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[Shirley Jackson] Ç The Haunting οf Hill House [yuri PDF] Read Online ó First Published In , Shirley Jackson S The Haunting Of Hill House Has Been Hailed As A Perfect Work Of Unnerving Terror It Is The Story Of Four Seekers Who Arrive At A Notoriously Unfriendly Pile Called Hill House Dr Montague, An Occult Scholar Looking For Solid Evidence Of A Haunting Theodora, The Lighthearted Assistant Eleanor, A Friendless, Fragile Young Woman Well Acquainted With Poltergeists And Luke, The Future Heir Of Hill House At First, Their Stay Seems Destined To Be Merely A Spooky Encounter With Inexplicable Phenomena But Hill House Is Gathering Its Powers And Soon It Will Choose One Of Them To Make Its Own This book is not about fear but rather about the love of being afraid for the ravenous gauging of limits Adrenaline is searched for neurosis a collective paranoia ensue cause, naturally, follows effect books are frequently very good carriers Materializations are often best produced in rooms where there re books I cannot think of any time when material was in any way hampered by the presence of books 186 There is an aura of authentic literary splicing here the psychological novel think Charlotte Perkins Gilman s The Yellow Wallpaper and the horror of microsocieties doing their malignant will type stories think The Lottery , as exceptional a short story as this is a superb haunted house prototype, an ingenious fountainhead for all future horror maestros to drink from The haunted house is in actuality a perso Erm This book was lent to me with the assurance that it was one of the ten or so greatest horror novels of all time So, just having finished it, I m already forgetting having read it The two stars it gets are because, quite literally, it was ok Jackson has an interesting writing style and an ear for consistent, if not always realistic, quirky dialogue But the characters spend so much time being weirdly objective about their own fears that when bad stuff happens, I feel sort ofobjective about it The book veers between said objectivity and long hallucinatory scary bits, but I found those bits sort of messily written and vague to the point of being coy, and just scanned through them.
I dunno, it s like a bunch of hipstery academic fucks try to have an adventure, and instead spend most of the time discussin No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eightyWithin, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone The opening paragraph gives me my first tingle of uneaseWhatever walked there, walked aloneI am already conjuring up malevolent thoughts about what kind of creature could be haunting the hallways of Hill House in the dead of night Is it a ghost, demon, beast, or something new Or is it just a manifestation of fear, unattached to anything existing outside the mind Dr John Montague wants to conduct a thorou I got this from the library and I can t figure out what to rate it so I had to go with a 3 for right now Here s the thing I loved the movies better than the book But I did enjoy the crazy, through the rabbit hole ness of the book It s not scary in the least Not to me anyway But it s good weird and just uggg I can t explain it Anyway, sorry so short I don t feel that good I wanted to do a longer review on this one Mel Shirley Jackson, you saucy little devil, where have you been all my life I never knew she could spread prose like this This is an impressive bit of work and definitely belongs among the classics of literate horror novels Right from the first pitch, you can see that Ms Jackson Shirl is smitten with language and she uses it to great effect to create an emotionally charged, disorientating atmosphere with healthy heapings of melodrama Very gothic in feel and actually reminded me of Wuthering Heights as far as the sense of emotional bleakness and dread that pervaded the narrative I say this a good thangalang as I am a true fanboy of Wuthering Heights.
I thought Shirl s writing style was smooth and glassy and had nice flow It was also an utter mind trip and I blew my whole thought wad trying to keep up with her conflicting back and forth sense of is it real or unreal is it ge Why rehash what the 5 star reviewers say below Why even engage the lame arguments by the people who didn t enjoy the book weak ending unrealistic dialogue not enough happens Christ, people, have an imagination although I will say this, they don t seem to be teaching kids what an unreliable narrator is in school nowadays, as this book is all about Eleanor s weak and self centered take on her surroundings and how that slowly gets worked over by Hill House so an unreliable narration subsumed by an even less reliable narration Needless to say, if you like subtle, amazing writing an ending that, if you have any kind of human feelings, should tear your heart out if you like well drawn characters who are of their times and psychologically complicated yes, educated people did actually talk wittily to each other in days of yo Weird, weird book But well worth the time reading it.
Jackson was a masterful storyteller, using a minimalistic approach and a terse, almost journalistic narrative, she creates a mood and sense of expectancy and mystery that grips the reader slowly and completely and lasts until the very end And unlike other ghost stories that struggle with an ending, Jackson s haunted house tale brilliantly ends with the same mystery and psychological tension as the narrative held throughout, she leaves the reader without a falsely satisfying conclusion A very good story told by a very good writer.
I m falling in love with this book all over again as I re read it The premise is that of a science experiment an academic exercise to test the reality of house haunting I love the fact that the opening pages essentially replicate the clinical nature of the premise here s the chief investigator, here are the three other characters, all described at a clinical remove before we get into the story itself A contemporary editor might have said Cut this out and get right to the story, but to me these opening pages are wonderful little character studies Then we follow Eleanor, the main character, as she takes the car she shares with her sister and drives to Hill House Again, it takes a few pages to get there, but it allows for wonderful scenes where her imagination takes flight or where she interacts, awkwardly, with the townsfolk in the nearest small town The interaction in the The Sgt Pepper and the Citizen Kane of ghost stories.

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[Shirley Jackson] Ç The Haunting οf Hill House [yuri PDF] Read Online ó izmirescort.pro Shirley Jackson was an influential American author A popular writer in her time, her work has received increasing attention from literary critics in recent years She has influenced such writers as Stephen King, Nigel Kneale, and Richard Matheson.She is best known for her dystopian short story, The Lottery 1948 , which suggests there is a deeply unsettling underside to bucolic, smalltown Ameri