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Trailer Ú Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross Sections of Everything PDF by â Richard Platt This is a very interesting and well drawn book for any adult or child who is interested in how things work There s lots of detail on the pictures and every process, be it the construction of a cathedral or the manufacture of coins is well explained both through pictures but also through text The font is pretty tiny just something to be aware of and the book is quite thin.
We ve enjoyed dipping into this book a lot my daughter is an aspiring engineer so this is right up her street That said, I do wonder if the 25 year edition needed a bit of an update because things like how CD s are manufactured lack relevance and I suspect some processes will have moved on considerably since 1997 when the book was first published Fun book I d like to see a bit of an update and pages.
How Many Rivets And Bolts Hold The Wings Of A Boeing 777 Plane Together Why Does An Astronaut S Spacesuit Have A Layer Of Liquid Cooled Underwear Who Puts The Jam In Doughnuts Find Out The Answers To These Questions And Much, Much In Stephen Biesty S Incredible Cross Sections Of Everything His Intricate Artwork Will Have Children And Adults Alike Poring Over Every Detail, Whether It S Following The Production Line Of A Factory Making Newspapers Or Exploring The Insides Of The Saturn V Rocket Taking You Through Every Stage Of Each Process Is Chester The Tester, A Character Who Helps Explain How Things Are Made, Along With His Sidekick Hector The Inspector.
Written With Humor And Fascinating Facts To Guide You Through The Illustrations, This Book Is A Glorious Way To Learn About The World Around You.
First Published 25 Years Ago, Stephen Biesty S Incredible Cross Sections Series Has Been Updated For The Silver Anniversary, Bringing Delight To A Whole New Generation Of Curious Young Readers.
This is a wonderful book for the younger reader who is intrigued by complex and intricate drawings and pictures.
As an adult I think I might compare it to the Eagle annual cross sections book which was released a few years ago and featured the cross sections of cars, aircraft or power plants which were included in that comic book series from years ago.
This book of cross sections is shorter than that, although the size of each page is larger than A4, for the sort of child who enjoys scrutinizing every intricate detail of pictorial representations like this it will definitely hold their attention for some time This could be either read , ie looked at, amusement with mum, dad or their carers or older siblings o Impressive oversized picture base children s reference book Eyecatching and colourful, the trademarked cross sectioned views of the objects presented for study are always interesting.
Eclectic choice of a wide range of subjects This sometimes feels a bit random Other books in this series, with focused topic, eg sailing ships, are in depth and seem focused.
In general, though, this is a great fun book, sure to interest its target audience.
This is a skinnier book than anticipated, being composed of only 32 pages The striking embossed gold cover does lure you in however I was expecting double page spreads of large buildings and vehicles and there are some hoewever a lot of it is composed of very intricate small drawings focusing on the construction of a wide variety items rather than big set pieces This makes it slightly misleading title IMO however older children, you know the type who like to take things apart, will pore over this even if is does appear slightly dated in some of the content too.
Very thin book only 32 pages.
There are lots of interesting cross sections, but unfortunately I found most of them just too small It would have much impact and be easy to view if the illustrations were substantially larger.
I bought this book for my son He loves it and I was impressed by the multiple informations that you can get It is well written and has a lot of pictures It is a great value for money and I will definitely recommend it

A reissue of his classic book, I looked forward to sharing it with my children Despite the title, most of the book is not cross sections but actually explanations of how things are made, like coins, cars, matches, rings, doughnuts, pipe organs But sadly no electronic items and few that resonated with my boys.
However, although both my boys love constructing things like skateboard ramps, marble runs and so on, they were fairly indifferent to this book.
Part of it may be the items that are included For example, the cross section of Saturn V is great but my kids weren t aware of what it was Similarly, newspapers, CDs, milk and many others didn t quite hit the mark.
I m that it s just my boys I m still glad I ve got it, even if it s only me reading it.
Please be aware that some of the writing is quite small in I have mixed feelings about this book On one hand i think it s excellent, very random but really interesting and the illustrations are so detailed and impeccable I think it will be great for inquisitive kids and adults alike.
On the other hand i still find it very random, i mean for example a photocopier, egyptian mummy, railway tunnel, dinosaur skeleton, gas stations all shown on one page, making subject matters all over the place and making this book very busy and possibly frustrating to read and look at.
The title claim that the book includes cross sections of everything is a little exaggerated, it s not that big a book 32 pages including the contents and index , there is a range of various things but not everythi

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