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[ Read Online The Great Gatsby Ì dark-fantasy PDF ] by F. Scott Fitzgerald Ó The Great Gatsby is your neighbor you re best friends with until you find out he s a drug dealer It charms you with some of the most elegant English prose ever published, making it difficult to discuss the novel without the urge to stammer awestruck about its beauty It would be evidence enough to argue that F Scott Fitzgerald was superhuman, if it wasn t for the fact that we know he also wrote This Side of Paradise.
But despite its magic, the rhetoric is just that, and it is a cruel facade Behind the stunning glitter lies a story with all the discontent and intensity of the early Metallica albums At its heart, The Great Gatsby throws the very nature of our desires into a harsh, shocking light There may never be a character who so epitomizes tragically misplaced devotion as Jay Gatsby, and Daisy, his devotee, plays her par DAISY BUCHANAN IS A GIFT TO READERS EVERYWHERE AND THE HERO OF The Great Gatsby, FOR SURE, NO QUESTIONS, FIGHT ME IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU THINK YOU RE BOLD A Thinkpiece by Mehttps emmareadstoomuch.
coI ve known that Daisy effin rocks since I first read this book Fun fact my first read of this took place in the back of the family minivan when I was 13, on a roadtrip to, like, Disney World or something While thoughts of princesses and mouse shaped ice cream bars danced in my siblings heads, I was reading about moral corruption in the Jazz Age All because I saw online that if a college interviewer asks what your favorite book is, you should say The Great Gatsby And for some goddamn reason, I was like, Yeah, it s definitely urgent that I, an eighth grade student, be prepared to have a college interview at any moment.
I only ever had to do one college interview a This is my least favorite classic of all time Probably even my least favorite book, ever I didn t have the faintest iota of interest in neither era nor lifestyle of the people in this novela So why did I read it to begin with well, because I wanted to give it a chance I ve been surprised by many books, many a times Thought this could open a new literary door for me.
Most of the novel was incomprehensibly lame I was never fully introduced to the root of the affair that existed between Gatsby and Daisy So they were in loveyeah.
I ve been in love too, who cares Several times I didn t even understand where characters were when they were speaking to each other I also didn t understand the whole affair with Tom and Mrs Wilson and something about her husband locking her up over the garage huh then she gets run over by a car, then he sneaks in through the trees and shoots Ga

There was one thing I really liked about The Great Gatsby.
It was short.
After six years of these heated and polarized debates, I m deleting the reviews that sparked them Thanks for sharing your frustrations, joys, and insights with me, goodreaders Happy reading In love and good faith, always,Savannah Jay Gatsby, you poor doomed bastard You were ahead of your time If you would have pulled your scam after the invention of reality TV, you would have been a huge star on a show like The Bachelor and a dozen shameless Daisy types would have thrown themselves at you Mass media and modern fame would have embraced the way you tried to push your way into a social circle you didn t belong to in an effort to fulfill a fool s dream as your entire existence became a lie and you desperately sought to rewrite history to an ending you wanted You had a talent for it, Jay, but a modern PR expert would have made you bigger than Kate Gosselin Your knack for self promotion and over the top displays of wealth to try and buy respectability would have fit right in these days I can just about see you on Over drinks, I ve observed like so many smart alecks that much of The Great Gatsby s popularity relies heavily on its shortness At a sparse 180 pages, Fitzgerald s masterpiece could be argued to be the Great American novella Gatsby, like so many other short classics, is easily readable, re readable, and assessable to everyone from the attention deficient young to mothers juggling a kid, a career, and a long held desire to catch up on all those books they should have read but haven t gotten around to yet.
I ve now read Gatsby three times, and I admit that on my first reading during like handfuls of others my senior year English class, I wasn t particularly fond of the book I believe I used the adjective overrated on numerous occasions Daisy Buchanan seemed like a twit of a woman, and I found Jay Gatsby to be pathetically clawing in his attempt to attain h Young, Handsome And Fabulously Rich, Jay Gatsby Is The Bright Star Of The Jazz Age, But As Writer Nick Carraway Is Drawn Into The Decadent Orbit Of His Long Island Mansion, Where The Party Never Seems To End, He Finds Himself Faced By The Mystery Of Gatsby S Origins And Desires Beneath The Shimmering Surface Of His Life, Gatsby Is Hiding A Secret A Silent Longing That Can Never Be Fulfilled And Soon, This Destructive Obsession Will Force His World To UnravelIn The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald Brilliantly Captures Both The Disillusionment Of Post War America And The Moral Failure Of A Society Obsessed With Wealth And Status But He Does Than Render The Essence Of A Particular Time And Place, For In Chronicling Gatsby S Tragic Pursuit Of His Dream, Fitzgerald Re Creates The Universal Conflict Between Illusion And Reality This is a good book, though it is so ridiculously overrated There are so many great books out there that will never get the attention they deserve They will be forgotten and their wisdom heard by only a select few who are willing to go looking for it So it annoys me when books like this are acclaimed by critics and readers alike as the best pieces of fiction in existence when they are not There s so much out there Anyway, rant over The thing I like most about The Great Gatsby is the language, the subtlety s and the suggestions, the things that are not directly said but are said nevertheless It s a true feat of writing and at times it reminded me of a stage piece The dialogue does not give the answers, but it is the character s actions and movements so fantastically narrated that give the game away it r Casual, self absorbed decadence, the evaporation of social grace, money calling all the shots and memories of the past holding people hostage from the future that lies before them Yes, Mr Fitzgerald has nailed it and written one of THE great American novels This book was a surprise I LOVED it and all of the deep contradictions swimming around its heart At once a scathing indictment on the erosion of the American Dream, but also a bittersweet love letter to the unfailing optimism of the American people Call it dignified futility obstinate hopefulness Whatever you call it, this novel is shiny and gorgeous, written with a sort of breezy pretension that seems to mirror the loose morality of the story Rarely have I come across a book whose style so perfectly enhances its subject matter Set in the eastern United States just after World War I, Fitzgerald shows us an America that has lost its

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