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✓ Skeleton Crew ↠´ Download by å Stephen King Librarian S Note There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This Edition Of This Book HereIn This Brilliant Collection Of Stories, Stephen King Takes Readers Down Paths That Only He Could ImagineA Supermarket Becomes The Place Where Humanity Makes Its Last Stand Against Destructiona Trip To The Attic Becomes A Journey To Hella Woman Driver Finds A Scary Shortcut To Paradisean Idyllic Lake Harbors A Bottomless Eviland A Desert Island Is The Scene Of The Most Terrifying Struggle For Survival Ever WagedContents The Mist Here There Be Tygers The Monkey Cain Rose Up Mrs Todd S Shortcut The Jaunt The Wedding Gig Paranoid A Chant The Raft Word Processor Of The Gods The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands The Reaper S Image Nona For Owen Survivor Type Uncle Otto S Truck Morning Deliveries Big Wheels A Tale Of The Laundry Game Gramma The Ballad Of The Flexible Bullet The Reach read for Popsugar s 2018 Reading Challenge A book with a weather element in the title I m counting The Mist for this one, since that stands on its own as a book as well My favorite stories The Mist Cain Rose Up Survivor Type Morning Deliveries Milkman 1 The Ballad of the Flexible BulletI highly recommend those five stories, but the rest I either feel neutral towards or I actively didn t enjoy listening to them Michael C Hall s two stories were also highlights Ballad and Beachworld because I LOVE HIM Audiobook was definitely a good route because it would have taken me FOREVER to slog through the stories I didn t like However, the five stories that I mentioned above were SO GOOD so they made the experience worth it I can definitely see myself re reading any of those stories in the future There are two short stories that I read over and over The Mist has always been a favorite, and I can t believe how many people haven t read Survivor Type It s awesome I ve lost three copies of this from lending it out Don t ask you can t borrow it o Skeleton Crew is my least favorite Stephen King story collection Its not a bad collection, but something just felt off The six stories I loved are probably some of my favorite Stephen King stories but the rest were just blah The Good 1 The Raft is my favorite story in this collection A group of friends on a raft find themselves being picked off by some mysterious black slug in the water.
2 Word Processor of the Gods A man who hates his life discovers he can delete or add people and things in his life through his new Word Processor 3 The Reapers Image is one of King s best stories period As someone who actually has seen an inexplicable image in a mirror, I love scary stories involving mirrors 4 Survivor Type is so disturbing that while I loved it, I will never read it again A surgeon is stranded on a island and finds that one particular meat is tastier than the rest 5 Uncle Otto s Truck, Revisiting Skeleton Crew, Stephen King s collection of twenty two short stories published in 1985, for the first time since I was in 7th grade a time when I was trying to dress like Don Johnson and get Madonna s Into the Groove out of my head was a wonderful experience The horror stories I loved as a 12 year old were each better than I remember A couple I didn t have the patience for back then became new discoveries A lot of the stories I never cottoned to are still terrible Five stars The Mist This novella of apocalyptic doom and ravenous monsters at the threshold may be the most terrifying thing I ve ever read Imaginative and horrible, The Alamo meets H.
P Lovecraft, I ve reread certain passages to make sure I read what I imagined I did King s depiction of how quickly good folk descend into a mob when confronted by their o Skeleton Crew What a great name for this book of short stories Many pack a scare Some not so much I thought I d just highlight a few of my favorites The Mist It s by far the longest short story in the collection Really, it could be called a novella I m glad it was included here instead of a novella collection something that SK has become famous for doing The Mist starts things off with a bang, or should I say a storm After the storm comes the mist, and within that mist is the stuff of children s nightmares A crowd of people end up in turmoil together against that stuff, and at first there s only a feeling that something terrible is hidden in the mist Call it the calm before the shit hits the fan At this point SK explores some of the characters involved It s just what I love While this definitely isn t my favourite collection of King short stories, it does have some gems that I really loved My favourite by far were Nona, The Mist and The Monkey Something about each of those three stories really got to me and sunk their claws deep into me The rest of the stories were quite enjoyable as well but they just didn t leave me with the same delicious feeling of unease as the three stories I mentioned above.
Some stories were awesome and some not so much but none were terrible.
I reread some of these and finished the book I bumped my rating up from 3 stars to 4 I really enjoyed this collection my favorite 2 were the mist and GRAMMA OMG that one was so good and unexpected the only one I didn t care for was the jaunt I didn t listen to the whole story so it may have been great but spacey stuff just isn t my thing Dylan Baker reading the milkman stories was FANTASTIC Because of his stellar performance, I m putting them in 2 spot for favorite audio.
story Kate Mulgrew reading NOS4A2 is 1 I think everyone should pick this book up if only to read The Mist and Gramma and the audiobook for Dylan Baker s reading Mr Wilkins from Trick R Treat 3 There will be some of you that think three stars is kinda harsh for this collection After all, it includes such amazing tales as The Mist and The Jaunt It must be amazeballs, right Not so much Even the epically awesome stories in this collection need to be trimmed down Most of them start slower than a Lars Von Trier movie, and over half of them never really pay off There are some serious WTF stories within this collection stories I didn t understand ten years ago and still do not understand today In other words, the reread didn t help That doesn t mean your experience will not be different It does not mean you will not understand the Milkman stories or appreciate King s cute ass poem about anthropomorphized fruit that he wrote for his youngest son Owen I understand why they are in this collection, but that doesn t mean I have to like them Mostly, this collection is tedi I finished Skeleton Crew with tears in my eyes I thought I d read The Reach the story that closes out this collection before, but I guess I hadn t It was an entirely new experience for me, and it packed quite the emotional wallop As I write this review I m still trying to mentally recover from that one, so pardon me if my thoughts are a little scattered My Fornit died, and I m stuck doing the job myself By the time this collection was published in 1985, Stephen King was a bona fide literary rock star His fame was gargantuan, beaten in size only by his addiction to dope and alcohol According to the man himself, his study was the site of nightly parties for one, where the beer flowed and nose candy was always available Yeah, King wasn t in a great state of mind for most of the eighties He warns the reader in this book

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✓ Skeleton Crew ↠´ Download by å Stephen King Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.