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Download Epub Format ✓ The Case Against Hillary Clinton PDF by à Peggy Noonan Not thrilled by Peggy s usage of italics implying she s in the mind of Hillary, calculating her every move That s a little sophomoric But, her rehashing of the scandals makes this book well worth reading There are some truly chilling moments in this book It s hard to believe some of the quotes from Hillary s publications in the Harvard Law Review from the 70s and 80s.
I think Peggy Noonan is a brilliant writer, and was disappointed that this book was so bitterly sarcastic in places not a good way to make your case, regardless of the facts Noonan wrote this book in 2000, hoping to persuade New Yorkers not to elect Clinton as their senator, which the author saw as just a step to a campaign for President and she was right Clinton was elected senator and ran for President in 2008, losing the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama Noonan is highly critical of Clinton, not only for her political stances Noonan isconservative and Clinton isliberal Noonan believes in restricted government and Clinton believes that a larger,intrusive government would do a lot of good, especially if she were leading it , but also because Noonan Clinton Fatigue It s the reaction people have when they hear O.
J hit his girlfriend, or they found Jeffrey Dahmer s cookbook Yeah, so This was yet another book on Hillary Clinton This one tells by example why she is the way she is It was very well written I read it in two days.
One of the key sections of this book is a meeting between Hillary and entertainment executives The author happened to be at the house in the kitchen She fired up her tape recorder and got the entire speech Mrs Clinton was railing into the execs about the content of their movies and shows I started to feel that maybe Hillary isn t that self absorbed Maybe her caring about children isn t really just talk Then the author reveals she Noonan made the whole thing up It would have been really nice if Hillary HAD made this speech But N In 2000 when Hillary was running for Senate I convinced my father to buy this book because it was his civic duty to stay informed I ve since stolen it from him Because that s how I roll.
TrueEveryone should read this Very interesting and relevant It makes you wonder why Hillary Clinton became so popular read it

This political book is nearly seventy percent opinion Yes Hillary has been through lots of scandals but I am not ready to write her off as a gutless flip flopper The writer neededfacts to make her case Wild stories don t really interest me I actually enjoy the fact she stirs up controversy If she ever gets elected president, she will quite likely be a very entertaining leader.
Noonan wrote this book against Hillary Clinton s Senate run back in 2000 Nonetheless, the better points of the book remain current, even asfor and against Clinton has been added to the pile since then As voters consider whom to elect in 2016, it wouldn t hurt any of them to review the negative baggage she brings with her, especially many of the now forgotten but hardly resolved scandals that have dogged Hillary and Bill Clinton On the plus side, Noonan knows her subject well and it shows She imagines Clinton thinking things to herself or even interacting with others in situations dreamt up by Noonan, and it all seems not only plausible but even dead on accurate Yet, this is one of my bigger complaints about the book, Noonan quite often imagines things and writes them as fact, only to tell you at the end of the narrative that it was all a dream, etc The scenes she paints a This is an interesting , but discouraging book that documents many of the problematic scandals surrounding both Bill and Hillary Clinton Shocking in its revelations , and so depressing that we have given high office to these people Too many still overlook what they have done to accumulate wealth and power This book is dated , written in 2000 after Hillary s winning Senate run in New York , but I ve found that skunks never lose their scent Today s headlines remind me that the evil you do in your life is found out , either here or in eternity perhaps both.
Because I m a liberal NOT in spite of being a liberal I am very opposed to the Clintons I read this book hoping to get ammo to convince my fellow Democrats to supportprogressive candidates But, aside from being the most poorly written book I ve ever read, there is absolutely no substance here what so ever Just the same old issues whitewater, travel gate, etc all of which have been coveredeloquently and withdepth elsewhere About the only compelling passage ended up being nothingthan a misleading dream sequence about a fantasy that never took place and was completely pointless This book is truly worthless.
Peggy Noonan, A Speechwriter For The Reagan White House And One Of Our Most Astute Political Observers, Argues In This Compelling Book That Americans Must Look Closely At Hillary Rodham Clinton And The Implications Of Her Calculated Bid For Power In The Case Against Hillary Clinton, She Offers An Eye Opening Assessment Of The Scandals And Failures Of The Clinton Years, From Whitewater To Health Care To The Filegate And Travelgate Affairs, Which Cast A Revealing Light On The First Lady S Motives And Behavior She Poses Searching Questions About The Difference Between Public Service And Lip Service, Between The Whole Truth And The Shameless Parade Of Evasion And Spin Marshaled Throughout The Clinton Years As Hillary S Ambition Seeks Ever Greater Heights, Noonan Takes The Measure Of The Woman And The Politician And Makes A Passionate Argument Against Her Candidacy

Peggy Noonan

Download Epub Format ✓ The Case Against Hillary Clinton PDF by à Peggy Noonan Peggy Noonan is an author of seven books on politics, religion and culture, a weekly columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and was a Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan She is considered a political conservative.