ã The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity Is Hurting Young Women ñ Download by ã Jessica Valenti

ã The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity Is Hurting Young Women ñ Download by ã Jessica Valenti The never ending battle of sex education shows a history of constant back and forth between comprehensive and abstinence only educations Like watching a fierce tennis match, our heads whip back and forth as each side lobs a ball of anger and frustration at the other In The Purity Myth, the ball is in Jessica Valenti s court, and she plays the game well.
The AuthorCo founder and Former Executive Director of Feministing.
com, blogger and author Jessica Valenti has a bitch face that never rests Perhaps this is due to her fierce feminist self being exhausted from her battles against the patriarchy However, Valenti is a worthy adversary with a Masters degree in Gender Studies from Rutgers University, an armory filled with such weapons as Full Frontal Feminism, Yes Means Yes with Jaclyn Friedman, He s a Stud, From The Bestselling Author Of Sex Object, A Searing Investigation Into American Culture S Obsession With Virginity, And The Argument For Creating A Future Where Women And Girls Are Valued For Than SexualityThe United States Is Obsessed With Virginity From The Media To Schools To Government Agencies In The Purity Myth, Jessica Valenti Argues That The Country S Intense Focus On Chastity Is Damaging To Young Women Through In Depth Cultural And Social Analysis, Valenti Reveals That Powerful Messaging On Both Extremes Ranging From Abstinence Only Curriculum To Girls Gone Wild Infomercials Place A Young Woman S Worth Entirely On Her Sexuality Morals Are Therefore Linked Purely To Sexual Behavior, Rather Than Values Like Honesty, Kindness, And Altruism Valenti Sheds Light On The Value And Hypocrisy Around The Notion That Girls Remain Virgins Until They Re Married By Putting Into Context The Historical Question Of Purity, Modern Abstinence Only Education, Pornography, And Public Punishments For Those Who Dare To Have Sex The Purity Myth Presents A Revolutionary Argument That Girls And Women Are Overly Valued For Their Sexuality, As Well As Solutions For A Future Without A Damaging Emphasis On Virginity I ve followed this author s various web writings and the book covers some new ground, as well as summing up her views on the interesection of purity , sex education and cultural values, and feminism You can open this book to any page and be appalled by the real life stories and their implications.
Although I already knew a lot about this topic, I found that this book would be informative for both readers new to this idea and readers who have some knowledge on the subject I found it easy to read, and I ended up citing to it quite a bit in a paper I wrote for one of my classes Some things are slightly outdated, but the main idea is relevant today.
This book is fairly outdated at this point It is hyper focused on evangelical communities which are much less prevelant today politically than in the mid 2000s Very little is said about the wider mainstream culture surrounding virginity or about the history of virginity concepts I was also surprised to see no debunking or real discussion of the myth surrounding the hymen She even uses the phrase break a hymen , which anyone with a modern understanding of gynecology would know is not a thing.
When Elizabeth Smart spoke at John Hopkins University in 2013, she recounted the lesson of her abstinence only sex ed course that women were like piece of gum, and sex outside of marriage made them equivalent to a disgusting piece of chewed gum After losing her virginity to rape, she said she felt like that piece of chewed gum, like no one could ever love her, like she was worthless.
In this book, Jessica Valenti describes and defies this lesson that women s worth is defined by their sexuality She rejects the entire concept of virginity as an archaic method of defining a woman s property value Maybe she comes off as too confrontational to change the mind of a staunch pro abstinence supporter, but I think her words are exactly what women who have been victims of rape and sexual assault need to hear I can t afford to buy a copy For collage

great read definitely biased I liked this book, and would recommend it to someone, but I did not enjoy all of her sarcastic footnotes I felt that made her book, and arguments, seem less academic.

Jessica Valenti

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