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Trailer ¿ The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas PDF by ✓ John Boyne The Boy in the Striped Pajamas would easily top my list of Worst books about the Holocaust I am writing as one who was there I was once myself a boy in striped pajamas and am a survivor of six German concentration camps This book is so ignorant of historical facts about concentration camps that it kicks the history of the Holocaust right in the teeth.
John Boyne s premise is that the nine year old son of the commandant of Auschwitz, bored with his isolated life, takes walks to the fence surrounding this infamous camp and meets there a nine year old inmate who is on the other side of the fence The two boys become friends and continue meeting on a daily basis Here is some news for Mr Boyne The 10 ft high barbed wire fence surrounding each camp was electrified Touch if once and you are fried There was a no man s land on each side of the fence along the Found this in a charity shop and couldn t put it down.
So sad Really loved it Had no idea it would end how it did.
5 I didn t love this, but I did appreciate the fact that it had a very powerful message and an ending I wasn t expecting at all My feelings were definitely changed by the fact that the author describes the story as a fable The abstractness makes a lot sense in that way Definitely an unforgettable read, nonetheless As Michael Kors once sighed to a clueless designer on Project Runway Where do I start Let s open with some descriptive words that sum up this book, and I will then go on to explain them in further detail Patronizing Insipid Smarmy Just plain bad Patronizing I believe that to write good children s literature, you have to think that children are intelligent, capable human beings who are worth writing for like Stephen King, who probably thinks kids are smarter than adults The author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, on the other hand, clearly thinks that children are idiots The main character, Bruno, is supposed to be nine years old, but compared to him Danny Torrance of The Shining who was six looks like a Mensa member There s childlike naivety, and then there s Bruno, A powerful concept, but very poorly written even allowing for the young adult target audience and one of a tiny number of books I can think of that was better in the film version.
PlotBruno is 9 and lives in Berlin in 1943 with his parents and 12 year old sister They are wealthy and his father is an important soldier who is promoted to be the Commandant at Auschwitz The trick of the story is that Bruno doesn t realise the horror of what goes on behind the barbed wire, where everyone wears striped pyjamas, even when he befriends a boy of the same age at a corner of the camp Although his father can be strict and distant, Bruno is unfailing in his trust in the goodness of his father In the film, there was at least a gradual, if reluctant, dawning of doubt about his father and all he stood for, but that doesn t h I seriously suggest you read about what happened to real children in the Holocaust It won t fill your thoughts for many days or shock you rather it will fill your LIFE and make you feel sick to the core of your being.
Paul Friedlander, himself a survivor, recounts in his recent highly praised book the incident of 90 Jewish infants all under the age of five, orphaned after their parents were murdered in a mass shooting.
These children were subjected to indescribable mistreatment for days.
Then they were individually hanged.
I read this with horror, revulsion and total disbelief ref.
The Years of Extermination Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939 1945 Or the incident of the young German soldier participating in the evacuation of the patients in the hospital in the Warsaw Ghetto In the presence of a distraught Jewish crowd of relati Berlin When Bruno Returns Home From School One Day, He Discovers That His Belongings Are Being Packed In Crates His Father Has Received A Promotion And The Family Must Move From Their Home To A New House Far Far Away, Where There Is No One To Play With And Nothing To Do A Tall Fence Running Alongside Stretches As Far As The Eye Can See And Cuts Him Off From The Strange People He Can See In The Distance But Bruno Longs To Be An Explorer And Decides That There Must Be To This Desolate New Place Than Meets The Eye While Exploring His New Environment, He Meets Another Boy Whose Life And Circumstances Are Very Different To His Own, And Their Meeting Results In A Friendship That Has Devastating Consequences quick reread because, lets face it, im high key obsessed with john boyne this is my seventh JB book in less than a month when i hit my tenth, someone please stage an intervention lol.
i first read this years ago, so i forgot just how innocent the perspective of this story is which i think makes it even haunting we, as humans, are not born with hatred its something we learn and acquire throughout life and what a horrible thing that is to see how carefree a child can be in the most horrific of times is so heartbreaking, because it shows he doesnt have to capacity to see how truly monstrous humanity can be this story is definitely one to make your mind reflect and your heart ache 4.
5 stars The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is truly an amazing yet daunting novel that I will never forget The author John Boyne did a masterful job of depicting the setting in such vivid detail and exposing the events in a manner that I felt a constant emotional pull as the story unfolded and impending doom lingered on the horizon.
I was recommended this novel a while back while reading The Book Thief, but after finishing that story and experiencing such deep sadness, I knew I couldn t jump into another novel about the Holocaust for quite some time I m glad I waited because as with other works that cover this topic, distance and perspective is key I feel the author did a grand job of juxtaposing two resounding themes in such a flawless manner one being of theevilth When I was very young, I lived in Romania Because there was past drama in my family, I had three grandmothers and two grandfathers I was close to two of my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers, because they lived near my mother, brother, stepfather and I.
The other couple, I only saw during summers They lived in the country, where there was no indoor bathroom, no internet, no chocolate and no sense of community that I felt at the age of six Every morning, I would wake up from the best of dreams that my mom would be coming that day to pick me up But she never did, because she was far away and we had to stay for three whole months with our grandparents.
I felt lonely I had no one to play with There was my brother, but just

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Trailer ¿ The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas PDF by ✓ John Boyne John Boyne born 30 April 1971 in Dublin is an Irish novelist.He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and studied Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, where he won the Curtis Brown prize In 2015, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by UEA.John Boyne is the author of ten novels for adults and five for young readers, as well as a collection of short stories His novel