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[ Pdf The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus ✓ website-design PDF ] by Richard Preston ↠´ A Highly Infectious, Deadly Virus From The Central African Rain Forest Suddenly Appears In The Suburbs Of Washington, DC There Is No Cure In A Few Days Percent Of Its Victims Are Dead A Secret Military SWAT Team Of Soldiers And Scientists Is Mobilized To Stop The Outbreak Of This Exotic Hot Virus The Hot Zone Tells This Dramatic Story, Giving A Hair Raising Account Of The Appearance Of Rare And Lethal Viruses And Their Crashes Into The Human Race Shocking, Frightening, And Impossible To Ignore, The Hot Zone Proves That Truth Really Is Scarier Than Fiction Holy fuck This book will make you want to wash your hands a lot Also, you may feel compelled to go out and purchase your own HAZMAT suit Try not to read this book before bed It may cause some unsettling dreams Like dreams about your internal organs liquifying and bleeding out of your eyeballs I don t know, I found that kind of unsettling This book has singlehandedly accomplished my vow to never visit Africa Mostly because Africa is a giant continent filled with monkey pox and malarial insects Does that make me a big namby pamby puddin head That s okay I m comfortable with that I m fine with staying places on the globe where I m less likely to scrape my hand on bat guano and die a horrible, convulsive, putrifying death 36 hours later I m funny that way.
Also, in combination with the book The Coming Plague by Laurie Garrett, with reading t This is one of those rare situations where I read an entire book in one sitting This book is absolutely captivating and terrifying It has been over 20 years since I read it and parts of it still stick with me This book and any of the others by Preston about viruses, pandemics, etc are well worth your time Fun fact Richard Preston is the brother of Douglas Preston of Preston Child Pendergast fame read this while you are eating on a plane next to a sick person.
The first thing to know about The Hot Zone, the 1995 bestseller by Richard Preston, is that it is not a romance novel While men, women, exotic getaways and showers are involved, they re not the type that would cue Sade on the soundtrack The book is based on an article by Preston published by the New Yorker in 1992 as Crisis in the Hot Zone but by trying to hit two targets journalism and the thriller suspense genre it misses both The rudimentary style of Preston s writing dispels the material as satisfying non fiction, while the lack of a strong central character or narrative limit it as a yarn.
The material concerns the discovery of the Ebola virus in western Kenya in 1980 and efforts by the U.
S Army to neutralize it when the virus is discovered in a Reston, Virginia animal facility in November 1989 With a 90% fatality rate and no vaccine, meetings between Ebola virus and human beings p My take away thoughts from reading The Hot Zone A You do not want to get infected with Ebola.
B If A above occurs, head immediately and directly to your nearest lawn and garden store, purchase a pack of rat poison, mix with vodka, and drink your last.
C Repeat B above until dead.
D Again, you do not want to get infected with Ebola.
The subtitle for Richard Preston s 1994 bestseller reads The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus How much you enjoy The Hot Zone might just hinge on what you know about Ebola going in and, by extension, how seriously you take that subtitle To say that Preston took artistic liberties is akin to saying Ayn Rand held only a little contempt for Marxism or that Memento had a tendency to confuse its viewers There can be no doubt that Preston delivered a vivid and hair raising thrill ride, a marvelously written if unevenly paced house of horrors, but on balance his book is about as accurate as a Stone age slide rule It might have passed for harmless over sensationalizing, except with the Eb This book scared the crap out of me Not only is it terrifying to read about this insane virus, but I ve never read non fiction work with such urgent and visceral power I felt splattered and shattered by the time the whole ghastly mess was all over, but was feverishly excited to read such fantastic writing, too Definitely only for those with strong stomachs.
Both species, the human and the monkey, were in the presence of another life form, which was older and powerful than either of them, and was a dweller in blood.
I read this book on the same days I was watching the Netflix adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House, which had a curious effect on me Because, well, the TV show might be very creepy, but I have to say it is nothing compared to the horror of this book.
That s what The Hot Zone is A true horror story.
Preston uses interviews and first hand accounts to tell the story of the Ebola virus and its various strains I d heard of Ebola, of course I knew it was a disease and that it killed people I knew I didn t want it But I didn t really know I didn t know that it liquidates your organs and turns your body into a walking corpse days before you bleed out I didn t know Ouch seems I am of the faint hearted sort At the point where Monet starts to literally disintegrate on his plane trip, I got a kind of anxiety attack and had to stop reading so it looks like I might literally not be able to read this book UPDATE I did it.
and Preston did apparently later admit that he had slightly exaggerated here and there I must admit that I found his visit to Kitum cave, towards the end of the book, to be a spot of melodrama, as was quite a bit of the rest of book, interspersed with unnecessary filler.
I did find it very interesting indeed to read about the research and how virologists work.
As a whole I found the book pretty readable when it wasn t scaring me out of my wits, so 3 and a half stars it gets Since the book is quite dated by now, it is worthwhile reading Preston s update on the latest

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