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Trailer ↠´ Summer of Night PDF by ä Dan Simmons 1960 Elm Haven, Illinois The old Central School, a four story monstrosity, is about to close its doors forever School s out for summer, and the fun is about to begin Except that s not what happened at all, was it A rendering truck with scabby red paint, cornfields that are growing too tall and unnaturally fast, darkness that is absolute A glint of teeth, shadows that seem to slither, and steps leading down from the basement.
A harrowing coming of age tale that will almost certainly please lovers of horror Dan Schwent s excellent review brought this to my attention The flooded basement sequence is right up there at the top of the tree as an example of horror done right.
Old Central School still stood upright, holding its secrets and silences firmly within Eighty four years of chalkdust floated in the rare shafts of sunlight inside while the memories ofthan eight decades of varnishings rose from the dark stairs and floors to tinge the trapped air with the mahogany scent of coffins This book is a story about five 12 year old boys who live in Elm Haven in 1960 It follows them through their summer holidays as they encounter a number of strange happenings within their town and as they come to realize evil is lurking in their town, and they must stop it.
THIS BOOK Honestly One of the best books I ve ever read I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book Dan Simmons created such amazing characters and a little town that I felt like I knew inside out I m a huge King fan, obviously, so I am no stranger to horror, but this book scared Superb And there we have the coming of age horror trifecta After some research on the net and some reviews on Goodreads by people whose opinion I trust, I ve decided to find the best three coming of age stories in the horror genre In my opinion, this is the third and final leg of the triangle the others being IT by Stephen King and BOY S LIFE by Robert R McCammon.
What makes these books so great Well, the writing is superb it has to be, with this one being the shortest at 601 pages They have to be scary while BOY S LIFE may be the least scary of the three, it succeeds as both horror and a brilliant drama, with a hint of magic that takes you along for the ride Most of all, though, they have to be relatable and that is never easy, especially with a Dan Simmons Summer of Night is an engaging and creepy page turner The novel follows a small group of friends who are up against a malevolent entity I enjoyed the characters and the way they came together to battle evil and save their town Summer of Night is a satisfying coming of age horror tale My biggest regret has little to do with the actual book andto do with reading this almost immediately after reading Stephen King s It which has a very similar story line and structure It was difficult, even as I read Summer of Night, not to make comparisons to It Still, the writing was very good and the conclusion satisfying Enjoyed When Tubby Cooke goes missing on the last day of sixth grade, Mike O Rourke and his friends, the Bike Patrol, go looking and stumble upon Elm Haven s secret history of missing children and a turn of the century lynching But what do those things have do with mysterious holes in the ground and a strange soldier stalking Mike s invalid grandmother While I loved the Hyperion and Joe Kurtz books, Dan Simmons has been hit or miss for me This was definitely a hit.
Honestly, the first chapter almost made me throw it back on the pile It s overwritten as hell and I was afraid the rest of the book would be suffering from the same malady While there was some excessive wordiness, Summer of Night quickly clamped on to me lik

The thing that impressed me about this book was not so much Simmons ability to scare, but to build characters and the world they live in Simmons draws a map of this small town in your head so well that the reader can see everything that happens vividly I read other reviews criticizing the time the story takes to develop, but I feel that this is one of the strengths It is a couple hundred pages in before something scary actually happens By this time, the reader is anticipating these events, which is almost worse The story sounds intensely cliche with young boys in a small town battling a larger evil, but I can assure you that Summer of Night is written so well and is so readable that you won t care This is one of the best books I ve read, let alone in the genre of horror I can t recommend this one enough, but make sure to read it in the summ I know many will call it blasphemy, but this book put Simmons ahead of King in my mental list of great horror authors Summer of Night is closest in story to It only without the haphazard ending and 400 pages shorter When you pick this book up at the store, you will notice that it is a thin book, and make the same assumption that I did, which was that I was about to read a 200 300 page story About 100 pages in, it dawned on me that there was still a long way to go, flipping to the back I discovered that the light read I had picked out was actually 600 pages exactly, written on what appears to be rice paper it is so thin, and every page is about to crawl over the margins if you can call typing to the end of the paper a margin There is no wasted space in this book either chapters begin on the same page as the last chapter end Summer of Night is a bloated book I have a 500 page hardcover that could really, really use some good editing Dan Simmons clearly has good intentions, but most of them are lost in complete staleness and cliches of the plot.
So far, one of my favorite books I ve re read this year has been King s IT, which I consider one of his true masterpieces After finishing Summer of Night, I can t help but think that Dan Simmons also shared my enthusiasm and sat down to write his own IT Ultimately, though, he failed to recapture the magic which King did so effortlessly.
What could have been a beautiful coming of age novel turned out to be littlethan a B movie horror with all the traditional staples haunted schools, posessed objects, creatures taking over people s bodies there s even darkness that creeps under the bed The book moves with a snail pace and even when someth What all happens during the Summer of Night it s not pretty Old Central School still stood upright, holding its secrets and silences firmly within Eighty four years of chalkdust floated in the rare shafts of sunlight inside while the memories ofthan eight decades of varnishings rose from the dark stairs and floors to tinge the trapped air with the mahogany scent of coffins the walls of Old Central were so thick that they seemed to absorb sounds while the tall windows, their glass warped and distorted by age and gravity, tinted the air with a sepia tiredness Time moved slowly at Old Central, if at all Footsteps echoed along corridors and up stairwells, but the sound seemed muted and out of synch with any motion amidst th It S The Summer OfIn Elm Haven, Illinois, And FiveYear Old Boys Are Forming The Bonds That A Lifetime Of Changes Will Never Erase But Then A Dark Cloud Threatens The Bright Promise Of Summer Vacation On The Last Day Of School, Their Classmate Tubby Cooke Vanishes Soon, The Group Discovers Stories Of Other Children Who Once Disappeared From Elm Haven And There Are Other Strange Things Happening In Town Unexplained Holes In The Ground, A Stranger Dressed As A World War I Soldier, And A Rendering Plant Truck That Seems To Be Following The Five Boys The Friends Realize That There Is A Terrible Evil Lurking In Elm Havenand They Must Be The Ones To Stop It

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Trailer ↠´ Summer of Night PDF by ä Dan Simmons Dan Simmons grew up in various cities and small towns in the Midwest, including Brimfield, Illinois, which was the source of his fictional Elm Haven in 1991 s SUMMER OF NIGHT and 2002 s A WINTER HAUNTING Dan received a B.A in English from Wabash College in 1970, winning a national Phi Beta Kappa Award during his senior year for excellence in fiction, journalism and art Dan received his Master