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Trailer ✓ The Mad Wolf's Daughter PDF by Í Diane Magras Drest is the youngest child of a medieval war lord When the band is captured by the local Lord, it is up to Drest to rescue her father and brothers before they are hung The quest is exciting, and the author stays true to history in this imaginative and enjoyable coming of age tale.
A New York Times Editors Choice A Scottish Medieval Adventure About The Youngest In A War Band Who Must Free Her Family From A Castle Prison After Knights Attack Her Home With All The Excitement Of Ranger S Apprentice And Perfect For Fans Of Heroines Like Alanna From The Song Of The Lioness SeriesOne Dark Night, Drest S Sheltered Life On A Remote Scottish Headland Is Shattered When Invading Knights Capture Her Family, But Leave Drest Behind Her Father, The Mad Wolf Of The North, And Her Beloved Brothers Are A Fearsome War Band, But Now Drest Is The Only One Who Can Save Them So She Starts Off On A Wild Rescue Attempt, Taking A Wounded Invader Along As A HostageHunted By A Bandit With A Dark Link To Her Family S Past, Aided By A Witch Whom She Rescues From The Stake, Drest Travels Through Unwelcoming Villages, Desolate Forests, And Haunted Towns Every Time She Faces A Challenge, Her Five Brothers Speak To Her In Her Mind About Courage And Her Role In The War Band But On Her Journey, Drest Learns That The War Band Is Legendary For Terrorizing The Land If She Frees Them, They Ll Not Hesitate To Hurt The Gentle Knight Who S Become Her FriendDrest Thought That All She Wanted Was Her Family Back Now She Has To Wonder What Their Freedom Would Really Mean Is She Her Father S Daughter Or Is It Time To Become Her Own Legend I pre ordered this book from the description, something I rarely do unless I know the author or it s a series I was not disappointed in the least I ll be even happier if I find she ll write We are a family with two young boys ages 7 just one This is not a kid who begs for chapters I cannot thank this author enough for writing such a wonderful, engaging book The theme of doing what is right even when it s hard is something that appears over and over and is something that my son and I have talked about at length I can t recommend this book enough

I finished this book a few days ago and have been ruminating on how to describe it To start, the writing is beautiful It didn t take long for me to feel like I was right there with Drest What struck me after reading it is that I thought all along that it was a fantasy, but it wasn t until I finished it that I realized it wasn t Not really It reads like high fantasy, and perhaps there will be fantasy elements in the next installment I won t spoil the end except to say that it s clearly NOT the end , but truly it is like historical fiction, and that became clear as I read the author s historical notes at the end Or perhaps a fusion of the two, with some magical realism Whatever the genres, I enjoyed the story immensely Diane Magras has taken a familiar trope the medieval quest , but with unexpected twists Who is good and who is bad in this story It can be A fun read aloud with my 8 year old son We enjoyed the trip back to Medieval Scottland and following a fierce, sword yielding Drest on a harrowing journey with her sidekicks Emerick a reluctant captive and Tig a jovial tag a long to save her family from certain doom As others mentioned, the story felt repetitive or formulaic about halfway in and we began to lose interest We would have liked to see a stronger voice for Drest, we found we didn t quite connect with her the way we hoped The name calling back and forth between the friends made us snicker out loud All in all, we enjoyed the read and we would recommend it to anyone that likes historical fiction, sword fighting, and going on quests.

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