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[Peter David] Ø Sir Apropos of Nothing (Sir Apropos of Nothing, #1) [zen PDF] Ebook Epub Download í They Were Dark And Stormy Knightsand When They Had Their Way With A Helpless Tavern Wench One Terrible Evening, They Had No Idea That The Result Of That Twilight Brutality Was Going To Come After Them Years Later Looking To Settle The ScoreThe Result S Unlikely Name Is Apropos A Rogue, A Rascal, A Scoundrel, A Cheatand Those Are His Good Points Lame Of Leg But Fast Of Wit, The Only Reason Apropos Doesn T Consider Chivalry Dead Is Because He S Not Yet Through With It Herewith, Sir Apropos Of Nothing His Story In The Words Of The Knave HimselfApropos, All Too Aware Of His Violent And Unseemly Beginnings, Travels To The Court Of The Good King Runcible, With Three Goals In Mind To Find His Father, Seek Retribution, And Line His Own Pockets However, Apropos Carries The Most Troublesome Burden A Would Be Harbinger Of Chaos Can Bear He May Well Be A Hero Foretold, A Young Man Of Destiny It Is Not A Notion That Apropos Finds Palatable, Having Very Low Regard For Such Notions As Honor, Selflessness, Or Risking One S Neck Yet When Apropos Finds Himself Assigned As Squire To The Most Senile Knight In The Court Sir Umbrage Of The Flaming Nether Regions, Whose Squires Tend To Have A Rather Short Life Span Apropos Is Forced To Rise To The Occasion Lest He Be Dragged Under PermanentlyHis Difficulties Are Compounded When A Routine Mission To Escort The King S Daughter Home After A Long Absence Goes Horribly Awry Suddenly Apropos Finds Himself Saddled With Trying To Survive While Dealing With A Berserk Phoenix, Murderous Unicorns, Mutated Harpies, Homicidal Warrior Kings, And Most Problematic Of All A Princess Who May Or May Not Be A Psychotic Arsonist Featuring A Hero Cut From Cloth Similar To That Of Such Entertaining Blackguards As Blackadder And Flashman, Sir Apropos Of Nothing Is A Skewed Version Of Classic, Mythic Adventure That Is By Turns Hilarious And Frightening, Slapstick And Serious, And Filled With Drop Dead Laughs And Drop Dead People It s been almost three weeks since I had the time or inclination to pick up a novel I don t exactly know why I ve struggled to read lately, but getting back into the literary arts was certainly something on my agenda And with what a title to start there s nothing like seeing twenty armed men arriving too late to do anything about a disaster that truly stirs the heart to bursting with emotion That s the entire ambiance of this novel Every joke, gibe, jape and jest appears to be one thing but turns out to be something utterly different Even the characters break the mould I am by trade neither writer nor historian I am merely a master of fabrication, which I am told is all one requires to take up either of the aforementioned pursuits So says Apropos, hero, narrator, look out of his own fait and nothing else Apropos is quite a messed up guy, and his chronicled ad He had no idea who I was He fell in love with what he thought was a peasant girl It was only recently that he learned who I truly wasand vowed to me that he would take me away with him and we would live happily ever after Four words that have no business in each other s company, I snorted One doesn t live ever after One dies And there s very little happily about it

I enjoyed this book because it was very clever I enjoyed the puns and the humour in the language I thought that what Apropos did wasn t nice or kind in anyway, but there was character growth and it definitely kept things interesting I ve never read a book about an anti hero before well, not quite like this one so it was a wonderful change of pace There is some sex in it, but it s not smutty There is some violence in it, but it s not gory It s fairly middle of the road as far as objectionable content goes, but the story is pretty great.
Terry Pratchett and Diana Wynne Jones are known for how they brilliantly send up well worn fantasy cliches Peter David, in this fantasy about a limping base born boy who is in a rage at an unfair world, also sends up a bunch of fantasy tropes, including some funny twists on common terms that get reinvented The Harpies Bizarre being one of the most, er, compelling but the humor is uncomfortably juxtaposed against some really ugly stuff Heroes do horrible things, including the main character At one point the hero and the heroine are obviously eating human meat, though they don t know it, but the reader does, and is shuddering There is a long and rather unnecessary rant in the middle we get the point already but even so I kept reading, and reading, and reading, until the end Colorful prose, non stop action

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[Peter David] Ø Sir Apropos of Nothing (Sir Apropos of Nothing, #1) [zen PDF] Ebook Epub Download í izmirescort.pro David PetersPeter Allen David often abbreviated PAD is an American writer, best known for his work in comic books and Star Trek novels David often jokingly describes his occupation as Writer of Stuff David is noted for his prolific writing, characterized by its mingling of real world issues with humor and references to popular culture He also uses metafiction frequently, usually to humorous effect, as in his work on the comic book Young Justice.