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[ Read Online Les Protocoles des Sages de Sion ↠´ new-adult-romance PDF ] by Matvei Vasilyevich Golovinski á I tried really To understand this dangerous tract To see how it provided inspiration to Hitler To comprehend how catastrophic it is.
But I failed miserably I can t go on It s nothing but garbled gobbledygook.
The theme seems to be destabilisation of the world due to the overthrow of the established order, the rise of the democratic republic which is controlled by Jewish money, which shall collapse at a particular point of time to allow for an international conspiracy of Jews to attain power This is as far as I reached before I started to get a splitting headache.
This cannot convert anybody who is not already an antisemite, and willing to believe any nonsense against the Jews.
Avoid it, even though it is of historical interest PS The frightening thing is that this crap has got a lot I marvel that persons sufficiently credulous to believe that this document is genuine actually have existed anywhere in the history of the universe Credulity here requires several successive willful suspensions of disbelief a That a world historical conspiracy was formed and perpetuated in secret until some douche let slip the entire plan b That the world historical conspiracy was formed by the world s always already marginal group c That the world historical conspiracy can control entire economic systems and heads of state, but is unable to protect itself from goose stepping lumpenproles in a busted up economic system with a tertiarily syphilitic head of state d That the world historical conspiracy takes its object as the entire world, even though the promised land of I really don t care who s the autor of this book, neither if it s speculating or telling the truth My family has 6 copies of the protocols , and treated them like smalls pandora boxes, containing the raw truth If you change the subject Jew to International Capital , the book will make sense, specially at this globalized days we re living.

One of the most vicious propaganda tool this world has ever known It s so absurd And the people who fall for it are nothing but imbecile pathetic losers This book was written by the Russian Czar and was a propaganda tool deployed by Russians,you have to be special kind of idiot moron hater to believe even a single word of this hate manual Nothing but libels and blood libels and vicious antisemitism,this book is read like a fable among anti Semitic Neo Nazi and Islamic terrorists In Asia,in countries like India and Pakistan you would find millions of Islamists who never met a Jewish person in their whole lives yet he she would know about this book,if not certainly would tell you things this book says even if they don t know the book It s ridiculous Same with the white nationalists Their hate of Islam as a whole is trumpeted ONLY by their hatred for Debate till your blue in the face if you want to whether its forgery or not or debate whether you can point fingers at and blame all the worlds ills on the Jews, the Masons, the Illuminati, the bankers, the British and other European Royal families, multi national corporations, blah, blah, blah, etc I just look at this as fairly accurate depiction of what the social economic political engineers have done and are doing since it was published As far as entertainment value I would liken reading the Protocols to watching paint dry, VERY boring, but you should still probably read this if your researching the globalist new world order conspiracy.
Standard disclaimer I maintain my tradition of not rating books which are published to promote a racist or anti Semitic viewpoint Rating them, even giving them a bad rating, legitimizes them and gives the wrong impression of my reasons for studying them which has nothing to do with liking them or not According to the receipt I found stashed in this book, I bought it a few scant weeks before 9 11 changed the face of conspiracy theory forever I had been meaning to read it ever since my interest in conspiracy had been piqued by the old Illuminatus card game in the mid 1980s it was actually recommended in the bibliography for Expansion Pack 1 All these years later, I have finally gotten around to reading through it, and it s pretty much what I expected, although in some ways I think I understand the ways in which it has been used better now I can t really account for its endurin The fact that this document arouses severe alarm among st Jewish Zionists really goes to show that this is 100% authentic No amount of hysterics from them will convince me otherwise It has been branded a forgery yet i find it difficult to believe that the Czarist Secret Police could fabricate a document that is encylopedic The Czarist Police weren t clever enough to make this all up.
The Protocols Were First Published InBy Pavolachi Or Pavel Krushevan, An Instigator Of The Kishinew Pogrom, In His Russian Newspaper Called Znamia Even Though The Text Is AboutYears Old And Is Considered A Forgery By Scholars Today, It Didn T Just Influence Politics In The Past, But It Still Has Some Political Influence In The Present Day In The Arab And Muslim WorldAlthough It S A Pernicious Fraud, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion Has Unfortunately Had A Widespread Influence All Of It Evil On The History Of The Th Century It Was Exposed As A Hoax In , Yet It Has Been Used As A Justification For The Holocaust And For Innumerable Pogroms In Russia And The Soviet UnionThe Protocols Was Supposedly Written InFrom The Minutes OfSecret Meetings Between Jews And Freemasons In Which They Conspired To Bring Down Western Civilization And Jointly Rule The World In Reality, It Is Nothing Of The Sort In , Philip Graves Of The London Times Revealed The Protocols To Be A Fraud, Showing It To Be Based On A French Satire Aimed At Napoleon III In A Series Of Side By Side Extracts Printed In The Times, Graves Demonstrated That The Forgers Took Long Portions Of The original Text, Titled Dialogues In Hell Between Machiavelli And Montesquieu, And Simply Replaced France With Zion And The Emperor With We The Jews Further Investigations By The Russian Historian Vladimir Burtsev Revealed Other Sources For The Protocols, Including A Fantasy Novel By Hermann Goedsche And, Darkly, The Hand Of The Russian Secret PoliceSadly, Despite Its Clearly Fraudulent Nature, The Protocols Continues Today To Feed The Fears Of The Credulous And To Fan The Flames Of Fanaticism And Hate Perry M Atterberry Review I ve actually read this and damn it s ridiculous.
First, I must commendfor making this book available for purchase I don t know too many other places I would have been able to acquire it It s nice to see that bookstores are willing to offer any kind of work regardless of their controversial nature However, I will say that I m fairly surprised that this is the version that s being offered and kind of explains the statementissued about offering this particular text I am aware that this text has been proven to be a fraud, but in the actual printing of it I was expecting that to be definitively laid out for the reader Unfortunately the authors and translators presenting the text appear to believe it So, for those historically inclined, you may want to seek out some other supplementary texts that go into the history and the hoax of the document itself You can t trust this version at fac

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