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[ Pdf The Bondmaid Ú tsars PDF ] by Catherine Lim ✓ What could be an interesting story suffers from poor writing and a confusing ending The characters lack any real depth, and the main character worksas a fairy tale heroine victim than an engaging protagonist The sotry is saved from a one star rating by the tidbits of Singapore folk and ghostlore.
I cried my way though this book I ve read it several times since I first purchased a copy, and I still weep big, uncontrollable tears for the fates of Wu and Han This novel is beautiful and devastating, and for me has a sense of familial nostalgia which makes it, I think, evenpoignant.
Set In Singapore In The Fifties, The Novel Focuses On The Story Of Han Sold As A Slave Into The House Of Wu At The Age Of Four, She Forms A Close Bond With The Heir Of The Household, But The Idyllic Childhood Soon Turns Into A Life Of Struggling Against Tradition And Tyranny Set in Singapore in the 1950s, this book is about a little girl, Han,from a poor family who is sold to a wealthy family to become abondmaid She grows up with the young heir of the house, an attachmentthat lasts into adulthood When they are grown, the heir is expectedto marry a girl from another wealthy family, and Han is expected tounderstand her station in life.
The characters are strong, and the mood of the setting is skillfullydepicted You really feel for Han and her circumstances, and theintrigue within the household between the help of the house and theprivileged ones is believable and interesting.
Beautiful descriptive writing, though sometimes the point gets lost in the prose A tragic story of love divided by class and wealth Couldn t sleep after finishing it, I was still so wrapped up in the story.
This was a really good read I just wanted to reach into the book and gather up little Han in my arms The writing is excellent and well worth taking the time to read The author took a risk by self publishing this novel but it was a risk that paid off.
I was crying I wondered has it ever happened It s terrible knowing how women were treated, how women have no value And Catherine Lim I love her, that is what called feminist just if we are done wrong She is smart anyway, talkative in important stuffs

I chose Catherine Lim s The Bondmaid for the Singapore stop on my Around the World in 80 books challenge I had hopes that it would resemble work by Lisa See or Amy Tan, but was unfortunately rather disappointed in this respect I ve said this about a few books of late, but The Bondmaid felt purposely complex with regard to its long sentences, and range of less common vocabulary essentially, it was overwritten A lot of the sentences, despite their length, did not say a great deal for instance In his time, the author too had stood, trembling, in punitive assembly with his siblings, and his father before him, in a long tradition of that cruelty, not just of parents, but of deities and gods themselves in their temples and river shrines, which sees fit to visit upon all the sins of one This prose style really put me off, particularly when it was contrasted with short paragra Although the language used in the book is not straightforward, the story was pretty captivating.
A forbidden romance between a bondmaid and the young master of the house.
They met when they were four and five the elder one is the guy when the girl s mother, who was really poor and just became a widow, sold her to the house.
The girl, when truth finally dawned on her that her mother is never gonna come back for her after quenching her thirst , she was devastated and starved herself and wouldn t move.
A thick headed girl she was, she screamed and refused to come in contact to anyone, if anyone did, she d bite them or scratch.
Until she was exorcised of the demon in her, she was very hungry and wandered accidentally into the spoilt young master s room.
That s where the story of childhood games which grew into a forbidden romance began.
A book that will definitely stay on my The first couple of chapters were cringe y It seemed like the author tried too hard to used the BIG words and I found myself having to google a few times in a single page It is very obvious that she the author tried to sound poetic and dreamy but it just didn t work out for me.
However, the quality of writing improves greatly, I would say as you move along I love the story It is full of rituals, traditions and family hierarchies that I can understand and somewhat relate to I particularly loved the ritual where the Chinese character Tiger is painted on the cheek for healing purposes I myself had my grandfather did this for me yay Good book overall you just need to get past the first few chapters where the author might have tried too hard.

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[ Pdf The Bondmaid Ú tsars PDF ] by Catherine Lim ✓ izmirescort.pro in ChineseCatherine Lim Poh Imm Chinese pinyin L n B oy n, born 21 March 1942 is a Singaporean fiction author known for writing about Singapore society and of themes of traditional Chinese culture Hailed as the doyenne of Singapore writers , Lim has published nine collections of short stories, five novels, two poetry collections, and numerous political commentaries to date from Wi