Ú Penguin Minis: An Abundance of Katherines ↠´ Download by Ú John Green

Ú Penguin Minis: An Abundance of Katherines ↠´ Download by Ú John Green One The Morning After Noted Child Prodigy Colin Singleton Graduated Fromhigh School And Got Dumped For The Nineteenth Time By A Girl Named Katherine,he Took A Bath Colin Had Always Preferred Baths One Of His General Policiesin Life Was Never To Do Anything Standing Up That Could Just As Easily Bedone Lying Down He Climbed Into The Tub As Soon As The Water Got Hot, Andhe Sat And Watched With A Curiously Blank Look On His Face As The Water Overtookhim The Water Inched Up His Legs, Which Were Crossed And Folded Intothe Tub He Did Recognize, Albeit Faintly, That He Was Too Long, And Too Big, Forthis Bathtubhe Looked Like A Mostly Grown Person Playing At Being A KidAs The Water Began To Splash Over His Skinny But Unmuscled Stomach,he Thought Of Archimedes When Colin Was About Four, He read A Bookabout Archimedes, The Greek Philosopher Whod Discovered That Volumecould Be Measured By Water Displacement When He Sat Down In The BathtubUpon Making This Discovery, Archimedes Supposedly Shouted Eureka And Then Ran Naked Through The Streets The Book Said That Manyimportant Discoveries Contained A Eureka Moment And Even Then, Colinvery Much Wanted To Have Some Important Discoveries, So He Asked Hismom About It When She Got Home That EveningMommy, Am I Ever Going To Have A Eureka Moment Oh, Sweetie, She Said, Taking His Hand Whats Wrong I Wanna Have A Eureka Moment, He Said, The Way Another Kid Mighthave Expressed Longing For A Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtleShe Pressed The Back Of Her Hand To His Cheek And Smiled, Her Face Soclose To His That He Could Smell Coffee And Makeup Of Course, Colin BabyOf Course You WillBut Mothers Lie Its In The Job DescriptionColin Took A Deep Breath And Slid Down, Immersing His Head I Am Crying, Hethought, Opening His Eyes To Stare Through The Soapy, Stinging Water I Feellike Crying, So I Must Be Crying, But Its Impossible To Tell Because Im UnderwaterBut He Wasnt Crying Curiously, He Felt Too Depressed To Cry Too HurtIt Felt As If Shed Taken The Part Of Him That CriedHe Opened The Drain In The Tub, Stood Up, Toweled Off, And Got DressedWhen He Exited The Bathroom, His Parents Were Sitting Together On His BedIt Was Never A Good Sign When Both His Parents Were In His Room At The Sametime Over The Years It Had Meant Your Grandmother Grandfather Aunt Suzie Whom You Never Met But Trust Me She Was Nice And Its A Shame Is Dead Youre Letting A Girl Named Katherine Distract You From Your Studies Babies Are Made Through An Act That You Will Eventually Find Intriguingbut For Right Now Will Just Sort Of Horrify You, And Also Sometimespeople Do Stuff That Involves Baby Making Parts That Does Not Actuallyinvolve Making Babies, Like For Instance Kiss Each Other In Placesthat Are Not On The FaceIt Never Meant A Girl Named Katherine Called While You Were In The Bathtub Shessorry She Still Loves You And Has Made A Terrible Mistake And Is Waitingfor You DownstairsBut Even So, Colin Couldnt Help But Hope That His Parents Were In The Roomto Provide News Of The Number Variety He Was A Generally Pessimistic Person,but He Seemed To Make An Exception For Katherines He Always Felt Theywould Come Back To Him The Feeling Of Loving Her And Being Loved By Herwelled Up In Him, And He Could Taste The Adrenaline In The Back Of Histhroat, And Maybe It Wasnt Over, And Maybe He Could Feel Her Hand In Hisagain And Hear Her Loud, Brash Voice Contort Itself Into A Whisper To SayI Love You In The Very Quick And Quiet Way That She Had Always Said It Shesaid I Love You As If It Were A Secret, And An Immense OneHis Dad Stood Up And Stepped Toward Him Katherine Called My Cell,he Said Shes Worried About You Colin Felt His Dads Hand On His Shoulder,and Then They Both Moved Forward, And Then They Were HuggingWere Very Concerned, His Mom Said She Was A Small Woman Withcurly Brown Hair That Had One Single Shock Of White Toward The Front Andstunned, She Added What Happened I Dont Know, Colin Said Softly Into His Dads Shoulder Shes Justshed Had Enough Of Me She Got Tired Thats What She Said And Then Hismom Got Up And There Was A Lot Of Hugging, Arms Everywhere, And His Momwas Crying Colin Extricated Himself From The Hugs And Sat Down On His BedHe Felt A Tremendous Need To Get Them Out Of His Room Immediately, Like Ifthey Didnt Leave He Would Blow Up Literally Guts On The Walls His Prodigiousbrain Emptied Out Onto His BedspreadWell, At Some Point We Need To Sit Down And Assess Your Options, Hisdad Said His Dad Was Big On Assessing Not To Look For Silver Linings, But Itseems Like Youll Now Have Some Free Time This Summer A Summer Class AtNorthwestern, Maybe I Really Need To Be Alone, Just For Today, Colin Answered, Trying To Conveya Sense Of Calm So That They Would Leave And He Wouldnt Blow Up Socan We Assess Tomorrow Of Course, Sweetie, His Mom Said Well Be Here All Day You Justcome Down Whenever You Want And We Love You And Youre So So Special,Colin, And You Cant Possibly Let This Girl Make You Think Otherwise Becauseyou Are The Most Magnificent, Brilliant Boy And Right Then, The Mostspecial, Magnificent, Brilliant Boy Bolted Into His Bathroom And Puked Hisguts Out An Explosion, Sort OfOh, Colin Shouted His MomI Just Need To Be Alone, Colin Insisted From The Bathroom PleaseWhen He Came Out, They Were GoneFor The Next Fourteen Hours Without Pausing To Eat Or Drink Or Throw Upagain, Colin read And Reread His Yearbook, Which He Had Received Just Fourdays Before Aside From The Usual Yearbook Crap, It Contained Seventy Twosignatures Twelve Were Just Signatures, Fifty Six Cited His Intelligence,twenty Five Said They Wished Theyd Known Him Better, Eleven Said It Was Funto Have Him In English Class, Seven Included The Words Pupillary Sphincter, And A Stunning Seventeen Ended, Stay Cool Colin Singleton Couldnostay Cool Than A Blue Whale Could Stayskinny Or Bangladesh Could Stayrich Presumably, Those Seventeen People Were Kidding He Mulled Thisoverand Considered How Twenty Five Of His Classmates, Some Of Whomhed Been Attending School With For Twelve Years, Could Possibly Havewanted To Know Him Better As If They Hadnt Had A ChanceBut Mostly For Those Fourteen Hours, He read And Reread KatherineXIXs Inscription Col,Heres To All The Places We Went And All The Places Well Go Andheres Me, Whispering Again And Again And Again And Again Iloveyouyrs Forever, K A T H E R I N EEventually, He Found The Bed Too Comfortable For His State Of Mind, So He Laydown On His Back, His Legs Sprawled Across The Carpet He Anagrammed Yrsforever Until He Found One He Liked Sorry Fever And Then He Lay There In Hisfever Of Sorry And Repeated The Now Memorized Note In His Head And Wantedto Cry, But Instead He Only Felt This Aching Behind His Solar Plexus Crying Adds Something Crying Is You, Plus Tears But The Feeling Colin Had Wassome Horrible Opposite Of Crying It Was You, Minus Something He Keptthinking About One Wordforeverand Felt The Burning Ache Just Beneathhis Rib CageIt Hurt Like The Worst Ass Kicking Hed Ever Gotten And Hed Gotten Plenty Greek I Have Found It More On That LaterAbout Penguin Minis The Tiny Editions Are The Size Of A Cellphone And No Thicker Than Your Thumb, With Paper As Thin As Onion Skin They Can Be read With One Hand The Text Flows Horizontally, And You Can Flip The Pages Upward, Like Swiping A Smartphone Its A Bold Experiment That, If Successful, Could Reshape The Publishing Landscape And Perhaps Even Change The Way People read The New York TimesAn ALA Best Book For Young Adults A Horn Book Fanfare Best Book Of The Year A Booklist Editors Choice A Kirkus Best Book Of The Year Fully Fun, Challengingly Complex And Entirely Entertaining Kirkus, Starred ReviewLaugh Out Loud Funnya Coming Of Age American Road Trip That Is At Once A Satire Of And Tribute To Its Many Celebrated Predecessors Horn Book, Starred Review Imagine An Operating Room At The Start Of A Daring But Well Rehearsed Procedure And You Will Have Something Of The Atmosphere Of An Abundance Of Katherines Every Detail Considered, The Action Unrolling With Grace And Inevitability New York Times Book Review Funny, Sweet, And Unpredictable The Minneapolis Star Tribune The Laugh Out Loud Humor Ranges From Delightfully Sophomoric To Subtly Intellectual Booklist, Starred Review

John Green

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