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↠´ The Queen's Fool ✓ Download by ↠´ Philippa Gregory Book number twelve in the Tudor saga, The Queen s Fool seems to me to be one of Gregory s weaker efforts, or perhaps I am growing tired of her at last I love historical fiction that contains MORE of the historical and LESS of the fiction I have loved Gregory at times because I felt her fictional accounts fit so perfectly into the narrative that we know to be true, into the facts that surround the tale I cannot say that I felt she did a good job here, though, as I walked away thinking that the story was completely ludicrous in view of the known facts and that, rather than offering me a believable interpretation of the people, she had offered an interpretation that I would judge has less than an hair s breadth of being true I m not sure I can buy Bloody Mary Tudor as a sweet girl who was trying to save the souls of one and all by burning them at the stake Wouldn t it make Drinking game Every time Queen Princess, here Elizabeth I is referred to as a whore in The Queen s Fool, take a sip of wine By the time you finish the book, your blood alcohol level will be infinity.
Aside from the misogyny party everyone s invited , the problem with this book as opposed to The Other Boleyn Girl is that the main character is an outsider with her own story She s a secret Jew from Spain, whose mother was killed in the Inquisition So you have this balance between the intrigue of the Tudor court and the secret life of Marranos in England Europe, and the main focus of the book is supposed to be the Tudors, but the Marranos aspect is actuallyinteresting, if only because everyone s not running around calling everyone else a whore al A Young Woman Caught In The Rivalry Between Queen Mary And Her Half Sister, Elizabeth, Must Find Her True Destiny Amid Treason, Poisonous Rivalries, Loss Of Faith, And Unrequited LoveIt Is Winter,Pursued By The Inquisition, Hannah Green, A Fourteen Year Old Jewish Girl, Is Forced To Flee Spain With Her Father But Hannah Is No Ordinary Refugee Her Gift Of Sight, The Ability To Foresee The Future, Is Priceless In The Troubled Times Of The Tudor Court Hannah Is Adopted By The Glamorous Robert Dudley, The Charismatic Son Of King Edward S Protector, Who Brings Her To Court As A Holy Fool For Queen Mary And, Ultimately, Queen Elizabeth Hired As A Fool But Working As A Spy Promised In Wedlock But In Love With Her Master Endangered By The Laws Against Heresy, Treason, And Witchcraft, Hannah Must Choose Between The Safe Life Of A Commoner And The Dangerous Intrigues Of The Royal Family That Are Inextricably Bound Up In Her Own Yearnings And DesiresTeeming With Vibrant Period Detail And Peopled By Characters Seamlessly Woven Into The Sweeping Tapestry Of History, The Queen S Fool Is Another Rich And Emotionally Resonant Gem From This Wonderful Storyteller Hannah Verde Green is a young Jewish girl who poses as a boy to apprentice to her father, a bookkeeper But when Lord Robert Dudley realizes she has The Sight , she becomes King Edward s Fool Hannah The Fool gets to experience the King s death, Queen Mary s rise to the throne, and Princess Elizabeth s eternal scheming to get on the throne all from the front seat of the court But the real question is Will Hannah ever find Twoo Lurve The last Philippa Gregory book I read, The Other Boleyn Girl, I called a guilty pleasure It wasn t that amazing, the history was iffy, the characters 1 dimensional, but it was amusing and entertaining I wasn t bored in the slightest.
Oddly enough, I found myself enjoying The Queen s Fool eventhan I enjoyed TOBG I don t know much about the historical accuracy, the characters might have been evenannoying, but I was definitelyengaged in the story andinterested.
Philippa Gregory writes royalty fanfic, pretty much Sometimes she ll throw in a Mary Sue stand in based on an actual figure from history such as Mary Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl and ground her story on some small fact she wanted to do a what if on That s okay, but it still feels like putting in your own new character into someone else s story this time a real one and adding importance to them that they didn t have Just like fanfics The Queen s Fool hones in on fictional Spaniard Jewish girl Hannah Greene The best parts were about her life in Spain, and trying to be true to their faith in that environment nobody expects the Spanish inquisition Hannah gets married to a boy who is stretched too thin trying to take care of Enjoyed this book tremendously, with the exception of the ending, which felt weak and rushed compared to the rest of the book Excellent historical fiction I m buying all this author s books.
Did you know that the day, Nov 17th, of Mary Tudor s death was celebrated and I DO mean CELEBRATED as a holiday in England for centuries I actually read this book half grudgingly, I can t remember why now other than that I like to switch historical periods I was very pleasantly surprised I haven t read many books from the period of Bloody Mary Tudor, as it s not the most popular period to write about and it s a blot on mankind to read what we did to each other during those years of the Spanish Inquisition It s hard to read about the atrocities of torture So yes, this book included some of that The details were kept minimal but the fear that was felt by our heroine was a constant As a young jewish girl who had to endure having her mother ripped away from her to be burned as a heretic who came up with all of this

And all they will remember of this queen is that she brought the country floods and famine and fire She will be remember as England s curse when she was to have been our virgin queen, England s saviourThat quote is exactly what I knew of Queen Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I s older sister and predecessor The Queen s Fool is a factual and fictional retelling of Mary s evolution from the miserable child who saw her mother divorced and put aside by Henry VIII, to the woman who would become queen of England and burn thousands of people for their religion in her attempts to return the country to Catholicism, earning the name Bloody Mary Gregory captures the pain and dejection of a heartbroken woman and while not justifying her madness, she paints a picture of why things might have gone the way they did, starting back in her childhood when Anne Boleyn pushed her mother off the Auf Instagram teilen wir unsere Leidenschaft unter makehistossexyagain Macht mit Eine absolute solide, gut recherchierte Geschichte im tollen spannend verpackten Gregory Stil Die Geschichte hat einige Wendungen, die es einem nie langweilig werden lassen Die Protagonistin ist mal anders als die bisherigen, sehr unroyal und unweiblich und eigensinnig Ihre Entwicklung gefiel mir fantastisch Man bekam ebenfalls einen guten Eindruck von der Glaubenskrise, die erneut durch Bloody Mary angefacht wird Ich h tte gerne noch intensiver hinter die Kulissen am Hofe geschaut, wie es sonst bei Mrs Gregory blich ist, aber trotzdem eine lesenswerte Geschichte f r alle history Fans.
I was pretty excited about reading my first Philippa Gregory book I mean, she has like a thousand books and they ve been turned into movies and miniseries and who knows what else She clearly knows her shit where historical research is concerned, particularly the Tudor period And yet, I only made it to page THREE before I noped my way out of this book Here s a summary of those three pages 14 year old girl Grown ass married man sexually pursuing 14 year old girl Seriously He s encouraging her to play chasey with the intention of fucking her when he catches her Grown ass married man pins 14 year old girl against a tree out of sight of supervising adults 14 year old girl is suddenly no longer a giggling child, she was a young woman in the heat of first desire Grown ass married man shoves his hand down her dress to fondle her b

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