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[William Peter Blatty] ¿ The Exorcist [magick PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ originally Published In , The Exorcist Is Now A Major Television Series On FOX It Remains One Of The Most Controversial Novels Ever Written And Went On To Become A Literary Phenomenon It Spent Fifty Seven Weeks On The New York Times Bestseller List, Seventeen Consecutively At Number One Inspired By A True Story Of A Child S Demonic Possession In The S, William Peter Blatty Created An Iconic Novel That Focuses On Regan, The Eleven Year Old Daughter Of A Movie Actress Residing In Washington, DC A Small Group Of Overwhelmed Yet Determined Individuals Must Rescue Regan From Her Unspeakable Fate, And The Drama That Ensues Is Gripping And Unfailingly TerrifyingTwo Years After Its Publication, The Exorcist Was, Of Course, Turned Into A Wildly Popular Motion Picture, Garnering Ten Academy Award Nominations On Opening Day Of The Film, Lines Of The Novel S Fans Stretched Around City Blocks In Chicago, Frustrated Moviegoers Used A Battering Ram To Gain Entry Through The Double Side Doors Of A Theater In Kansas City, Police Used Tear Gas To Disperse An Impatient Crowd Who Tried To Force Their Way Into A Cinema The Three Major Television Networks Carried Footage Of These Events CBS S Walter Cronkite Devoted Almost Ten Minutes To The Story The Exorcist Was, And Is, Than Just A Novel And A Film It Is A True LandmarkPurposefully Raw And Profane, The Exorcist Still Has The Extraordinary Ability To Disturb Readers And Cause Them To Forget That It Is Just A Story Published Here In This Beautiful Fortieth Anniversary Edition, It Remains An Unforgettable Reading Experience And Will Continue To Shock And Frighten A New Generation Of Readers Scared the heck out of me Curiosity compels you to read this THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS It was kinda hard to decide the rating on this novel If I d think only on the raw reading experience, I would say that it was a 3 star material.
However, I had to ponder about the whole additional info and further development of characters compared with my experience with the film adaptation which certainly is one of my favorite horror films So, I think that the fairest rating is giving a solid 4 star rating.
Certainly due all those deeper details in the original book, I think that novel movie make an irresistible combo to do.
You watched the film, and then you ll appreciate even the extended information that you ll find in the original novel, but in matters of frightening, well the movie has a clear advantage, but don t dismiss the novel so quickly.
Since, may be not the best horror novel that I ve ever read,but certainly t A masterpieceunqualified, unadulterated and unequaled How better to describe the definitive, 40th Anniversary edition of one of THE classic horror novels of the 20th centuryrendered in audio format and narrated with passion, verve and pitch perfect delivery by William P Blatty himself.
I ve seen both the original and extended, remastered versions of The Exorcist several times and believe it ranks among the finest horror films ever made Until this week, I had never read the source novel Now that I have, let me add to the film s list of accolades that it s also one of the best film adaptations of a classic novel that I have experienced along with The Princess Bride and No Country for Old Men I m going to test the limb and walk out onto it by assuming that mos The Exorcist is on quite a few of my favorite lists.
I have read this book once before, and I own and have watched the movie numerous times This time I listened to the audio book.
It is my favorite movie poster.
It has one of my favorite the making of documentaries It s in my top ten favorite movie list, and top five favorite horror movie listand now that I have listened to the audio book Favorite audio bookby far.
William Blatty s voice is like butterslathered on the perfect horror filled bagel with cream cheese.
Georgetown, Washington Chris MacNeil an actress, and her young daughter Regan are living in Georgetown, while Chris is filming a movie And everything is going along hunky dory until Regan starts playing around with the Ouija board from the attic.
Regan starts receiving messages from Captain Howdy who a Strange as it may seem, I hadn t watched the film version ofThe Exorcistuntil last summer I know, shame on me, but you see, I thought I wouldn t be able to take it seriously I don t believe in possessions or devils or any of these things, although I love to read about them Of course, I knew of Blatty s novel and I was aware of the cutie little green Pazuzu face of young Regan, but since I don t believe in the main theme of the story, I knew I wouldn t be able to appreciate the film, right Wrong I admit I should have watched it sooner I wasn t scared, however, only a little bit disgusted, but it was unsettling and full of interesting underlying information about psychology and the mentality behind the cases where exorcisms sounded as the best solution Not to mention Max Von Sydow s formidable presence Therefore, WIlliam Peter Blatty s groundbreaking novel caused many waves at the time of its publication, though it is thought that the accompanying movie might have been even controversial I chose to embark on this journey, out of curiosity than anything else Knowing the premise, I thought I would indulge before the season of ghouls and other spine tingling things is fully upon us Chris MacNeil is a screen actress and lives in Georgetown with her daughter, Regan Quite the typical twelve, Regan enjoys some independence, but is happy to engage with her mother on a regular basis When Regan begins to exhibit strange behaviours, Chris cannot help but seek out some medical advice, none of which yields firm answers When the oddities begin to manifest themselves into ver You gotta be impressed with a book that inspires a movie that managed to turn entire generations off of pea soup.
Chris MacNeil is an actress who is filming a movie in Georgetown when her young daughter Regan starts to exhibit bizarre behavior, and since medical science fails to provide any answers she turns to Father Damien Karras for blah, blah, blah, blah There s no point in a plot summary because we all know the set up on this one It s also one of those books where the film version has become so well known that it s nigh on impossible to separate the two versions In fact, I don t see how anybody could read this without hearing Tubular Bells in their head So just to get this out of the way The movie is better That s not to say that the book is bad Blatty does a very good job of putting us in a normal early 70s sett I think I m ready Help Well, maybe I m weird but I found the movie scarier than the book Don t get me wrong, there are a few parts that gave me the heebie jeebies, but overall it didn t get me like the movie Just getting the gifs for this freaking review had me all creeped out This book is very disturbing though Reading the stuff about people in the Black Mass and what they were doing Uggg, no I thought about getting a copy of the movie to watch again since I have read the book but hell no Just NO The only reason I wanted to watch it again is because I wanted to see if they had some of the really disturbing things in the movie that were in the book I wanted to see if they talked about all of the Black Mass stuff and different thing What a fantastic and scary but fascinating book The film with Linda Blair and Max Von Sydow was so far ahead of its time I was just a young boy when the film was released and remember that there was heaps of controversy at the time Ambulances and police were rushing to theatres because people were fainting and screaming with hysteria In some extreme cases priests were called I know that the film was back in theatres a while ago and my partner and I went to see it again with our nephew and niece They were both in their twenties back then and I recall them laughing all the way through the film I guess times and tastes have changed The book is great and the original film too, whatever the younger generation may think The new TV series is good though, I

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