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é Read ¶ The Brain Wellness Plan: Breakthrough Medical, Nutritional, and Immune-Boosting Therapies by Lombard ✓ This is a good book for general info but it is quite dated Therefore, I felt much of the information was irrelevant.
Treating and preventing neurodegenerative diseases is difficult, but as a practicing clinician, I know that optimal nutrition can make an enormous positive difference in the course of the disease This is an excellent book, and is must reading for anyone with ALS, MS, Alzheimer s or Parkinson s Disease It is also an excellent book for those who want to maximize their brain wellness with optimal nutrition Congratulations, Jay and Carl, on a superb contribution to the field Robert Crayhon Dr Lombard, a neurologist, and Carl Germano, a nutritionist,have done an excellent job at explaining how nutrition and supplementscan influence the course of common neurological and psychiatric conditions such as Alzheimer s and Parkinson s I enjoyed reading their chapter on the brain immune connection There s a lot of good information here I highly recommend this book although I may not agree with all of their supplement and dosage recommendations You may also consider reading my book Mind Boosters which provides a different emphasis and explains how to use natural supplements to improve memory, mood, productivity, vision, libido, and mental performance.
This book is the only book I have found that explains different neurological afflictions from Parkinson s disease to Alzheimer s in a manner that anyone could understand, not just a neurologist It also gives great recommendations for prevention and intervention per disease I have found it helpful to read as a social worker working largely with the geriatric population It gives families hope in caring for their elderly and infirm that there are avenues to healing out that Though it was released in 1998, I find the book is still relevant The author even suggests a kind of medicine in the book that was not available in the US at the time it was written but became available as a supplement in the US soon after the book was published.

I found the brain wellness plan to be very informative the authors have put forward a document in book form that is useful to anyone wishing to do something to slow the decline at the worst and improve one s brain at the best I thoroughly recommend it.
When a member of our family was in dire need of help, this book somehow fell off the shelf into my arms I was in a health food store This is an essential read for anyone suffering from all the items listed, plus Bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, etc.
The book make sense on every level and was instrumental in helping us treat our family member That person has two years of college under their belt and doing very well in life Other items that helped was Omega 3, Cell Salts, 5htp, organic food diet, no milk, lots of love andlove and Reiki.
The generative diseases in this case neurological diseases , from parkinson, to altzheimr, a.
s, and others like c.
s are coverd in that book with the latest medical, and the nutritional plus supllements views The authors are both doctors one of them is a neurologist and the other is a docter and a clinical nutritionist, that both with their simple yet complex explanations put a remarkable views of healling about the degenerative diseases and shows the benfit of the long term healling with nutrition and supllemnts the roots of the diseases are discused very interstingly and it is a very informative book i do have one comment about that book that they givven amount of vitamin C in those specific diseases degenerative neurological diseases , should be much higher, but beside of that it s the best natural book that dealing in one copy on the brain well While this book may be a bit loaded with biochemistry for the tastes of the average reader, it is an excellent book if you want to understand how the brain works best and what kinds of supplements, vitamins and nutients will help keep it functioning well It is a good review for anyone in the medical field too, especially those wanting to provide a balanced integrative health approach to their family or general practice.
The most important point is preventing degeneration of brain function over time, and while it will appear complex at first, attempting to understand and apply it could save your brain and keep you out of a long term care facility in the future.
Drawing On The Latest Neurological, Medical, And Scientific Research, This Helpful Handbook Explores The Links Between The Brain, The Immune System, And Nutrition, And Offers Advice On Treating And Preventing Common Neurological Disorders Reprint


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