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☆ Phantoms ✓ Download by ↠´ Dean Koontz This is another long time later reread for me It has some great scares and made me think twice about turning off my reading light, but it doesn t have the kick of Midnight or the cleverness of Watchers Still worth a read for the few pants crapping moments and well written gory detail.
In 1979, Dean Koontz wrote a novel called Whispers which catapulted him to the bestseller list Koontz s status in the publishing world shifted drastically from a rather unknown suspense producer he became the hot stuff, and in 1981 Whispers rose to the top five of the New York Times paperback bestseller list But this article is not about Whispers While I m not a fan of the mentioned novel, and consider it to be largely tedious and overwrought with banal drama and sentimentality, it shows potential in one field the creep field There are sections in Whispers that are genuinely disturbing to this day, and it s been three decades since the original publication that s saying something.
However, as big a success CLOSER They Found The Town Silent, Apparently Abandoned Then They Found The First Body Strangely Swollen And Still Warm One Hundred Fifty Were Dead, Missing But The Terror Had Only Begun In The Tiny Mountain Town Of Snowfield, CaliforniaD CLOSER At First They Thought It Was The Work Of A Maniac Or Terrorists Or Toxic Contamination Or A Bizarre New DiseaseD CLOSER But Then They Found The Truth And They Saw It In The Flesh And It Was Worse Than Anything Any Of Them Had Ever Imagined This is one of my all time favourite books I remember being twelve and my mother telling me under no circumstances was I to read any of her Dean Koontz books, because they were not suitable for a girl my age So of course, the minute I had the chance, I grabbed a bunch of his books and got to reading Phantoms is the only one that really resonated with me Over the years, whenever I m bored and at a loss as to what to read, I find myself drawn back to this book My copy is positively ancient looking it s falling apart, the back cover is missing, and one or two pages are taped together It s been with me everywhere on school camp, on overseas trips it s almost become a security blanket for me.
Personally, I think it s a great story It s got everything there s romance, there are awesome background characters and pretty great This reminded me so much of old school King that it s automatically in the keeper pile.
10 10 would read again D Some pretty creepy parts, and a cool monster.
But it dragged Most of the novel is the characters speculating, theorizing, deducing and discussing the nature of the monster There could have been less of this and monster action.
Working toward the climax turned into a chore because I was turned off.
I don t yet understand the hate for Koontz Currently I have read three of his novels midnight, watchers and now this one, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them Maybe I peaked too soon with his best works Hopefully not For me, this was a cracking read The first 100 pages or so were filled with dread, and so tension filled I felt like I was there with the two sisters, as they explored the town and discovered the horrors within It was damn creepy and really atmospheric As characters were introduced the tension just kept on building until finally the ancient enemy struck.
The less said about the enemy the better, but it is one of the most malevolent forces in fiction I have read about A disturbing creature that has a terrific backstory and is well researched I love Dean Koontz and his booksAnd I know that lots of reviews at goodreads doesn t seem to accompany adequately my sentiments Nevertheless boldly as I m here comes my humble review First of all let me say that with Phantoms you have here vintage Koontz, I mean a classic piece for what Dean Koontz books stands and are loved for.
Snowfield, a little town in California will be haunted by unspeakable evil, and a small group of survivors fights against it That s all.
Let me say, if you love Carpenters movie The Thing or Stephen Kings It , and if you are fond of The Exorzist then welcome in Snowfield and enjoy the ride, you will not be disappointed at allKoontz mix and blend Science Fiction with horror, and that he does masterfully well.
By the way, Phantoms is really a genuine page turner, you will not be able to stop until The End Having said that, the characters are

I m fiercely competitive Like, ridiculously competitive To the point where I choose a favorite, and from that point on I m squarely behind that favorite until the bitter end The Chicago Cubs Star Wars Stephen King You get the picture Problem is, this causes me to miss out on things that threaten the supremacy of my favorites For several months I avoided The Lord of the Rings movies because I was afraid they d be better than the original Star Wars trilogy Then, when they were better, I decided to avoid watching the Harry Potter movies because they represented a new threat to my new cinematic darling Eventually, I broke down and watched the Harry Potter films after reading the books with my firstborn , and now I m a diehard Harry Potter fan, as well as a diehard Lord of the Rings fan, as well as a diehard Star Wars fan It reall 4.
5 out of 5First things first, let s break out the checklist to see how Koontzian this book is.
1 Blond lead love interest Nope2 Dog s Yup but these Fidos aren t smart 3 Government conspiracy Nope4 Aliens Nope5 Serial Killer Nope but there are a few psychopath so I ll let you decide if they count 6 Bougainvillea plant Nope7 Sodium vapor streetlight Yup numerous times In fact, this might have the most mentions of sodium vapor out of every Koontz book ever 8 Precocious child Nope9 Town gone crazy Nope but kinda Again, not sure if it fits 10 Psychic s NopeSo two Unless you wanna get nitpicky, then four Live or die, make your choice Or whatever On with the review books like Phantoms is a perfect example of why I rag on Koontz as much as I do We all know he s capable of writing fantastic books, but he s also always been about quantity over quality For every amazing nove

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