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[Scott Turow] ¼ Pleading Guilty (Glassbook) [love PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Mack Malloy Is A Partner In One Of Kindle County S Top Law Firms An Ex Cop Who Joined The Firm On A Wave Of Enthusiasm And Optimism, He Now Feels Himself To Be On The Way Down, And Possibly Out Bert Kamin, Gifted, Erratic And Combative, Is One Of The Firm S Star Litigators And He Has Disappeared I just read this book for the second time I was always remembered the narrator with questionable morals, and wanted a refresher on how this feat is achieved Upon the reread, however, I noticed a lot that I didn t remember from the nineties, such as the foretelling of corporate omnipotence, and the completely inaccurate conclusions Mack comes to during his investigation Wonderful book.
Yeah This book did not thrill me I liked the cover art I generally like Scott Turow I hated let me be clear hated the narrative voice It seemed sloppy, tired, drafty as in 2nd draft While I know that this was intended to be an epistolary letters to no one narration, it still didn t work for me I have read many, many books with this premise, and, in general, I like the style While I can t quite put my finger on exactly why it didn t work here, there is no question in my mind that it didn t work here At least not for me, and as this is my review, that s what counts.
The plot line was OK I suppose the biggest actual surprise was the sideline romantic interest of Bert, but I really couldn t have cared less Waaaay too big a deal was made of his sexuality Do intelligent, urban lawyers actually still give even half a damn about it I have a hard time believing that they do I ll still readTurow The story of a law firm struggling with a case corporate embezzlement and a missing lawyer.
The interesting sounding scenario of the blurb quickly devolves into a plodding, slow and methodical story line written in the form of dictated notes by the protagonist.
Whilst being duller than a room with no lights on it does manage to at least achieve a willingness for the reader to see how the story ends, but provides very little else.
It s not 1 star crap, but 2 stars is rather optimistic.
A prominent law partner has disappeared again from the firm This time it s different There is 5.
6 million also missing through a mysterious transfer of funds to an off shore bank His friend Mack is tasked to find him and get back the money Right A story is well told but if it was a film, it would probably be rated GP 13 for language and sexual situations.
Depressed law firm partner searches for another missing partner who is mixed up with fixing basketball games, homosexuality and a 6 million fake payment.
Complicated Just OK.
I m not exactly racing through this Kindle County series This is the third in the series I read number two seven months ago Pleading Guilty was published twenty years ago So you can see that it took me a while to get to it.
Mack Malloy is a lawyer at the Gage Griswell law office Maybe low man on the totem pole even though he has been there twenty years The daytime life of the firm is devoted to making the world safe for airlines, banks and insurance companies Mack will tell you We all know my story I m too old to learn to do something else, too greedy to give up the money I make, and too burnt out to deserve it I wasn t prepared properly for the first surprise as Mack prowled in someone else s apartment I went to the kitchen to check out the fridge, still trying to see how long our hero had been gone, another old cop move, smell the milk, check the pull date When I opened the fridge, About the book Mack Malloy is a partner in one of Kindle County s top law firms An ex cop who joined the firm on a wave of enthusiasm and optimism, he now feels himself to be on the way down, and possibly out Bert Kamin, gifted, erratic and combative, is one of the firm s star litigators and he has disappeared.
My ReviewI love legal thrillers as a rule I just find it all very interesting to follow a case through to the end However, in this case, I didn t enjoy it all that much The story starts by giving some background on Mack, who is a mixed up guy and kind of bumbles his way through this case In other words, he s not really supposed to solve it, but he does I was a little disappointed in some of his actions along the way, I am SHOCKED that this book has a rating of 3.
71 It is one of the worst books I ve ever read The only thing that keeps it from being the absolute worst is that the premise of the book was interesting before it was ruined with stilted writing and an all too obvious attempt to use as many big words as possible in a failed effort to make the author seem smarter than he is and I am personally obsessed with trying to see if I can figure out who actually did it It s also the first time I have ever wished I bought the abridged version of an audio book To top it off, I ll never buy another audio book read by this guy He makes me want to rip the CD player out of my car.
Oh my gosh My first Scott Turow novel and WOW Awesome book His incredible metaphors the absolute BEST part make you hoot out loud with laughter or nod your head in total agreement with the philosophical bent few have the guts to express aloud He takes a down on his luck and almost at times pitiable hero and still makes you want to root for himmakes you want to know him Mr Turow has the acerbic wit of Nelson DeMille s John Corey novels, and I will for sure be reading his other novels Mr Turow s, not Mr DeMille s.

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[Scott Turow] ¼ Pleading Guilty (Glassbook) [love PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ izmirescort.pro Scott Turow is the author of ten bestselling works of fiction, including IDENTICAL, INNOCENT, PRESUMED INNOCENT, and THE BURDEN OF PROOF, and two nonfiction books, including ONE L, about his experience as a law student His books have been translated into than forty languages, sold than thirty million copies worldwide, and have been adapted into movies and television projects He has