È The Salem Witch Trials Reader È Download by ✓ Frances Hill

È The Salem Witch Trials Reader È Download by ✓ Frances Hill This was an excellent book for researching the trials.
This book is great research for someone wanting to learn about the Salem witch hysteria of 1692 I recommend to all history students.
Against The Backdrop Of A Puritan Theocracy Threatened By Change, In A Population Terrified Not Only Of Eternal Damnation But Of The Earthly Dangers Of Indian Massacres And Recurrent Smallpox Epidemics, A Small Group Of Girls Denounces A Black Slave And Others As Worshipers Of Satan Within Two Years, Twenty Men And Women Are Hanged Or Pressed To Death And Over A Hundred Others Imprisoned And Impoverished In The Salem Witch Trials Reader, Frances Hill Provides And Astutely Comments Upon The Actual Documents From The Trial Examinations Of Suspected Witches, Eyewitness Accounts Of Satanic Influence, As Well As The Testimony Of Those Who Retained Their Reason And Defied The Madness Always Drawing On Firsthand Documents, She Illustrates The Historical Background To The Witchhunt And Shows How The Trials Have Been Represented, And Sometimes Distorted, By Historians And How They Have Fired The Imaginations Of Poets, Playwrights, And Novelists For Those Fascinated By The Salem Witch Trials, This Is Compelling Reading And The Sourcebook I gave this book a one star rating for the simple reason that it only told the story from the side of the accusers and not those falsely accused and executed What a great disservice it does to the dark history of this period If you want Awell rounded account of this period I would suggest another book and don t bother with this one.
Did not finish, but in this case it wasn t because it was an unreadable book On the contrary, this was an excellent compillation of first hand reference materials from the time of the Salem Witch trials Any serious fan of this time period and event would be well served to read this.
I m sure I would prefer another of Hill s books A Delusion of Satan The Full Story of the Salem Witch Trials, which appears to be a straight forward non fictional account of the event and not a reference book of source material.
The Salem Witch Trials is historical nonfiction novel in chronological order of the events that occurred in Massachusetts In 1486 the Puritans brought supernatural beliefs to England and caused people to die Ratisbon was a young guy who was interacting with a girl She touched his body and said if persuasion is not enough,you must use some violence to induce her to restore to you your health He tied a towel around her neck because he wanted the witch to give him his health back The novel gives a better understanding of what happened, everyone s perspective, and gives you an idea of what happened to the people who were witches The book is appealing because it involves history and it can allow you to learnabout the Salem Witch Trials and why they occurred Another person would enjoy reading this book if they have an interest in American History Also, if the The book seems to be well researched if you are looking at it from the villagers points of view I like the quotations from the different people who were involved or were onlookers, but it is very dry reading, and sometimes hard to follow I wasn t able to finish reading it because of its dryness I found that very frustrating.
Lots of excerpts from items published during the time of the trials, made it hard to read I was hoping forof a narrative telling of events.

This was a very interesting and informative book It was really cool reading point of views from people who where there, and learning the politics of the town I really enjoyed how it explained both the accused stories, and accounts of what happened to the accused Its horrific to imagine this happend This is basically a book of past accounts, with the authors explanations in between I really enjoyed this, but i think if you read this book, you ll still want to readabout the Trials It wasnt enough for me.
I love learning about the Salem Witch Trials, but I struggled through every page of this book and basically have no idea what I just read Old English is hard to understand, which is not the author editor s fault, and that was part of it but I guess I didn t realize that all this book was going to be was excerpts from other books sources just compiled I especially didn t understand the point of including excerpts from fiction out of context of the rest of the work.

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