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[ Read Online The Grizzly Maze: Timothy Treadwell's Fatal Obsession with Alaskan Bears Ñ education PDF ] by Nick Jans ¾ izmirescort.pro

[ Read Online The Grizzly Maze: Timothy Treadwell's Fatal Obsession with Alaskan Bears Ñ education PDF ] by Nick Jans ¾ izmirescort.pro

[ Read Online The Grizzly Maze: Timothy Treadwell's Fatal Obsession with Alaskan Bears Ñ education PDF ] by Nick Jans ¾ With A New Introduction On Werner Herzogs Film Entitled The Grizzly ManTimothy Treadwell, Self Styled Bear Whisperer Dared To Live Among The Grizzlies, Seeking To Overturn The Perception Of Them As Dangerously Aggressive Animals When He And His Girlfriend Were Mauled, It Created A Media Sensation.
In The Grizzly Maze, Nick Jans, A Seasoned Outdoor Writer With A Quarter Century Of Experience Writing About Alaska And Bears, Traces Treadwells Rise From Unknown Waiter In California To Celebrity, Providing A Moving Portrait Of The Man Whose Controversial Ideas And Behavior Earned Him The Scorn Of Hunters, The Adoration Of Animal Lovers And The Skepticism Of Naturalists Intensely Imagistic, Artfully Controlled Prose Behind The Building Tension Of Treadwells Path To Oblivion, A Stunning Landscape Looms Newsday This is a well written and compelling account of the work and passing of Timothy Treadwell, a self styled bear whisperer who took risks that fatefully led to his and his girlfriend s deaths Its a tragic but very interesting read Timothy chose to live a less than ordinary life maybe he lived out the adventure few of us will ever manage, doing what he enjoyed for as long as he could Theres lots of criticism and lots of judgement of him read it and make your own mind up.
Very good book and excellent written stars After numerous books about the Treadwell incident this is finally a book which not only gives you the facts but also what may have led to this sad situation and overall the sensitiv handling of close encounters with wild animals.
I have been reading so many books about it and not one really came close to this one.
Having made my own misled steps towards wild Kenya and Chitwan Nepal I would like to thank the author for putting the reasons and eventually following consequences for ill made decisions concerning human wild animal encounters in words and also give enough background knowledge to understand the problems.
People in our world mostly live in towns or areas without ever getting in touch with the wild.
Loving animals and nature they Unglaublich aber wahr.
Disappointing Sadly, this book offered no further details beyond what you can find in the video documentary Grizzly Man I was hoping to get some insider information, something that would help me further understand ho the incident play d out Maybe even a transcription of the six minutes of the tape At last some good photos No None of them I feel like the book is over halfway through, but the write pressed on with fluff to meet his 250 page publishing quota or something The end of the book has nods to Treadwell but is not about him o his situation I wouldn t purchase this book again but I will keep it as part of my collection of items that provide invite to his incident I wish someone would give information or at least some new information for those of us who are still interes The first half of this was really good, and I really couldn t put it down I liked the attention paid to Treadwell s self creation, his history and background, and the events leading up to his and Amie Huguenard s deaths in the maze The second half felt like a different book, and I almost didn t finish it It sort of went off and felt a little like the author really, really wanted to paint this guy in a positive light But it sounded a lot like he was trying to convince himself as much as anyone I was also a little disappointed that relatively little attention was paid to Amie I understand that she may not have been as interesting to the narrative, or maybe the author didn t as strongly identify with her, but the the book went on the she felt like a casual accessory and less like another human being who suff confess to being one of the anti Treadwell Alaskans at the time he was here but Jans is a great writer and fleshed out the person behind the flim flam that was Treadwell excellent book and informative, even if you, like me, still comeaway with a poor opinion of Treadwell, it is worth reading I really enjoyed this book, the author was well spoken, well reasearched and unbiased Timothy Treadwell s approach to bears evoked strong feelings from most people, but the author in his very detailed accounts conveyed all the sides of the equation in a way that you could identify with each individual s emotions, wearing their shoes so to speak While reading, you re transported to the different locations, and feel as though you could see and experience the events yourself I especially enjoyed the author giving the reader a little of himself in a portion of the book, telling of his own life experiences with bears among other things One of the reasons I bought the book, was to know what went wrong with Tim Treadwell s approach a wild animal approach that so many of the nature channels are now broadcasting , and to k Review of The Grizzly Maze by Nick JansTimothy Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were killed by grizzly bears in Alaska, and six minutes of the attack on Treadwell were recorded on the soundtrack of his camcorder The existence of this tape, combined with Treadwell s celebrity status, his hundreds of hours of film footage of the animals he loved, and his dogged determination to be up close and personal with grizzly bears, captured public curiosity about his life and resulted in books, articles and films.
Nick Jans well researched book, The Grizzly Maze , approaches Treadwell s story from an ethological perspective than a psychological one It details Treadwell s behaviour and includes the views of a wide variety of people who came into contact with him Pilots of chartered float planes, wildlife rang Like many others here, my exposure to Timothy Treadwell was by catching part of his special on TV Regardless of knowing him or not, the impression this footage leaves with any clear eyed viewer is that the man was a total loon.
Jans book clears up this misconception straight away and does so with clear facts Mr Treadwell was an enigma part child, part eco warrior But he was also, according to this book, a lovable fool that got in over his head and whose trust of bears culminated in his and Hugenard s demise.
If you are only wanting to know about the Treadwell story, you can stop reading after page 174 The rest is anecdotal information about Jans own experience, data about bears, ways to prevent attacks from them, etc Interesting information in it s own right, but not really necessary to the Treadwell story.
The book is written in a down home vernacular and reading it feels like a fa

Nick Jans

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