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Download Epub Format ☆ Textrovert PDF by × Lindsey Summers Good quality book but the corners were bent So, this is probably the first book I ever decided to read despite so many negative reviews I will tell you this book is short, sweet, and has a happily ever after I liked this book, but I could have loved it I was desperate for some character development, depth to the story We find out some about Talon s past, but we don t exactly get into hers The rest of my review contains spoilers Here s some of my issues I had with this story We desperately need depth and understanding of Keeley did I spell that right We find out about Talon s ex, his farm, his dad, his crazy mom, that s he an only child, Calire, his weight issues as a child, etc What do we find out about Keeley Well, she s some how in AP classes yet she does a lot of plagiarism on her school work She s a huge procrastinator, she doesn t get fantastic grades, her brothers scene is not hers but s Keep in mind that I like cheesy teen romance novels, so I m judging this book by the same criteria I use for other cheesy teen romance novels in other words, I didn t expect Shakespeare Every single character in this book is flat, self centered, and irritating Half the time they re inconsistent from one chapter to the next Everyone acts like a jerk and because the narrative lacks the patience to explore any of their behavior, they remain jerks throughout One minute Keely doesn t care about football, the next minute she s really mad at Talon because of football Her brother Zach is a jackwagon and refuses to listen to her about her cell phone getting swapped, then Keely winds up apologizing for not telling him Her best friend bails on her constantly, then rags on Keely that she feels ignored Talon bails on and lies to Keel Textrovert is a fun and quick read Keeley loses her phone and picks one up that she thought belonged to her However, the phone has left town with Talon who thought it was his phone Over a one week period, the two teenagers text each other and sort of get to know each other.
The author captives the voice of Keeley well.
I m on the fence about whether using text messages for a large part of the novel is as enjoyable as without them.
Thank you GoodRead for the book.
This was refreshing I don t read alot of these kind of books mostly cause I don t find them alot and cause the ones I do find with this switched phone scenario gets annoying cus the messages between characters are either too bland or too raunchy But with this book the dialogues were cute and sweet Not a moment past, where I wasn t smiling or laughing I started reading this early this morning nd finished it the same, so if you re looking for a short , sweet rom com , read this one.
I had high hopes for this one I bought it right before a camping trip and planned to read it and others on that trip I read a similar book to this one right before reading this one that was such an emotional impact for me that this one just fell short on the emotions I did like it It was a light and cute read But it was missing some depth I know that this book is popular due to it being on another site for a while before being published, which made me feel like it would be better than it was.
Really my opinion just could have been the perfect storm of reading a wonderfully emotional book and finishing it hours before picking this one up combined with expecting So your results may vary I just wouldn t read it right after reading a book that you have fell in love with.
Was It Just A Cell Phone Swap Or Fate Its Bad Enough When High School Senior Keeley Mistakenly Swaps Cell Phones With A Stranger Its Even Worse When The Stranger Turns Out To Be An Obnoxious, Self Centered Boy Named Talon Whos Just Left For Football Camp With Her Phone Reluctantly, The Two Agree To Forward Messages For A Week As Keeley Gets To Know Talon Through Their Texts, She Finds Out Hes Than Just An Egocentric Jock In Fact, The Two Fall For Each Other, Hard But Talon Has Been Keeping A Secret One That Makes Their Relationship All But Impossible Will Keeley Ever Be Able To Trust Him This Romance Offers High School Drama, Humor And Heart, Plus A Love Story That Will Sweep You Away Warning there are probably little spoilers riddled through my review so if you haven t read the book you might want to wait to read I would honestly recommend this book to anyone and everyone This was one of those rare books that I barely put down once while I anticipated each and every page Only to cry once I quickly finished the book cue the gushing of weird liquids I loved all the banter and sibling love and pretty much everything The only things that I m frustrated about are not being able to officially meet Darlene and how short the book felt I loved how Talon and Keeley overcame the problems they were face with and how the relationship between the twins became stronger Her brother deserves someone special that s for sure My personal favorite of the book was definitely the peep obsession And I know that I ll definitely need to try the peep ss an Textrovert is a cute story about a un fortunate phone swap, an arrogant boy, a sassy girl, and her brother who happens to be said arrogant boy s arch nemesis.
I absolutely love, love, love Talon s insufferable ego in the beginning and Keeley s back and forth banter with him Eventually, they strike up a friendship where you see the real Talon and Keeley come out.
This is a super quick and addicting read The last quarter was a bit chaotic and ended a tad too quickly for my liking but it was a perfect summer read.
Overall, this is a sweet and fun story about happy mistakes Recommended for the light contemporary YA romance lovers.

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