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Trailer µ Take Me PDF by ç Cherry Adair An entertaining, heartwarming romance read If you re in the mood for a quick, steamy romance read, then this one is a good choice for a mindless few hours.
5 may contain spoilers An enjoyable read, however the plot has been somewhat used and reused and then used again A few things thrown in are just a tad bit unrealistic No one, and i don t care how desperate they are, is going to ask for a speedy marriage to a complete stranger to get control over a business if it s just a business arrangement this speedy arrangement hell your a businessman , find a businesswoman and sign a darn contract that way there s another one that i ll be mum about, Anyone that goes into a relationship should expect to be involved in someway feelings and emotions are bound to spark up no matter the enticement and benefits of the relationship, and no matter how long 10 12 months come on This was a good book, i really did enjoy it, it was mostly light i did like how the main characters came together and it showed how th USA TODAY Bestselling Author Cherry Adair Delivers A Sexy, Snappy Story Business Exec Joshua Falcon Is Used To Getting His Way In The Boardroom And In The Bedroom And When He Meets Gorgeous Jessie Adams At A Party, He Wants Her Now Naked In His Four Poster Together The Two Of Them Could Have A Hot Sexual Affair With No Commitments She S His For The Taking That Suits Jessie To A T Long Nights Of Incredible Sex No Ties All She Wants Is A Baby By The Man She S Always Secretly Hungered Forand Then She S Moving On Except Jessie And Joshua Share A Surprising Past One That S About To Take Them Where They Never Ever Expected To Go This was a 3.
5 star book Considering the conditions, it had lots of potential A marriage of convenience between the H h, a 7 year separation, a heroine who wants a legitimate baby, a case of purposely mistaken identity, a drawn out seduction and non consummating lust, followed by absolutely ridiculously hot love scenes, a cold hearted hero warming up,some angst and finally a HEA.
It fails in only one way flow I ve heard great things about Ms Adair, but this is my first book by her, so this may just be her style Basically, the scenes were choppy and difficult to see the love affair unfold I mean, it did happen, and it was easy to see the changes, but it was not smooth Ms Adair included some scenes about them gambling together, which I can only deduce that it shows their difference in status, but otherwise, it had no point Honestly, its d Enjoyed this book both times I have read it I really felt the pull push of these characters and all they go through Had good balance of things happening or going a certain way I didn t expect which kept it fresh and interesting There is a certain charged feeling in this one that really adds to it.
Seems a popular choice 3.
5 stars Not worth 4, but better than 3 Also agree with other comments, of a Harlequin Presents than Blaze possibly due to the publish date of 2002 I think the Kindle release was much later and probably gained a new audience Hero Joshua is a poor little rich boy who marries to gain control of a family company from his uncle The only available bride is a waitress with name tag Vera from a greasy spoon in the middle of nowhere They enter into a marriage of convenience for which he promises to give Vera anything she wants in return one day.
Seven years later, a now polished Jessie Vera wants to have a baby, so she contrives to meet Joshua, at a party hosted by his uncle, with plans to seduce him so she could have this baby while married What she didn t plan on, was falling for Joshua I liked this book Almost 4 stars It was pretty decent, and I was emotionally invested in the characters I agree with another reviewer who said this was HP like even though under the Blaze title Mostly I felt like it was a little too long and I wasn t sure what the point of all the scenes were But still a decent read.

Didn t care much for the beginning It was kind of boring Later the book took a better turn Quite enjoyable.
they were married, I DON T care if it was consummated or not.
He didn t even bother divorcing his wife when getting a new mistress.
So no, that s cheating.
OK, so it had some believability issues But I enjoyed it in spite of them It is set in romancelandia after all.

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Trailer µ Take Me PDF by ç Cherry Adair Always an adventurer in life as well as writing, New York Times best selling author Cherry Adair moved halfway across the globe from Cape Town, South Africa to the United States in her early years to become a interior designer Now a resident of the Pacific Northwest she shares the award winning adventures of her fictional T FLAC counter terrorism operatives with her readers.Cherry settled in bea