ↠´ The Chinese building complete, detailed replicas of Western cities is a fascinating topic No mere theme parks, these are real communities meant to be full time homes to hundreds of people Complete replicas of cities from Holland, Italy, France, even Southern California are being built as homes for upper middle class Chinese who want a unique living experience without leaving home.
The story behind the creation and execution of these cities and the duplitecture behind them is undoubtedly a fascinating story Unfortunately, this book isn t it If you look at all aspects of the story the who, what, where, how and why, this book spends almost all of its text on the why , at the expense of covering all the other topics Let s meet the people who plan and build these cities The people who live in them See what their lives are lik A Meter High Eiffel Tower Rises Above Champs Elys Es Square In Hangzhou A Chengdu Residential Complex For , Recreates Dorchester, England An Ersatz Queens Guard Patrols Shanghais Thames Town, Where Pubs And Statues Of Winston Churchill Abound Gleaming Replicas Of The White House Dot Chinese Cities From Fuyang To Shenzhen These Examples Are But A Sampling Of Chinas Most Popular And Startling Architectural Movement The Construction Of Monumental Themed Communities That Replicate Towns And Cities In The West original Copies Presents The First Definitive Chronicle Of This Remarkable Phenomenon In Which Entire Townships Appear To Have Been Airlifted From Their Historic And Geographic Foundations In Europe And The Americas, And Spot Welded To Chinese Cities These Copycat Constructions Are Not Theme Parks But Thriving Communities Where Chinese Families Raise Children, Cook Dinners, And Simulate The Experiences Of A Pseudo Orange County Or OxfordIn Recounting The Untold And Evolving Story Of Chinas Predilection For Replicating The Greatest Architectural Hits Of The West, Bianca Bosker Explores What This Unprecedented Experiment In Duplitecture Implies For The Social, Political, Architectural, And Commercial Landscape Of Contemporary China With Her Lively, Authoritative Narrative, The Author Shows Us How, In Subtle But Important Ways, These Homes And Public Spaces Shape The Behavior Of Their Residents, As They Reflect The Achievements, Dreams, And Anxieties Of Those Who Inhabit Them, As Well As Those Of Their Developers And DesignersFrom Chinese Philosophical Perspectives On Copying To Twenty First Century Market Forces, Bosker Details The Factors Giving Rise To Chinas New Breed Of Building Her Analysis Draws On Insights From The Worlds Leading Architects, Critics And City Planners, And On Interviews With The Residents Of These Developments Great information but she LOVES to use language than is required to make her point Reads like she is trying to impress other authors Here s a book about a phenomenon I had no idea existed apparently, it s a trend in China to build large housing tracts that mimic other parts of the world, such as Tuscany and Paris and Manhattan These aren t Disneylands, they are entire cities, or at least villages, that look like neighborhoods in Provence or Venice On the outside the houses look like palazzos or Tudor style homes, and the surrounding areas look like streets and buildings from the target city It s a middle class and upper class trend, and it has been going on for a number of years now.
Bianca Bosker, the author of this fascinating book, has included numerous photos from real estate brochures and from her own camera At first, the trend seems fun and kitschy, then on closer examination it starts to seem odd, like a quirk that is amusing at first, then this is not something about how stupid of the things they have done this is about why they did it and what would influence thier life in the future.

I bought this based on a strong review in a couple of magazines Reality is this is a thesis turned into a book and thus is about as lively and engaging as one would expect, meaning not very.
First the cover Realizing the photo of a distant Eiffel Tower is not from Paris, but China does not prepare for the surprise and amusement awaiting while leafing through photographs of The Amsterdam Railroad Station, A massive French Chateau, a Dutch residential street, an English village all done in perfect imitation and ALL in China.
Then the best part Blanca Bosker s careful delineation of the tradition, taken from scroll painting of honest copying, imitation, adaptation, and perhaps, a bit of fraud that sometimes occurs She extrapolates from this to an important discussion of the China of today It s prosperity, enormous social change and upheaval, all through the lens of domestic architecture Quite an achievement

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