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[ Pdf Seeing the Better City: How to Explore, Observe, and Improve Urban Space å love PDF ] by Charles R. Wolfe í Seeing the Better City has brought about a different quality in my engagement with my surroundings Having lived in my current city for over ten years, I had come to take much for granted Reading this book is allowing me to see my city with fresh eyes, experiencing myself as an intrinsic part of it, rather than separate I find myself engaging with it in a active and surprisingly satisfying way.
For instance, as I continue to read of this interesting book, I am noticing details about my city, both small and subtle, as well as the obvious I allow my gaze to linger and to savor what I am seeing I notice that which is pleasing to me and that which I can rearrange with my mind s eye to become pleasing I have slowed down in order to truly see what it is about my city that br Finalist For A United Kingdom National Urban Design Award A KUOW Public Radio End Of Year Book Choice In Order To Understand And Improve Cities Today, Personal Observation Remains As Important As Ever While Big Data, Digital Mapping, And Simulated Cityscapes Are Valuable Tools For Understanding Urban Space, Using Them Without On The Ground, Human Impressions Risks Creating Places That Do Not Reflect Authentic Local Context Seeing The Better City Brings Our Attention Back To The Real World Right In Front Of Us, Focusing It Once On The Sights, Sounds, And Experiences Of Place In Order To Craft Policies, Plans, And Regulations To Shape Better Urban Environments Through Clear Prose And Vibrant Photographs, Charles Wolfe Shows Those Who Experience Cities How They Might Catalog The Influences Of Urban Form, Neighborhood Dynamics, Public Transportation, And Myriad Other Basic City Elements That Impact Their Daily Lives He Then Shares Insights Into How They Can Use Those Observations To Contribute To Better Planning And Design Decisions Wolfe Calls This The Urban Diary Approach, And Highlights How The Perspective Of The Observer Is Key To Understanding The Dynamics Of Urban Space He Concludes By Offering Contemporary Examples And Guidance On How To Use Carefully Recorded And Organized Observations As A Tool To Create Change In Urban Planning Conversations And Practice From City Dwellers To Elected Officials Involved In Local Planning And Design Issues, This Book Is An Invaluable Tool For Constructive, Creative Discourse About Improving Urban Space In Seeing the Better City, Chuck expands upon his observations not only of individuals within an urban environment or the bits pieces that make up a city, but also of the value of taking a step back within oneself to appreciate the broader picture around each of us Yes, I think something should be one way, or maybe two But as Chuck encourages his readers to do, when I look at it from another perspective, putting myself in the shoes of the woman down the street or the man who lives in the tent beneath the highway, maybe my vision isn t the only vision, or even the correct vision Considering how each of us play our part within our vast urban networks, and how those networks of sidewalks, streets, bike lanes, nei Seeing the Better City brings into sharp focus the importance of including a diversity of viewpoints into the conversation of how our cities should grow and evolve The book explores how to create urban spaces that are better for everyone, not just the most connected and influential The reader learns how to create and present inclusive visual narratives that illuminate the diversity of human experience within a city and the important role visual narrative can play in smart and equitable decision making A very readable and informative book

Absolutely fantastic addition to my urbanist bookshelf Chuck s book focuses on one of the most important aspects of our smart city era direct observation of our cities and amazingly, it s the only recent book to do so With modern technology and the proliferation of smartphones this book is a thoughtful and educational guide not only on how to see patterns in urban environments, but also how to tell the story you need to make the case for crucial changes that are too often unillustrated and unsuccessful Giving the public ownership over their city is desperately needed if we are to work together to improve cities for everyone and I couldn t be happier that Chuck s book literally puts this power into their h The images captured by Chuck Wolfe that you come in contact with, the it becomes clear that he sees cities through two lenses one as a photographer and the other as a lawyer professor It is also clear that one lens informs the other.
As a professor, he sees the way the city ought to be based on policy and politics, and the reader can see that this may inform where he points his camera As a photographer, his eye is drawn to interesting subjects, often in the built environment and informed by his legal practice I believe some of these images taken in the built environment through the photographer lens inform his legal practice and teachings as well.
Regardless of which lens you think he is looking through for any given image, you will appreciate his composition, his subtle capture of color to punctuate an idea, and his sense of humor If you are an urbanis

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