Ê Stolen Enchantress: Beauty and the Beast meets The Pied Piper (Forbidden Forest Book 1) ↠´ Download by Ê Amber Argyle

Ê Stolen Enchantress: Beauty and the Beast meets The Pied Piper (Forbidden Forest Book 1) ↠´ Download by Ê Amber Argyle J ai ador le livre D vor en deux jours I loved the beginning of this book Larkin was a strong, protective and defiant female character who owned what she was My problem is that, as the story progressed, she became predictably oppositional and would cave under how she thought she should behave while claiming it was what she wanted Seriously, her character became so flawed and annoying that I felt sorry for her piper And her sister, she was a vindictive piece of work covered in hatred and self loathing For her to be that mean, their relationship couldn t have been all unicorns and rainbows that Larkin made it sound.
While there is an interesting premise with the tale, I really dislike Larkin s predictable bad choices.
As a fan of Amber s Fairy Queen s series, I was quick to sign up for her newest book, Stolen Enchantress This book captivated the fantasy lover in me from the beginning until the very end Larkin is tending to her chores while watching her little sister Sela, but when Larkin turns to find Sela gone, she realizes that the young girl has entered the Forbidden Forest With no other choice, Larkin rushes in to search for the girl only to stumble upon Denan As Denan tries to explain everything to Larkin, circumstances come up that begin to tear apart, and then force the characters together again When Larkin is kidnapped with two other village girls, they are unknowingly swept up into a world they never thought possible, and This story started out strong You re right into the action The world is also very intriguing with a plucky heroine However, as the story progresses, you get a lot of drama and not enough world building progression When I say a lot, I mean a lot of drama, culminating in a sister that acts hatefully against the main character Not a lot of three dimensionality to some of the characters It felt like just as you were getting to see a glimmer of depth, the story or the character s story ended Bane, Garrot, Hunter, The Bad Guys, Nessa, to Name a few However, my main problem was with Larkin She started out so strong, and then all of a sudden she became predictable, making terrible choices that felt like it was written that way simply to advance the plot It was painful to read I rolled my eyes so many times.
I m not sure if i ll be picking up the second I have no clue what some of these other reviews are complaining about This book was thrilling from start to finish Argyle paints a breathtaking, Avatar esk world in this incredibly well written story I liked the main character she created and felt as though the character fit perfectly within the premise of the book Her actions were appropriate when you consider her circumstances and how blind she had been her whole life Brave, but doesn t instantly become a perfectly, flawless female fighter like many stories or fall in insta love I truly loved the character building and will definitely be looking forward to the next book in this series.
In the mean time, I ll definitely be looking into her other books.
Fairy tales and mythology have profound, ancient roots in human culture Every human culture has its stories As children, we are innately drawn to these tales of wonder, magic, adventure, courage, and triumph We learn important lessons from them Fairy tales give us so much One of the things that always draws us in is how special the main characters are There is always some standout feature that makes them different We, all of us, feel that we are the oddball at various times in our lives In fairy tales, the odd one out is the most special, and is the one who gets the happily ever after Who doesn t want to be that one Sometimes, though, when a tale is told so many times, it begins to lose its magic By the time we reach adulthood, we have read and reread, watched and rewatche A Beast An Enchantress An Unbreakable CurseWhen Her Little Sister Is Taken By The Beast Of The Forbidden Forest, Larkin Does The Unthinkable She Goes In After HerDeep Within The Sentient Woods, Larkin Uncovers A Secret That Puts Her In Dreadful Danger Worse, Now That The Beast Has Had His Taste, Hell Never Stop Hunting Her But The Forest Has Woken Something Inside Larkin Something That Gives Her The Power To Fight Back MagicUsing Forbidden Magic Will Get Larkin Hanged Not Using It Will Leave Her At The Mercy Of The Beast S Enchantment But Theres A Third Option One That Scares Her Than AnythingShe Could Fall In Love With The Beast Fans Of A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY And A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES Will Be Spellbound By The Fairytale Retelling Of Beauty And The Beast And The Pied Piper In Stolen Enchantress One Click Now To Find Out Why Readers Around The World Are Getting Lost In The Forbidden Forest Moody, Whimsical, Emily R King, Author Of The Hundredth Queen Series As a fan of Amber Argyle s writing, I have been looking forward to this book for many months I have read all of her teasers on Facebook have felt her ups downs as an author that is devoted to her craft is bound to feel Despite this buildup, I was surprised breathless as I read this beautiful and well crafted story The characters are multi dimensional realistic I found myself rooting for Larkin despite her human weaknesses supernatural strengths The secondary characters were well rounded as I read I felt that they could each have their own story as well I literally couldn t put it down the plot, action sequences romance kept me reading nonstop until I had read the entire book I would recommend Stolen Enchantress to anyone that loves a courageous, real, strong woman heroine, a strong, handsome, kind hero lots of action twist

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Ê Stolen Enchantress: Beauty and the Beast meets The Pied Piper (Forbidden Forest Book 1) ↠´ Download by Ê Amber Argyle Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stolen Enchantress: Beauty and the Beast meets The Pied Piper (Forbidden Forest Book 1) book, this is one of the most wanted Amber Argyle author readers around the world.