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☆ Read º The Dunwich Horror and Others by H.P. Lovecraft ✓ This book was my first exposure to H P Lovecraft, way back in 1991 or so I was eleven years old The book shook my world to its very foundations At the time, isaac Asimov was my favourite writer, but Lovecraft showed me how to appreciate moody, lapidary writing full of atmosphere and dripping with menace I gave the book five stars mostly because of its revelatory impact on me and my personality, even though if I had discovered Lovecraft for the first time today, especially being familiar now with writers like Clark Ashton Smith, a contemporary of Lovecraft s who was admittedly a much better stylist Fritz Leiber, who writes about real people with real emotions in his horror stories Thomas Ligotti, whose sense of alienati The Rats in the Walls has always been my personal favorite.
I ll be coming back to this book.
5 stars Outstanding collection of H.
P Lovecraft stories The Dunwich Horror is an amazing story that reads as well today as when it was first written Lovecraft was a unique talent and his stories are just a ton of fun.
Listening as I work on computer projects As Howard wanted, many have tried over the years to expound on his Cthulhu Mythos few even came close I believe he named man s strongest emotion as Fear, with the greatest Fear being that of the unknown.
Did you ever overcome your own fear enough to actually Look under your bed when you just Knew Some Unknown Thing was there Nah, neither have I.
Contents Ix HP Lovecraft And His Work August Derleth InIn The Vault Ss The Tryout NovWeird Tales Apr Pickman S Model Ss Weird Tales Oct The Rats In The Walls Ss Weird Tales Mar The Outsider Ss Weird Tales Apr The Colour Out Of Space Nv Amazing Sep The Music Of Erich Zann Ss The National Amateur MarWeird Tales Nov The Haunter Of The Dark Nv Weird Tales Dec The Picture In The House Ss The National Amateur JulWeird Tales Mar The Call Of Cthulhu Inspector Legrasse Nv Weird Tales Feb The Dunwich Horror Nv Weird Tales Apr Cool Air Ss Tales Of Magic And Mystery MarWeird Tales Jul The Whisperer In Darkness Na Weird Tales Aug The Terrible Old Man Vi The Tryout JulWeird Tales Aug The Thing On The Door Step Nv Weird Tales Jan The Shadow Over Innsmouth Na Visionary Press Everett, PA,Weird Tales Jan The Shadow Out Of Time Na Astounding Jun Fajny dob r opowiada , fajny styl t umaczeniano i Lovecraft Horror i trwoga wyprodukowana przez umys pocz tku XX wieku czasu rewolucji naukowej na polu astronomii i fizyki, gdy wszech wiat wczesnych ludzi powi kszy si ze skali jednej galaktyki do rozmiar w o wiele rz d w wi kszych, czas trwania wszech wiata wyd u y si do miliard w lat, a do tego materia okaza a si skrywa niesamowit ilo energii Jaka epoka bardziej by a odpowiednia, by poczu strach przed niezmierzon przestrzeni i czasem my ju si do tego nieco przyzwyczaili my Niesamowite musia o by to, e nied ugo przed zako czeniem pracy nad opowiadaniem z planet Yuggoth, znajduj c si za granicami poznanego Uk adu S onecznego , nagle okaza o si , e odkryto PlutonaJa uwielbiam niezmiennie I listened to the audiobook edition of this and I can finally say that I enjoy Lovecraft stories muchif they re read to me These stories are classic Lovecraft in every way He builds worlds with creeping, undulating atmospheres that do not let up There s a reason so many horror authors of the modern era were influenced by the work of Lovecraft If you ve never read any of his work, this volume is a great place to start.
This is a great horror story penned by a master of the jenre.
Enjoy and be blessed.

H.P. Lovecraft

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