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[ Pdf Survive the Unthinkable: A Total Guide to Women's Self-Protection ↠´ addition PDF ] by Tim Larkin ✓ As a longtime teacher of the Martial Arts, I find this book and Mr Larkin s philosophy to be right on the mark especially during these times, when so much violence is embedded in our society, we need to be aware and listening to our instincts, our gut feelings, and reacting with full intent in order to survive The book is a must for both men and women.
It is appropriate that the foreword was written by Tony Robbins as the book reads like a motivational book As other reviewers have mentioned, there is sparse detail about the all important targets themselves, their specific reflexes, and which strikes are the most effective As you near the end of the book, you realize the author is mentioning practiceoften and you realize there is not enough pages left for Larkin to describethan one or two techniques to practice Surprise Target Focus Training requiresknowledge, a knowledgeable training partner, probably an instructor, etc that you won t get with the book.
This book is useful in 2 different ways 1 As a philosophical primer to read before signing up for a Target Focus Seminar, Krav Maga, or other physical course 2 For its useful contribution in understanding the difference between spo If you truly love the woman in your life, get her this book I know, Tony Robbins is a freaking fruit loop It s just the forward.
Then make sure she reads it Then discuss it with her Look, women are by naturenurturing andreluctant to injure That s a wonderful thing But in a critical situation she has to discard those instincts and save her own life Your job is to ensure she is prepared to do it Both physically and mentally Practice, practice, practice You can t be with her all the time and even if she does carry, she won t always have a gun But she can learn to protect herself Help her read this book Both of you She is the most important person on Earth Do it Thanks for reading As former military and law enforcement, and having taught womens defensive tactics pro bono since the 60s, I have found very few good books to recommend to women on the subject I was in the process of writing one myself dealing with risk but put it on hold, as I would be competing with books filled with ignorance, self promotion, and glitz along with dangerous delusions about the dangers and issues involved in predator attacks on women I guess I like it because he sounds like me and some others such as the guy from L.
I will be recommending this book to the women participating in what will probably be my final women s defensive tactics class Larkin s book is not so much a discussion about tactics but about mindset, about using body mechanics as tools, and most importantly, about the reality of violence against women Without a right This book was 90% explaining to women that it s okay to assertively defend themselves and how to work their delicate brains up to this task, 5% patting self on back in a way that convinces the reader that the author has never actually listened to a woman, 4% filler and 1% of HOW.
I thought I d be getting the HOW.
Readers who are looking for the other stuff might well get something from this book.
When I first opened this book I thought, What No pictures How can you learn self defense without seeing the techniques Then I sat down and began to read And this author s entire philosophy unfolded This book is really about the mental aspects of defending oneself against an attacker who is bigger, stronger, andinsane than you, and how to match that person s intent solely as a way to disable him in order to survive Plain and simple It s brutal, it s ugly, and it gives the victim her best chance of getting out alive The text is a bit redundant but I believe this is deliberate, as the author is introducing a radical mindset Definitely a worthy eye opening read for women also for the elderly of any gender.
ApproximatelyMillion Women Are Physically Assaulted Annually In The United States Alone In Survive The Unthinkable, Tim Larkin Empowers Women To Understand That Surviving A Potential Attack Isn T About Being Physically Bigger, Faster, Or Stronger It S About Knowing How To Self Protect, Not Self Defend Survive The Unthinkable Reveals The Effective, Proven Principles Behind Target Focus Training, The System Larkin Has Used To Train Navy SEALs, Celebrities, And Soccer Moms It S A Counter Intuitive Mind Body Approach Women Can Use To Protect Themselves And Their Loved Ones Readers Learn How To Identify The Difference Between Social Aggression Which Can Be Avoided And Asocial Violence Which Is Unavoidable , Recognize Personal Behaviors That May Jeopardize Safety, And Target Highly Specific Areas On An Attacker S Body For A Strategic Counterattack Larkin Discusses How Predators Think And Teaches Women How To Spot Them, Outsmart Them, And Stop Them In Their Tracks With Principles Proven To Work Regardless Of Size, Strength, Or Athleticism, Larkin S Approach Revolutionizes Women S Perspective On Violence And Self Protection Armed With The Tools To Neutralize Any Threat, Readers Will Blast Through The Victim Mindset And Live Freer, Safer, Peaceful Lives

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