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[Neil Gaiman] ☆ The Graveyard Book [m-m-shapeshifters PDF] Read Online ä When first reading Neil Gaiman s wonderfully dark but playful fantasy The Graveyard Book, I instantly discovered that I liked it a lot When I realized that The Graveyard Book was also Rudyard Kipling s The Jungle Book, but updated to be gothic and macabre, with a boy not raised by wolves but ghosts, I loved it Winner of the Hugo Award in 2009, this is a rival to Gaiman s masterpiece American Gods This is vintage Gaiman at his masterfully fantastic best, an heir to the Grandmaster throne of Ray Bradbury but a classic in its own right.
It takes a graveyard to raise a child.
This is a summary of this magical, sweet and imaginative story for children, which in a good tradition of the Brothers Grimm started with a triple homicideThere was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knifeNeil Gaiman does not waste time with unicorns and princesses and butterflies which are often considered acceptable for children He kicks off his book with the brutal murders of a child s entire family, written in a chilling tone that made me quickly turn all the lights on in my bedroom Nobody Owens named so becausehe looks like nobody but himself, or simply Bod, is the sole survivor of the aforementioned triple homicide, who is, in The Jungle Book style, promptly adopted by a sweet ghost couple in the graveyard inhabited by an a After The Grisly Murder Of His Entire Family, A Toddler Wanders Into A Graveyard Where The Ghosts And Other Supernatural Residents Agree To Raise Him As One Of Their OwnNobody Owens, Known To His Friends As Bod, Is A Normal Boy He Would Be Completely Normal If He Didn T Live In A Sprawling Graveyard, Being Raised And Educated By Ghosts, With A Solitary Guardian Who Belongs To Neither The World Of The Living Nor Of The Dead There Are Dangers And Adventures In The Graveyard For A Boy But If Bod Leaves The Graveyard, Then He Will Come Under Attack From The Man Jack Who Has Already Killed Bod S Family Beloved Master Storyteller Neil Gaiman Returns With A Luminous New Novel For The Audience That Embraced His New York Times Bestselling Modern Classic Coraline Magical, Terrifying, And Filled With Breathtaking Adventures, The Graveyard Book Is Sure To Enthrall Readers Of All Ages I ve noticed that there s been an increased interest in the macabre in children s literature lately Sometimes when I ve had a glass or two of wine and I m in a contemplative mood I try weaving together a postulation that ties the current love of violent movies into this rise in children s literary darkness Is the violence of the world today trickling down into our entertainment Hogwash and poppycock and other words of scoff and denial, says sober I But I ve certainly seen a distinct rise in the Gothic and otherworldly over the last few years, and one wonders if it s because kids wantof that kind of stuff or publishers are merely getting less squeamish All that aside, generally I ll read a May Bird book or an Everlost title and they ll be fun examinations of the hereafter, but not the kind of things that touch my heart Great writing doesn t have to transcend its genre It just I just don t think Neil Gaiman can write something I won t enjoy His worlds are so rich and visceral, his characters so unique and loveable I loved this story, loved Bod with all my heart, and was proud of him as he grew up I listened to this audiobook, narrated by Neil Gaiman, and it was top notch Can t wait for my next A 83% Very Good NotesA bit too short, and the illustrations don t really work Still, it s a fun, light and whimsical take on its macabre milieu.
For having such a sinister beginning and heavy life and death themes it s the Jungle Book set in a graveyard , this book is a real joy to read The graveyard magic is fantastic and grows in fun ways throughout the story, and the ghosts and creatures that inhabit this world make for a delightful cast of characters I loved a ton of things as I read, but one that especially stuck out to me was how Bod grows older but the ghosts remain their same ages So with each time jump, he interacts very differently with the same ghosts.
And as always from Gaiman, all the pieces fit perfectly together by the end It s a masterpiece of storytelling, really.
When a family is murdered by a mysterious killer, one of the intended victims is missing, a young, diapered boy, who had wandered off just before the crime took place But the killer needed to complete the job Fortunately for the boy, he was taken in by the late residents of a nearby graveyard And when the spirit of his newly deceased mother asks for their help, the residents agree to raise her son He is given to the care of the Owens couple and named Nobody, Bod for short, as he looks like nobody but himself Neil Gaiman from The Verge In this Newbery Medal, Carnegie Medal and Hugo Award winning novel, it takes a graveyard to raise an actual corporate being, and there are many who chip in Perhaps most important is Silas, resident of the worlds of the dead and the living As

I read this to Celyn but the 5 are from both of us I think I probably enjoyed itthan she did in fact.
It s a fine book I can see why it s done so well The story is well structured, the brutal opening providing an orphan, a mystery, and an ongoing threat Thereafter the book slowly cycles back around to its beginning and in the mean time raises our young Bod, equipping him with the skills to deal with his problem.
Bod s life in the graveyard is very interesting, with him learning various bits of magic and magical lore from the dead With hundreds of ghosts spanning several thousand years there s all manner of opportunity for interest and I enjoyed Bod s interactions with them.
We watch Bod grow up, be educated, and make ventures into the living world The whole thing crep It takes a graveyard to raise a childNobody Owens yes, that s his name becomes orphaned at an early age when an unknown Jack murders his entire family.
What s surprising is that Nobody doesn t even notice the kid is too excited that the house door is open and toddles off for adventure He ends up at the local graveyard The local ghosts see Jack s intentions and decide to grant Nobody the Protection of the Graveyard A childless ghost couple adopts the toddler and a vampire becomes his guardian Together, the graveyard and its inhabitants, seek to raise the living boy through love, moral guidance and, of course, the finest education the dead could offerName the different kinds of people, said Miss Lupescu Now Bod thought for a moment The living, he said Er The dead He stopped Then, CatsThis book spans Nobody s

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