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✓ Read ✓ Pensées by Blaise Pascal ✓ It is difficult to decide what to say upon reading The Pensees of Blaise Pascal The fragments, some resembling aphorisms with a few extending to several pages of prose, were left disorganized and unedited at Pascal s death Readers have pondered over The Pensees literally thoughts ever since trying to interpret them and discern some semblance of a world view from them In my reading I also tried to comprehend the fragmentary comments and found the views of Monsieur Pascal, to the extent that I understand them, to be foreign to my own views of life For Pascal the human condition is wretched with man s reason a frail thing on which life ultimately cannot depend The overwhelming importance of such concepts as immortality and original sin imbue his world view with a supernatural and other worldly outlook that is difficult Religious Thoughts of a Mathematician29 August 2016 Paris, France When I was learning French I was rather thrown by the way their numbers work after about 60, as is demonstrated by this picture, which shows how English, German, and French construct the number 98 My first thought was this is absolutely ridiculous, how on Earth could the French have produced any mathematicians Well, it turns out that they produced at least two Rene Descartes notable for Cartesian Geometry and Blaise Pascal who built his own calculator, most likely to assist him in deciphering the French numerical system At least the Germans only switch their numbers around, it just seems like the French reached the number 60 and simply became too lazy to work out any beyond that and if you look at the numbers 17, 18, and 19, you will see a similar pattern there Anywa Pascal has caused atheists to doubt their atheism often than Nietzsche has theists their theism why Because those that let their hearts guide their thoughts are never in doubt, but those who unwisely look to results to guide them, as macho ubermensches perforce exclusively must, are always finding their conviction to be as slippery as the passing moment no one result ever convinces the result minded Recognizing this, Pascal places a weighty emphasis on the heart and the nature of its law, which is ultimately inscrutable but much less so than the world around us he hauntingly chastises our placing undue emphasis on rationality, saying Contradiction is no an indication of falsehood than lack of it an indication of truth Yeah Pascal the master dialecticia This was a fantastic reading experience in what I suspect maybe the most obscure and unhelpful comparison I may make on Goodreads the literary version of Janacek s On an Overgrown Path in which as the cycle of pieces continues the music grows sparser and the silences speak ever louder until a few bare notes are richly poignant.
Now, how was the Pascal similar In the edition I came across you effectively read the pensees in reserve order, starting from the most developed form of the idea and then working backwards towards Pascal s original thought And when you get there, suddenly a single, brief, elusive sentence is heavily pregnant, about to give birth to its own universe of thought view spoiler or possibly twins, midwifery wasn t q

Men are so necessarily mad that it would be another twist of madness not to be mad.
And what completes our inability to understand things is that they are not so simple in themselves, and we are made up of two different kinds of opposing natures, body and soulFor this reason almost all philosophers confuse the ideas of things, and speak spiritually of corporeal things and corporeally of spiritual onesInstead of accepting the idea of these things in their pure state, we tint them with our qualities, and imprint our composite nature on to all the simple things we see.
The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me.
Pascal s Pens es were never intended to be read, much like Marcus Aurelius Meditations As such, they honestly reveal the private thoughts of great philosophers on the human condition, and lo, they speak of how miserable people are Both were lonely men made so by their great intellect and great character While Marcus continues to strive with Ragnarokian futility to fulfill all his duties in a life of perfect virtue, Pascal is a bit pessimistic, yet in the end hopeful when he looks to Christ for ultimate purpose Even those who don t believe in God will extract much wisdom from Pascal His one liners are some of the most devastating observations of human psychology Even a cursory exercise in quote mining will yield many seeds for extended thought This book should be read carefully and digested fragment by fragment, line by line Some of m Alternating between brilliant melancholy and theology and other nonsense.
Introduction, by Anthony LeviNote on the TextSelect BibliographyA Chronology of Blaise Pascal Pens es Discussion with Monsieur de Sacy The Art of PersuasionWritings on Grace Letter on the Possibility of the Commandments Treatise concerning Predestination Explanatory NotesThematic Index Blaise Pascal, The Precociously Brilliant Contemporary Of Descartes, Was A Gifted Mathematician And Physicist, But It Is His Unfinished Apologia For The Christian Religion Upon Which His Reputation Now Rests The Pense S Is A Collection Of Philosohical Fragments, Notes And Essays In Which Pascal Explores The Contradictions Of Human Nature In Pscyhological, Social, Metaphysical And Above All Theological Terms Mankind Emerges From Pascal S Analysis As A Wretched And Desolate Creature Within An Impersonal Universe, But Who Can Be Transformed Through Faith In God S Grace

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