[ Pdf Fly Guy Presents: Castles (Scholastic Reader, Level 2) ñ mozambique PDF ] by Tedd Arnold ñ izmirescort.pro

[ Pdf Fly Guy Presents: Castles (Scholastic Reader, Level 2) ñ mozambique PDF ] by Tedd Arnold ñ Children Across The Nation Voted For The Topic Of This Fly Guy Presents Book, And The Winning Topic Was CASTLES On Their Latest Field Trip, Fly Guy And Buzz Learn All About Castles From Drawbridges And Dungeons To Kings, Queens, And Knights Award Winning Author Illustrator Tedd Arnold Brings Nonfiction To Life For Beginning Readers There Are Humorous Illustrations And Engaging Photographs Throughout The Front Cover Features Eye Catching Holographic Foil

Tedd Arnold

[ Pdf Fly Guy Presents: Castles (Scholastic Reader, Level 2) ñ mozambique PDF ] by Tedd Arnold ñ izmirescort.pro Born in Elmira, New York, Tedd grew up in a family of six with three brothers His family lived on a farm in Pennsylvania for several years then returned to Elmira until Tedd was ten years old His father s work then required that they move to Gainesville, Florida There, Tedd s first art lessons in an abandoned dentist s office over the Happy Hour pool hall eventually led to a fine arts degree from the University of Florida He and his wife, Carol, started their family in Tallahassee where Tedd worked as a commercial illustrator Carol, a Kindergarten teacher, drew Tedd s attention to children s books Their first son, Walter, inspired his breakthrough picture book, No Jumping on the Bed His second son, William, now stars in No More Water in the Tub , a sequel to his first book He has now publishedthan 30 books as author and illustrator When not working on his books, Tedd s interests include tennis, sketching, reading, coin collecting, and the computer.The inspiration to begin writing and illustrating for children came from my wife, Carol As a kindergarten teacher, she collected picture books I was attracted to their colorful pages and the way the words and pictures played with each other, much like the captioned cartoons I had drawn when I was young.Perhaps the biggest surprise of my career as an author is that I m now going back to elementary school Visiting young readers in classrooms and libraries is something I love Kids keep me on my toes and they ask a lot of questions The number one question seems to be, Where do you get your ideas It s also the hardest question to answer because every idea is different Some ideas seem to pop out of thin air while I m in the shower or walking the dog Others come from reading or research But most of my ideas come from my family and the things they do and say.For instance, one time when my first son, Walter, was five years old, I found him lying on the couch, looking pale as a ghost and clutching a Bible to his chest He was praying When I asked what was wrong, he wouldn t answer In fact, he wouldn t even open his mouth My wife, Carol, finally coaxed a response from him he pointed inside his mouth Carol exclaimed, You have a loose tooth Walter s eyes nearly popped out with fright We quickly assured him that it was perfectly okay for his tooth to come loose and that a new one would replace it But Carol and I looked at each other and realized that despite all our efforts to be good parents, we had somehow completely forgotten to warn Walter that teeth fall out He had thought he was falling apart I made a little note in my journal then ten years later, I expanded that memory into my book Parts.Tedd Arnold lives in Elmira, New York, with his wife, Carol, two sons, Walter and William, two cats, Cody and Frankie, and one dog, Hershey.