↠´ The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution: A Drug-Free 30 Day Plan Û Download by ✓ Marcia Zimmerman M.Ed. C.N.

↠´ The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution: A Drug-Free 30 Day Plan Û Download by ✓ Marcia Zimmerman M.Ed. C.N. I wish I would have found this book before putting hundreds of hours at the computer researching the same subjects in order to help my 5 year old son I didn t think anyone had published a work such as this because the three doctors we have taken our son concerning his ADHD and behavorial problems practically laughed in our faces concerning the treatments outlined in this book they wanted to medicate, medicate, medicate And while medication has helped my son concentrate in school, it did nothing for his anger, aggressiveness, and tantrums I have read a lot of books on ADHD in the past 7 months trying to help my son, but this book is the best at explaining the full range of things that could be affecting your child s behavior, concentration, and hyperactivity Marcia Zimmerman explains the relationship between essentia The First Scientifically Proven, Effective, All Natural Nutritional Alternative To The Much Prescribed Drug Ritalin Attention Deficit Disorder Is A Nutritional Deficiency, Not A Psychological Condition This Is The Revolutionary Discovery Marcia Zimmerman Made During Her Ten Years Of Research As A Nutritional Biochemist That Conclusion Led Her To Develop A Diet That Addresses The Specific Needs Of TheMillion Adults And Children Suffering From ADD Her Easy To Follow Thirty Day Plan Has Been Proven Just As Effective As Ritalin In Relieving The Symptoms Of ADD Learn How Women Should Boost Their Nutrition Before Conception To Prevent ADD In Their Children Why Boys Are Much Likelier To Be Tagged As ADD Than Girls How To Get A Reliable ADD Diagnosis The Effects Of Brain Allergies On Attention Span Foods To Avoid That May Exacerbate ADD The Dangers Of Artificial Food Ingredients And Much This Important Book Will Help Us Curb The Epidemic Growth Of ADD In This Country And Change The Way We Treat Those Who Have It Now By Addressing Its Source Instead Of Merely Treating Its SymptomsThis Book Is Must Reading For Every Parent, Physician, Teacher And School Nurse Who Deals With ADD And AD HD Children ADD Is Not Caused By A Deficiency Of Ritalin Marcia Zimmerman S The ADD Nutrition Solutionis Right On Target Bernard Rimland, PhD Director Of The Autism Research Institute, San Diego This book promised a lot of help and we did take a few nuggets of useful information from it The author takes forever to get to the essence of the plan so be prepared for a lot of reptition of information you ve probably already heard by the time you are ready to try this plan I don t know what planet this author lives on but unless you are ready to make every meal,snack etc from organic scratch, you will have a tough time following the plan, we couldn t commit Our physician also reported the low possibility of influencing brain chemistry through diet as 1 2% of all the children with this problem good luck Over the past six years, I have read literally hundreds of books and articles on A.
, and consulted with some of the best in this field doctors I truly wanted to help my son, and I did not agree with the doctors solution of several doses of Ritalin daily Marcia s nutrional plan was the only thing in my six year search that has really made a difference After just altering a few of the many suggested dietary items, everyone noticed a remarkable change in Sean s behavior He has been learning faster, is happier, and is muchlike a normal kid And the best part he has been off Ritalin for over a year and a half Parents for yourself, but especially for your child read Marcia s book It will make a positive difference in your

I d give this book a higher rating if the book had been updated since 99 This book is a quick read if you ve looked at other ADD nutrition booksdump the sugar, simple carbs, food additives, and increase vitamins and supplementsZimmerman s arguments for why certain supplements, like fatty acids, are good for you, is an interesting read Her 30 day diet to feed your brain and isolate food allergies that may aggravate your ADD sypmptoms is not as tough as it seems, and I have found the supplements to be exceptionally helpful for treating the aspects of my creative wiring that I don t like procrastination, inertia, etc I found it a worthwhile read.
I think Marcia Zimmerman s book is very interesting Of course like most other AD HD books I have read I don t agree with her 100 % No, I don t think nutrition of lack of nutrition is the cause of AD HD I believe that we are born with our AD HD brains and that it is genetic I know I have said this before that I do believe that there is a link to nutrition and AD HD Our brains do work differently than those with out AD HD so maybe we do require different nutrients than others I have been taking the supplement suggested in Marcia s book for close to a year I don t take the same name brand ones that she insists that we take though The supplements have been very helpful No, they haven t made my AD HD go away though But, I haven t followed the actual 30 Day Plan I m sure if I did my AD HD still wouldn t have gone awaylol The au

Marcia Zimmerman M.Ed. C.N.

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