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☆ The Book Thief » Download by Î Markus Zusak It Is Nazi Germany The Country Is Holding Its Breath Death Has Never Been Busier, And Will Be Busier StillBy Her Brother S Graveside, Liesel S Life Is Changed When She Picks Up A Single Object, Partially Hidden In The Snow It Is The Gravedigger S Handbook, Left Behind There By Accident, And It Is Her First Act Of Book Thievery So Begins A Love Affair With books And Words, As Liesel, With The Help Of Her Accordian Playing Foster Father, Learns To read Soon She Is Stealing books From Nazi Book Burnings, The Mayor S Wife S Library, Wherever There Are books To Be FoundBut These Are Dangerous Times When Liesel S Foster Family Hides A Jew In Their Basement, Liesel S World Is Both Opened Up, And Closed DownIn Superbly Crafted Writing That Burns With Intensity, Award Winning Author Markus Zusak Has Given Us One Of The Most Enduring Stories Of Our Time I hate it when this happens, I truly do It makes me feel wrong inside when everyone else loves a book that I find to be underwhelming I mean, what s wrong with me Did I not get it Obviously it must be a lack of intelligence or something because everyone seems to rate this 5 stars I was looking through my friend reviews hoping that someone would share my opinion at least a tiny bit and seeing 5 stars, 5 stars, 4.
5 stars, 5 stars I can appreciate that Markus Zusak is a very talented writer, some of the phrases he uses are beautiful and highly quotable reminiscent of poetry than prose And the story idea A tale narrated by Death and set in Nazi Germany original and ominous But it was the story telling that never really worked for me This is one of those incredibly slow, subtle books that are told in a series of anecdotes and are meant to cleverly build up a bigger pi UPDATE AUG 26, 2016 This review has been here 8 years, has 18 pages of 854 comments and 764 likes There s no outrage for you to add in the comments section that hasn t already been addressed.
If you want to talk about the book, or why you liked it, or anything else, feel free UPDATE FEB 17, 2014 I wrote this review 4 years ago on a foreign keyboad, so I m well aware that I spelled Chekhov s name wrong I m not going to fix it, so please don t drive my review further up in the rankings by commenting on the misspelling You re very dear, but I know his name is Anton and not Antonin On that same note, you don t need to add comments telling me that I didn t like the book because I don t know how to read and don t understand metaphors I actually have an M.
A in in English Lit, so I do know how to read much better than you do, in fact Now quit bothering me before I go get my PhD a I put off reading this book for the library book club Here are my three reasons for doing so 1 It s a Young Adult Book I am an Adult It can t be that good if it s written for young people.
2 It s about the Holocaust, and I think we ve all heard enough about that The author will probably even focus on colors among the grays, as in Schindler s List 3 I have WAY too many other books to read.
After avoiding the book for as long as possible, I sat down, hoping to enjoy it enough to gain some clever comments for the book group.
Turns out, most of my concerns were right But one other thing was also true THIS BOOK ROCKS.
The first thing any review will say about this book is that it is narrated by death So, I might as well get it out of the way Death, the Hooded One, the Angel of the Night, narrates He is very busy during the war years, as you might expe Video review can be found here I give this 5 stars, BUT there is a disclaimer If you want a fast read, this book is not for you If you only like happy endings this book is not for you If you don t like experimental fiction, this book is not for you If you love to read and if you love to care about the characters you read about and if you love to eat words like they re ice cream and if you love to have your heart broken and mended on the same page, this book is for you This story is narrated by Death during World War II, and it is the story of a young German girl who comes of age during one of the most horrific times in recent history Death has a personality If something bad is about to happen, Death warns you ahead of time My favorite part is when he stomps on a framed picture of Hitler on his way to retrieve a thousand souls from a b I feel like I was just given a history lesson but in the most emotionally damaging way possible.
When death captures me, the boy vowed, he will feel my fist on his face Personally, I quite like that Such stupid gallantry.
I like that a lot.
A few days ago, when I was starting The Book Thief, my mother stopped by and saw the book on my coffee table Having just read it herself and knowing me better than anyone else in the world, I might add , she was determined to save me from myself She did her very best to convince me not to read it She described in detail the three day long headache all the crying had caused her and the heartache she now has to live with, but I m nothing if not stubborn I guess I never learned to listen to my mother I m pretty sure her parting sentence was Don t come crying to me And I didn t I huddled in a corner and cried inconsolably This is a book to treasure, a new classic I absolutely loved it.
Set in Germany in the years 1939 1943, The Book Thief tells the story of Liesel, narrated by Death who has in his possession the book she wrote about these years So, in a way, they are both book thieves Liesel steals randomly at first, and later methodically, but she s never greedy Death pockets Liesel s notebook after she leaves it, forgotten in her grief, amongst the destruction that was once her street, her home, and carries it with him.
Liesel is effectively an orphan She never knew her father, her mother disappears after delivering her to her new foster parents, and her younger brother died on the train to Molching where the foster parents live Death first encounters nine year old Liesel when her brother dies, and hangs around long enough to watch her steal her first book, The Gra Just to clarify Yes, I did cry.
I ve read a lot of positive and negative reviews for this book I can see why people wouldn t like it I really can Perhaps because I took a lot out of it personally, I found I enjoyed it a lot.
Quick test to see if you ll like this book 1 Did you like Anne of Green Gables 2 Can you cope with an off beat, melancholy, caustic, dead pan, self righteous narrator 3 Do you like words Questions 4 8 were all about what kind of underwear you re wearing so don t worry about them.
So, let s all gather around for story time with Mistress Kat.
Two incidents set me off lately.
1 My neighbour came to me and complained about the Islanders for those not Australian the Tongan, Fiji, Papa New Guinea and New Zealand populations of Australia causing trouble and otherwise defiling our great and beautiful nation.
2 I was tooling around on Face

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☆ The Book Thief » Download by Î Markus Zusak Markus Zusak is the author of five books, including the international bestseller, The Book Thief , which spent than a decade on the New York Times bestseller list, and is translated into than forty languages establishing Zusak as one of the most successful authors to come out of Australia.To date, Zusak has held the number one position at .com, .co.uk, the New York Times b