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[John Harwood] ✓ The Ghost Writer [asia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ There was so much I enjoyed about this book I especially liked how Gerard s exploration into the mystery of his mother s past was used as a vehicle to present some nice classic ghost stories However I didn t feel that the ending was very well constructed I usually don t require a book to have a perfectly tidy ending but this one was just a little TOO loose.
This was a good ghost story mystery At times it was reminiscent of Peter Straub s Ghost Story, most especially regarding the story within a story aspect The Ghost Writer is a slow burning novel, so horror readers that are looking for lots of action and gore will be disappointed That said, horror lovers that enjoy well told intricate stories that include ghosts as well as some nasty humans, will like this tale Recommended Viola Hatherley Was A Writer Of Ghost Stories In The S Whose Work Lies Forgotten Until Her Great Grandson, As A Young Boy In Mawson, Australia, Learns How To Open The Secret Drawer In His Mother S Room There He Finds A Manuscript, And From The Moment His Mother Catches Him In The Act, Gerard Freeman S Life Is Irrevocably Changed What Is The Invisible, Ever Present Threat From Which His Mother Strives So Obsessively To Protect Him And Why Should Stories Written A Century Ago Entwine Themselves Ever Closely Around Events In His Own Life Gerard S Quest To Unveil The Mystery That Shrouds His Family, And His Life, Will Lead Him From Mawson To London, To A Long Abandoned House And The Terror Of A Ghost Story Come Alive I found it messy and not at all scary It seemed pretty clear from the beginning of the book where the plot would lead There were a few twists and turns but no real surpises There were stories within stories but I did not find they added anything to the book I was ready to give up on the book but finished it just because I had invested so much time Had I known the author got bored and seemed to decide to end the book I would have quite after half way thru Arg, as a friend of mine would say Life is too short to continue to read a bad book.
To say this book is a page turner is an understatement books containing stories within stories often suffer from one strand of the narrative beinginteresting than the other, but I found Viola s ghost stories every bit as compelling and authentic they reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe and genuinely felt as if they d been written by someone else as Gerard s modern day tale A certain amount of suspension of disbelief is required to truly enjoy the story if you really think about it, it s almost impossible to believe Gerard would truly forsake any kind of real relationship or even casual involvement with another woman, over the course of many years, for the sake of a lover he s never even spoken to or seen a photograph of, let alone met However, the narrative is written with such lightness of touch, and I suppose such deliberate though barely perceptible lack of detail, that it s ea Although certain elements veiled specters, haunted mansions, a porcelain doll that comes to life, and the finding of hidden photographs, for example of John Harwood s stylish debut novel The Ghost Writer, could be termed clich , the story this book tells is such an old fashioned ripping good yarn, I didn t care if he occasionally made use of the clich or not The Ghost Writer is the story of Gerard Freeman, a lonely, awkward, sexually repressed boy growing up in Mawson, Australia in the 1960s An only child with few, if any, friends, Gerard finds solace in the stories his mother, Phyllis, tells him of her childhood at Staplefield, an English country estate in the grand manner One day, however, the ten year old Gerard, who is given to very serious snooping, discovers a photograph of a beautiful, unknown woman and the manuscript of a ghost story written by someone identified only as V.
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Gerrard Freeman is a young Librarian living in Australia with his secretive mother As a child he found a mysterious photograph and a strange ghost story written by his great grandmother Viola Hatherley The discovery causes his mother to abandon any mention of her former life in England, a life until that point lit up by sunlit tales of an idyllic country house named Staplefield Gerrard believes there is a dark secret to be discovered which he shares with his only confidant and object of near obsessive devotion, pen friend Alice Jessell a woman he has never met Discoveringstories by Viola, Gerrard soon becomes aware of strange similarities and portentous detail John Harwood s The Ghost Writer is a complex puzzle of a story within a story with an unclear distinction between truth and fiction It s very hard to keep the two separate and at times I tended to let G

Ugh This is a tough review to write This author can write The descriptions are so unbelievably lush and descriptive, with a gothic Victorian flavor about them that is reminiscent of Henry James Turn of the Screw Indeed, this borrows a lot from James, which is no bad thing in my opinion, however, this is where James genius shines through and where a similar concept in another author s hands doesn t work As is my usual cry these days, this author needed a strong editor to curb his weaknesses, because, really, the strengths are wonderful.
The good we have novels within a novel A lot of readers thought that construction worked to a point and then failed I loved it I like competing story lines and while some of the ghost stories worked better than others, it did give us a needed break from the narrator Why Because nothing happens to this narrator until the last quarter The Ghost Writer Psy Horror Gerard Freeman Aust England Cont NRHarwood, John 1st bookHarcourt, 2004, US Hardcover ISBN 0151010749First Sentence I first saw the photograph on a hot January afternoon in my mother s bedroom.
Gerard Freeman grew up in Australia with an uninvolved father and an overbearing mother who had grown up in England but, other than stories about the house, won t talk about her family Searching through his mother s dresser he does find a ghost story written by his great grandmother, Viola, which hints of tragedy in his family In his loneliness, he gains a English pen pal, Alice with whom he becomes so connected it is his ambition to gain his degree in library science and go to England There he uncoversof Viola s stories and begins to believe his mother had left England having murdered her sister As the stories parallel family history, A fine book, The Ghost Writer of the title is the narrator s grandmother Viola Her grandson, Gerard discovers these stories accidentally though out his life One in particular seems to be the story of his own family, but he doesn t know how closely it fits until the knowledge almost kills him.
It is a creepy psychological mystery which made the hairs stand up on my arms several times, and I kept reading ahead a page to try and discover who the murderer was and who his mother was so afraid of that she spent her life in a self imposed prison and made her son so timid that it nearly costs him his life.

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[John Harwood] ✓ The Ghost Writer [asia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ izmirescort.pro John Harwood is the author of two previous novels of Victorian Gothic suspense Aside from fiction, his published work includes biography, poetry, political journalism and literary history His acclaimed first novel, The Ghost Writer, won the International Horror Guild s First Novel Award He lives in Hobart, Australia.