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[Robert R. McCammon] Ì Swan Song [fantasy-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ The Kindle edition is currently on offer 2.
05p in the UK, possibly 1.
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I bought it eons ago, and still haven t read it, yet I ll have to rectify that, sometime, soon Hopefully.
5 to 5.
0 stars I am a big fan of The Stand by Stephen King and I thought it was the standard in apocalyptic fictionUNTIL NOW Swan Song is THE BEST apocalyptic science fiction book I have ever read At over 950 pages, this book could have been a chore to get through but that was not the case at all I flew through it and never found my attention wandering or my interest waning A truly spectacular novel with a superb cast of really good peeople and REALLY BAD PEOPLE Highest possible recommendation Winner Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel 1988 Nominee World Fantasy Award for best Novel 1988 Nominee Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel 1988 What if the apocalypse that befell the poor souls in The Stand was nuclear instead of viral in nature and the whole thing was written in a style like Richard Matheson s than Stephen King s Well, you d probably have Swan Song.
Comparisons with the Stand are inevitable Both are about the survivors of an apocalyptic event and both have a devil type figure walking around stirring things up Swan Song doesn t have that final battle between good and evil thing going like the Stand did, although some of the events could be interpreted as such.
Swan, the title character, starts off as a little girl who s strangely good with plants before the bombs drop As the story unfolds, she s joined by Black Frankenstein, aka Josh Hutchins, a professional wrestler They re wandering, looking for other survivors Josh has been tasked with protecting Swan and does his bes The sky was filled with waves of moving, blinking stars Wheels of light rolled across the darkness over the trailer court, and streaks of yellow fire zigzagged upward into the haze that obscured the moon Thousands upon thousands of fireflies were passing overhead like galaxies in motion, their signals forming chains of light that stretched from west to east as far as Swan could see It would be pretty, right All those missiles streaking across the midnight sky The end of the world wrapped in the gossamer of sparkling, awe inspiring enchantment Once the guidance system tells these glowing tubes to descend to the earth, they explode into these nearly perfect, cylindrical, fiery mushroom clouds that reach for the sky It s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine R.
M Oddly enough that song was released in 1987, the same year as this novel Well, maybe not so fine I v Percentage composition of previous or later works of postapocalypse of a sort in the DNA of R McCammon s enormous horror epic Swan Song 41% The Stand novel10% The Road novel which is actually, in itself, like 7% Mad Max a source which must NOT go completely ignored 10% Blood Meridian novel so about 60% of S.
S can be found in King McCarthy alone 10% Lord of the Rings 6% Two Towers battle 4% magic ring emblem 5% Lonesome Dove novel5% Dawn of the Dead films mall battleground, motorcycle gangs 4% Cold Mountain novel film3% Death Race Death Race 2000 film2% Battle Royale film3% Hunger Games duh franchise3% Silvester Stallone s Daylight1% Poseidon Adventure1% Pocahontas the colonization tale in the new Wild West 1% Sleeping Beauty kiss of maiden 1% Snow White apple symbol love s kiss Yeah, the whole country s been nuked 130 by them lethal Ru

Taking a quick glance through reviews of this book, they seem to have two things in common One, they all start with a reference to the book s size And two, they all remark about the comparisons to The Stand And now mine is no different Holy SHIT, this was a long ass book but it doesn t at all compare to The Stand, in my opinion Was it good Yeah, good, but for a book this ambitious and huge, I expect than just good Part of that is that I think I d have appreciated it a lot had I read it before reading The Stand, because I just couldn t quite manage to not compare them, and that did not end up favoring Swan Song The characters, the plot, the characters connected by dreams or visions thing, the Walkin Dude King did it first, and better So I read this book back when it was first published in the 80 s I was still in high school, had big frizzy hair, wore too much blue eyeliner and pretty much hated my life I spent most of my free time haunting the local Osco drug for the newest horror paperbacks to escape it all When I saw this huge tome 900 pages I scurried back home with it thinking I had just hit the jackpot And I had It turned out to be one of the best horror novels I d ever read and I was reading a lot back then This is why I was hesitant to revisit it, some 26 years later, afraid I d tarnish my memory of fiction perfection But I did it anyway I can t read 900 page tomes any because my brain shuts down at the thought but I can read them on unabridged audio Swan Song became my driving companion for over three weeks and now that I m finished I already miss the soothing The next stop in my end of the world reading marathon was Robert McCammon s post apocalyptic epic Swan Song Published in 1987, nine years after Stephen King s The Stand, the story follows two bands of survivors one representing good, the other evil as they make their way across what used to be America while a supernatural being no less than Old Scratch himself seeks to undermine the good souls and shift the battle onto the side of evil Yes, kids, eeriely similar to The Stand More on that later.
The tale begins on July 16 with the President of the United States, a former astronaut, facing a world in crisis Eight months ago, the Soviet Union unleashed nuclear and chemical strikes on Afghanistan A twelve and a half kiloton nuclear device has leveled half of Beir This is one of the darkest post apocalyptic books I ve read in a while totally satisfied that craving I may have had a few bad dreams about it What I would have liked knowing beforehand Nuclear war with Russia There are fantasy elements in here Yes, it s long There s a war going on so if you re not really into military fiction won t be for you Overall it was almost too realistic Did I say it was really dark I would recommend it An Ancient Evil Roams The Desolate Landscape Of An America Ravaged By Nuclear War He Is The Man With The Scarlet Eye, A Malevolent Force That Feeds On The Dark Desires Of The Countless Followers He Has Gathered Into His Service His Only Desire Is To Find A Special Child Named Swan And Destroy Her But Those Who Would Protect The Girl Are Determined To Fight For What Is Left Of The World, And Their Souls In A Wasteland Born Of Rage, Populated By Monstrous Creatures And Marauding Armies, The Last Survivors On Earth Have Been Drawn Into The Final Battle Between Good And Evil That Will Decide The Fate Of Humanity

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[Robert R. McCammon] Ì Swan Song [fantasy-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ izmirescort.pro Robert Rick McCammon was a full time horror writer for many years Among his many popular novels were the classics Boy s Life and Swan Song After taking a hiatus for his family, he returned to writing with an interest in historical fiction.The sixth book in his Matthew Corbett historical fiction series, Freedom of the Mask, was published in May 2016.His next novel, a standalone book called The Li