Trailer Ì Shrek! PDF by ↠´ William Steig

Trailer Ì Shrek! PDF by ↠´ William Steig Read it when the kids were younger.
love the film.
This is about the delightfully dreadful Shrekthe original Shrek.
Yes, Shrek is a hideous and vastly unpleasant (and stinky!) ogre, yes there is a donkey, and yes there is an (ugly) princess waiting to be rescued.
But, the similarities between the movie end there.
This is basically the tale of how Shrek goes around causing havoc, delighting in disgusting people, once he is (literally) kicked out out of the house, er, hole in the ground, by his parents.
When he meets a witch who gives him a prophecy, he decides to accept the quest and go find the monstrous princess.
The illustrations are (purposely) repulsive, but they certainly do reflect the story well! I feel they are a bit juvenile in style, reminding me of a child's crayon drawings, but I think this is intentional.

SPOILERS: I can certainly see why they made the movie Shrek a bit more love Shrek

Shrek!” is another memorable classic book from the great mind of William Steig and it is about how Shrek, a repulsive ogre, tries to find the princess to marry after he leaves his parents’ home.
Shrek!” is a great book for children who love reading books about monsters.

William Steig has done a great job at both illustrating and writing this modern day fairy tale that is full of attitude.
William Steig’s illustrations are truly beautiful and hilarious especially of the images of Shrek himself as he has a green and warty face, a purple shirt and yellow and green striped pants, which make him, look more hilarious than menacing.
I also love the images of the trees in this book as they THE MAGIC SEED
“Once upon the time there was a greenishugly ogre in love…” It would be the beginning of this childlike illustrated book for children which, as a modern fairy tale, gives us, through its outlandish little characters and drawings the story of an repugnant ogre who, following the order of his repugnant and greenish parents of getting out to spread the evil, leaves his home to see world and, after many adventures, he ends up by saving an enchanted princess with whom, being uglier than him, he falls in love…, and they were happy ever after.

Or otherwise:
“Once upon the time there was a modern fairy tale written by a cartoonist and storyteller named William Steig.
Flying away, this book dropped I went to see Shrek the Musical this evening with my children and we bought the book at the concession stand.
I had no idea that the original movie was based on a children's book.

Loosely based.
Very loosely.

But Shrek is still our beloved ogre in this book and he revels in his hideousness and delights in his horrible ogre ways.
Perfectly Shrek!

This has been on my 'to read' list ever since the first movie came out.
(yeah, I'm slow).

And although I didn't really expect anything like the Pixar movie story, this still took me a bit by surprise.
But in a good way.

William Steig's story is delightfully horrendous and wondful love story, and I'm sure the kids will love it, after I can explain that, no, this is not the movieShrek, this is the original.
I always think of the German word "schrecklich"meaning awful or terriblewhen I run across a reference to this book, its "hero," or the film based upon them, and that seems completely appropriate (perhaps it was even intentional, on Steig's part?), as Shrek! is the story of one nasty ogre! Uglier even than his ugly parents, with a foul stench that causes flowers to wilt, and a penchant for letting off steam through his ears, Shrek, having been booted from his home, embarks on a quest to find his ideal mate, eventually winning the hand of "the most stunningly ugly princess on the surface of the planet," and living horribly ever after with her.

An antifairytale like no other, this slender picturebook is o "Fat raindrops began sizzling on Shrek's hot knob.
"from Shrek.

You tell me, picture book or porn?

I've only seen snippets of the film but I can't even imagine what the two have to do with one another.
I usually go for odd little stories but this was more off than I'm okay with.
Picture book Shrek is REALLY, really ugly and mean.
He makes movie Shrek look handsome and the princess might make your kid have nightmares.

There's also a [Book: It's a Book] moment with a "jabbering jackass".
Look at me, I've already given away all the fun parts.

I can see a kid who is really into Roald Dahl type "bad guys" digging this immensely.
In Shrek's case, it's safe to say I prefer the movie.
Although I'm not a big fan of that either.
I'm more of a classicfairytale kind of person.
I like my prince and princess beautiful.

description Shrek, A Horrid Little Ogre, Goes Out Into The World To Find Adventure And Along The Way Encounters A Witch, A Knight In Armor, A Dragon, And, Finally, A Hideous Princess, Who's Even Uglier Than He Is!

William Steig

Trailer Ì Shrek! PDF by ↠´ William Steig