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Download Epub Format ↠´ Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes PDF by ☆ Stella Starsky The cleverly pen named authors Starsky Cox provide endless amounts of titillating cocktail conversation and useful research material upon meeting someone new Each profile will offer about 25 pages of detailed information While it s a light hearted subject, at 560 pages, this is no light book for flipping through, but it s highly amusing, interesting and worth the investment of your time.
One of my favorite astrology books it is THE textbook A favorite coffee table read at parties Intelligently written and surprisingly accurate although descriptions of each zodiac sign are based on sun sign only This book won t help you create your astrological chart, but it will give you great insight into yourself as a human being in intimate, romantic relationships One of the only books to examine gender in relation to astrology For example, there are different sections for Libra men and Libra women, and so on and so forth Also, one of the only books to discuss same sex relationships Looking forward to their next book which will examine specific couplings e.
, Gemini woman Leo man A must have for any astrology freak HIGHLY rec Sextrology Draws Insight From Modern Astrology To Help People Find Their Perfect Sexual Matches This Book Takes An original, Smart And Sexy Approach To Evaluating Astrological Identities, And Will Again Have People Asking, What S Your SignIn Sophisticated, Uninhibited Language, Sextrology Accomplishes What No Existing Astrology Book Has Ever Achieved It Candidly Explores Sexual Relationships From An Astrological Perspective Without Insulting The Reader With New Age Mumbo Jumbo Or Sugary Advice For Capturing A MateSextrology Uncovers The Naked Truth Of All Possible Cosmic Couplings With Candour, Imaginations, And A Wry Sense Of Humour It Focuses On The Sex Signs, Pointing Out The Difference Between Men And Women Of Each Sign, Their Particular Sexual Psychology And Behaviour, Secret Desires, And Even Physical Attributes Both Straight And Gay Sex Are Explored For Each Sex Sign, While Desires, Turn Offs, Fantasies, And Foibles Are Investigated In Titillating Detail No Stone Is Left Unturned In This Provocative, Highly Entertaining Look At The Sexes And Sexual Relationships The first time I started reading this book in the store, I started tearing up because most if not all of what it said about my sign Cancer was eerily true, the good as well as the bad It was too thick for me to read in one sitting so I told myself to buy it one day and now that I have it, I don t regret it While astrology might not be exact there are other elements at play when it comes to characteristics of someone s personality like the environment, the way the person was brought up, etc , since I rarely believe that everyone born on the same birthday is alike not even twins are alike, most times , this book at least studies it approximately with an approach that usually hits close to home with people under their zodiac sign, even if it s not EVERYONE, it s very detail I only read my sun sign and a recent past relationship and it was super interesting to read I learned things about myself that I might need to work on I also had some Ah Ha moments where I understood why I may be like the way I am There were a lot of things that matched with me There were some things I may not have agreed with but we have to take in our own opinion Not everything can match exactly right I loved how it had the descriptions of each man and woman I also liked the description of the couples at the end I think being open to growing as a person is wonderful and this may help with personal improvement At the same time understanding your partner in a different light and seeing who might be a good fit according to your signs.
Sextrology is a Pandora s box You can find some good at the bottom if you search assiduously enough, but the multitudinous evils conceal it No, that metaphor is better reserved for Barbara Walker s The Woman s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets and the works of Gershon Legman Sextrology is like eating pepperoni pizza at a friend s house when you wanted cheese it doesn t quite measure up to your standards, and you know that you re partaking of something other than what you wished for, but you go along with it because the alternative is to go hungry.
To demonstrate, the very first paragraph is as follows For years, we ve contended that men and women of the same astrological sign are actually different signs Most astrology books lump males and females together, while those that do attempt to treat the sexes separately have never fully explored the distinctions First off, the name of this book is SEXTROLOGY Second, the authors are Starsky and COX Sold and SOLD.
Given these classy attributes, I was surprised to find that this was one of the in depth sun sign books around I mean, you get 26 pages on Gemini Woman, for instance And while part of that is bedroom antics, het vs homo preferences, and annoying psychobabble, a lot is thorough personality assessment And for each sign and gender you get commentary in the margins about the related symbol, myth, planet, body part, etc Definitely re read, read aloud, and highlighted this one.
My friend s roommate had this on his bookshelf, and out of boredom and, admittedly, what I found to be an alluring title, I picked it up and began perusing Oh WOW, did it ever have ME pegged, as well as the habits of my ahem suitors, past and present This was so alarmingly accurate that I simply had to buy my own copy, as I kept going over to aforementioned friend s house just to look something up Very fun, very hilarious, very scary.

So, true fact I considered going to Astrology School Doesn t that sound fun Apparently, there is an actual school for this tucked somewhere in the hills of upstate New York Unfortunately, a rare fit of common sense led me to pursue a boring office job and trust me, I would have been a better astrologer Now, a disclaimer I do take astrology with the proverbial grain of salt I do I know it can t all be true, and logistically it doesn t make a lick of sense This is an excellent article on the subject Yet I still sorta kinda maybe believe it I m the girl that responds with a verbose, intellectually stimulating I mean, to me conversation when a rando dude saunters up to me at a bar and asks me what my sign is, in a tone of voice that somehow saunters as well I will leave it up to you to This book totally rocked me It is to most other astrology books what fresh squeezed organic orange juice is to Tang Some of the claims it made about my sign shocked me so much I had to put the book down to digest them and pick it up again later I ve read certain sections over and over again and every time I find something new and valuable that I never really noticed in the text or never considered fully I d say this is one of my desert island books, except that good books make me realize how intricate human beings are and how incricately linked we are to other human beings, so being on a desert island in this desert island for the rest of my life scenario would probably drive me to find a way off the island or kill myself trying, not sitting around reading books Anywayread this boo

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