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Ò Read ë Ruby Reinvented (mix) by Ronni Arno ò When Ruby Flees Hollywood To Escape The Fame Of Her Parents, She Tells A Lie That Could Ruin The Life She Loves At Her New Boarding School In This M X Novel About Courage, Families, And Finding Your Own Spotlight.
Ruby Miller Has It Made As The Only Child Of Model Turned TV Host Celestine Cruz And Pro Baseball Star Zack Miller, She Has Everything A Twelve Year Old Girl Could Want Well, Except For Real Friends After A Disastrous Birthday Party Where She Discovers Her Supposed BFFs Are Only Friends With Her Because Her Parents Are Uber Famous, She Finds A Place As Far From Fake And Phony Hollywood As She Can Get A Boarding School In Camden, Maine In Her Desperation To Distance Herself From Her Star Studded Parents And The Paparazzi Who Trail Them, Ruby Tells Her New Friends That Shes An Orphan She Feels Awful About Lying, But Once She Starts, Its Hard To Come Clean Plus, Now That Nobodys Comparing Her To Her Perfect Parents, Ruby Can Finally Let Her Own Talents As A Dress Designer Take Center Stage When Ruby Finds Herself Connecting With A Cute Boy Who Really Did Lose His Parents, Shes Torn Between Who She Is And Who Shes Pretending To Be And With Parents Weekend Approaching, She Must Find A Way To Keep Her Secretwithout Losing Her New Best Friend, The Trust Of Her First Crush, And The Chance To Shine As The Designer Of Her Very Own Fashion Show.
My 9yr old and I read this book together It was an amazing book with so many great life lessons in it She was so upset the day we finished the book, she didn t want it to be over I love that she enjoyed it so much We are anxiously waiting for another book by this author Ruby Miller is living a pretty fantastic life Famous parents, fancy restaurants, fabulous parties But all of that comes with a price And Ruby finds out the hard way She overhears her friends gossiping about her family, her money, and how the only reason they put up with her is because she s one of the most well connected girls in Hollywood.
So Ruby decides to get unconnected.
She convinces her parents to send her to a boarding school in Maine A place where she can reinvent herself with new friends, a new story, a new life For the first time ever, people begin noticing her for her personality and her incredible dress designing skills The only problem is that it takes so many lies to keep her new persona stitched together But Ruby s smart All she has to do is keep her secret a secret and and all will be just fine.
But just before Parents Weekend where Ruby s dresses will be on displa

Since I am not female and haven t been young in quite some time, this isn t exactly the sort of book that usually gets my attention But full disclosure knowing the author, I decided to give the Kindle version a read I loved it More important, I knew my two youngest granddaughters would love it too, so I quickly bought two paper versions to give as gifts Ruby s a delightful young lady who makes you want to know about her Granted, her privileged background isn t one that most youngsters or even oldsters will resonate with, but anyone who has passed through puberty will quickly recognize the problem that sets things in motion Her surprising solution makes us a bit green with envy at first not being a choice available to most of us , but we quickly get caught up in it, and it just keeps getting better What follows is Ruby is the daughter of two mega celebrities The kind of celebrities even tweens know about While that might seem like a cool life to lead, we learn through Ruby s story that it can royally suck You see, when your parents are famous, people befriend you just so they can meet them After learning her best friend is just pretending, Ruby arranges to be transferred across the country, where she tells everyone her parents are dead We get to then watch Ruby emerge from her cocoon as for the first time, people let her know she is both talented and a great friend Not only does this book have the perfect message for young girls, but it s a super fun read

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