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[Gavin de Becker] ☆ The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence [geology PDF] Read Online ☆ a good book and yes there is a difference between niceness and goodness If there is a good person assisting you they understand the word no whereas a person trying to be nice for another purpose may still linger even if you say no Something important to teach your kids I always try to listen to my gut and so far it has not been wrong This book just validates that Also I was worried that I would get overly paranoid, but I feel now that my fears will be back up with facts rather than just fear.
A Carjacker Lurking In A Shopping Mall Parking Lot An Abusive Husband Pounding On The Door A Disgruntled Employee Brandishing A Gun These Days, No One Is Safe From The Specter Of Violence But According To Gavin De Becker, Everyone Can Feel Safer, Act Safer, Be Safer If They Learn How To Listen To Their Own Sixth Sense About DangerDe Becker Has Made A Career Of Protecting People And Predicting Violent Behavior His Firm Handles Security For Many Of Hollywood S Top Celebrities Madonna, Michael J Fox, Geena Davis, Brooke Shields, And John Travolta, Among Others, According To Press Reports And His Computerized Risk Assessment System Helps Analyze Threats To Members Of Congress And The Supreme Court Now, In This Unprecedented Guide, De Becker Shares His Expertise With Everyone Covering All The Dangerous Situations People Typically Face Street Crime, Domestic Abuse, Violence In The Workplace De Becker Provides Real Life Examples And Offers Specific Advice On Restraining Orders, Self Defense, And But The Key To Self Protection, He Demonstrates, Is Learning How To Trust And Act On Our Own Intuitions For Everyone Who S Ever Felt Threatened, This Book Is Essential Reading Rare does a book help this much I had lost the ability to trust my instinct Now I know why I kept my mind cluttered with worries of what might or could happen Instead of increasing my fear, the book helped reduce my anxieties.
There is nothing spooky or supernatural about having a bad feeling Our mind does a great job to notice things we disregard quickly Afraid we might look wimpy.
Instinct is not a special gift we are all born with it.
A must read for any woman, let me start here, but then also for anyone and any traveller There are basic pieces of knowledge, some which areevident that others, but put in an easy to read way Real life stories add a touch of realism and reminders that it can happen at any time, and though I m only half way through the book myself at this time I can tell you I already look at the world a bit differently and that s probably keeping me safer Buy it, you won t regret it.
Very interesting book and a must read for everyone who either wants to help themselves or give better advice to others Men will gain a different perspective and women will discover life long lessons they ve been taught that they need to forget The book is full of great advice and insight into the criminal minds and behaviors, while also fulfilling that morbid curiosity we all have of reading about criminal cases and murders Some pages tend to waffle on as the author struggles to explain his thoughts concisely, but most of the book is a fascinating and the proceeds go to a good cause domestic abuse shelters.
This is an exceptional book about learning to use fear to your advantage It covers how to tell the difference between needless worry and genuine fear The reader will learn to recognize potentially dangerous situations and behaviors, and how to trust intuition.
The author discusses how to understand threats, dealing with people who refuse to take no for an answer, and people who refuse to let go of a situation or another person Other topics covered are how to deal with domestic violence, workplace violence, and stalking.
The Gift of Fear show us that much behavior is predictable, and we can learn to protect ourselves by paying attention to our gut feelings and using common sense Definitely a book everyone should read.

I can see why this book is legendary Gavin, here, breaks down the strategies and tricks that people use to let your guard down, make you vulnerable, before they go on the attack Most women, perhaps subconsciously, know the tricks used by people intending to harm them, but to see it in writing is a revelatory and shocking moment for sure Further, he helpfully points out that society teaches demand that females be nice and sweet to anyone everyone giving them any attention and to not do that means that you are a b Once you read this book, you realize that it s ok to be that b with people who you know are making you uncomfortable for good reason That s because listening to and acting on your intuition could be the difference between life and death.
I tried to finish it but this book feels hollow They make one point that fear and instinct can be useful and then talk about accounts from victims who in hindsight should have listened to instincts or did listen to them These accounts have the air of alien abduction witnesses and everything seems to lack any useful techniques or science behind it Not very helpful and seems to have littleto offer than what is said in the title Fear can be useful the end.

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