Ù The Definitive Guide to CentOS Í Download by ñ Peter Membrey

Ù The Definitive Guide to CentOS Í Download by ñ Peter Membrey This is an easy to understand book, like the OS itself However, it s not even close to definitive It s only an introduction and not very useful, by itself.
I already own Wale Soyinka s book Linux Administration A Beginner s Guide and bought this assuming that there would be CentOS specific information in it that could help with things like NIS, LDAP, sendmail configuration, etc While it covers some of its subjects reasonably well, it stops well short of the goal of being The Definitive Guide to CentOS Beginner s guide, maybe, but there is very little that makes it definitive.
The first third of the book is dedicated to installation, yum, and Apache configuration This information is not even as good as the existing information on the CentOS How To pages on their web site.
The section that I found useful was on setting up virtual private networks The book does a reasonable job of explaining this, but I find it hard to understand what sets this apart from any other Linux installation.
Don t get me wrong, the book does have value, but CentOS Is Just Like Red Hat, But Without The Price Tag And With The Virtuous License When Belts Have To Be Tightened, We Want To read About An OS With All The Features Of A Commercial Linux Variety, But Without The Pain The Definitive Guide to CentOS Is The First Definitive Reference For CentOS And Focuses On CentOS Alone, The Workhorse Linux Distribution, That Does The Heavy Lifting In Small And Medium Size Enterprises Without Drawing Too Much Attention To Itself Provides Tutorial And Hands On Learning But Is Also Designed To Be Used As A Reference Bases All Examples On Real World Tasks That Readers Are Likely To Perform Serves Up Hard Won Examples And Hints And Tips From The Author S Experiences Of CentOS In Production This a good OS to use for an inexpensive network gateway or a garage server You don t need the latest Linux distribution to serve most of your needs and there is a version 7 currently available This book give a reasonable introduction to configuring the operating system for use and some background on it s Red Hat roots You can t beat the price, either.
I appreciate the detail in which this book explains concepts and why things work they way they do in Linux Although I have been working with CentOS for nearly two years now professionally, this book gave my weak foundation of knowledge a lot of improvement I now understand why things are, I don t have to accept the line, Well, that s just the way Linux works The step by step instructions on how to get commonly used services up and running are right on target and very useful.
I highly recommend this book for individuals who want to learn an enterprise Linux OS, and those who already use CentOS but don t have a solid foundation of knowledge This book is not for advanced users of Linux, you ll only be bored Bu I buy a lot of books on and most I don t review because I don t have the time.
But this particular book is outstanding I have been using Unix and Linux for a long time and this book in a humorous fashion explained to me why things are they way they are and why The author speaks the Queen s English very well and has a very dry sense of humor that he tosses in variously.
So, if you like me need to stand up a CentOS server and maintain it, this book is just what the doctor ordered.
I recommend it heartily Full disclosure I do not know the author or anyone related to him or any person or entity attached to the book This review is objective and honest.
Several months ago I was asked to evaluate a LAMP platform Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP for an in house intranet application I choose CentOS and this book to begin So how did I get on.
Getting Started with CentOS This is the first section of the book and spans 4 chapters It answers the questions, why choose CentOS, installation and where to download the files from, a few basic commands and how to patch your fresh install with the latest updates using the YUM tool YUM stands for Yellow Dog Updater, Modified beautiful, I was loving it already The installation assumes CentOS 5.
2 the present release is 6.
2 as of January 2012 which I installed In the space of a few days I had a fresh CentOS box up and running The book took me through the steps one at a time No problems could it be this simple.
Going into Production The second section of the book It spans 6 chapters and introduces keyword Good product

It is a very useful book, but it is not quite what I was looking for although it could be exactly right for you.
I should explain that I am not a programmer, I am a telephone engineer, and have been working with Linux based systems on and off for several years I have therefore purchased Linux books before I have also become fairly proficient at working my way round mail servers, Apache, DNS and the like I am now getting very involved with Centos so was looking for a book that would explain the subtle ways in which Centos differs from the other distros This book does not really do that.
It is probably an ideal book for somebody who has only very basic ideas about Linux but wants to get stuck in and build their own systems, websites, etc It is perfect for that But, if like me, you can muddle your way around Linux already then it doesn t he This covers not just CentOS but many linux basics and is useful even if using other distros, especially if they are from the Red Hat deviation It s a useful reference and proved to be much useful than some accredited online Linux courses.

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