↠´ The secret language of birthdays: personology profiles for each day of the year Ø Download by Ú Gary Goldschneider

↠´ The secret language of birthdays: personology profiles for each day of the year Ø Download by Ú Gary Goldschneider When I first read astrology I was puzzled by the fact that Pisces is he last house of the zodiac signs I mean horoscopes can get emotional just by reading through and understanding what you want and not what s meant, I geuss it is all a matter of experiancing situations from a practical, level ground point of view in order for one to understand what actually is meant or rather what has been written I just think my Pisces sign is the best.
A rather guilty pleasure of mine even for its silliness is reading about my birth date Granted, I know its not real but its amusing to see how accurate it is about the kind of person I am Most of the people that I know who have read their birthday profile from my copy have been delighted to find that it describes them fairly accurately as well.
Good for the entertainment but I suggest people embracing the person they are for who they have become and not who a book says you re supposed to be Its not literal its for fun.
Combining Astrology, Numerology, And Pure Psychic Intuition, The Secret Language Of Birthdays Is A Wholly Unique Compilation That Reveals One S Strengths, Weaknesses, And Major Issues While Providing Practical Advice And Spiritual GuidanceMany Have Suspected That Your Birthday Affects Your Personality And How You Relate To Others Nineteen Years And Over One Million Copies Later,The Secret Language Of Birthdays Continues To Fascinate Readers By Describing The Characteristics Associated With Being Born On A Particular Day The Personality Profiles Are Based On Astrology, Numerology, The Tarot, And Gary Goldschneider S Observations Of Than , People Your Strengths, Weaknesses, And Major Concerns Will Be Illuminated While You Are Given Practical Advice And Spiritual Guidance After You Study Your Profile, It Will Be Hard To Resist Examining Those Of Family, Friends, Colleagues, And Even Celebrities Recommended by a friend, this is one of the most read books that I own If you re into astrology or even have a mild interest in it , this is a must read if not must own book Comprised of each day of the year, it gives an insightful and detailed personality assessment of persons born on that particular day Whenever I learn of someone s birthday, I look it up to see what it says about them, and for the most part I ve found that the traits outlined in the book are pretty much spot on with the personality of those I know.
A wonderful book that can have a profound impact on some and just cheap entertainment to others I lay in between, and believe this book is a must have for everybody Great to read anybodys birthdya and I have all my friends to sign their names on their page.
Simply fun to read This is a great reference book for devotees of astrology, or even psychology, but is also a fun read for anyone looking to demystify someone they know, or figure out a difficult personality.
I love astrology, so I checked this book out and it s really neat

Fascinating illuminating wonderful fodder for any novelist and certainly intriguing for anyone trying to understand the people sprinkled all over their lives.
Although it is an enormous tome, this is the most shoplifted book at our shop and at a local restaurant, which liked to have it on hand for customer enjoyment To my mind it is in no real way a book of astrology but then I am a persnickety and opinionated astrologer but a neat sort of parlor game book Of course, I didn t agree with the assessment of my birthday Sept 30 But I must say every other family member, whose days seemed pretty accurate, stared at me and couldn t believe I couldn t see myself in the description.
Silly book to refuse to admit I am perfect.
This will hurt my credibility, butit s eerily accurate, I tell you

Gary Goldschneider

↠´ The secret language of birthdays: personology profiles for each day of the year Ø Download by Ú Gary Goldschneider Gary began his extensive career in the public eye with weekly performances on WCAU radio s Children s Hour at the tender age of two Reciting Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth and other famous poets, he later did scripts and commercials which laid the foundation for public speaking and college lecturing later in life At seven, he began his piano study with David Sokoloff in Philadelphia As a concert pi