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[William Faulkner] ½ The Sound and the Fury [army-of-northern-virginia PDF] Read Online Æ I m done My third and final attempt has failed miserably.
No, not miserably Gladly actually So it s official I m now as thick as two short planks, an intellectual misfit, I Wouldn t know literary greatness if it shot me in the buttocks from close range Well, that s likely what Faulkner would be thinking anyway Fine But then I d most certainly whip his ass at a game of chess, and drink him under the table as long as it s my special cocktails as a way to get even.
The only reason I returned to this novel, was I thought that Light in August was really good and was hoping for.
I didn t get it, and couldn t be bothered to even try I got so frustrated I started Chain smoking This coming from someone who is dearly trying so hard to quit Thanks Bill.
The only thing Faulkner did do for me was make me realise just how much I adore the likes of Hemingway and Fitzg 671 The Sound and the Fury, William FaulknerThe Sound and the Fury is a novel written by the American author William Faulkner It employs a number of narrative styles, including stream of consciousness Published in 1929, The Sound and the Fury was Faulkner s fourth novel, and was not immediately successful In 1931, however, when Faulkner s sixth novel, Sanctuary, was published a sensationalist story, which Faulkner later claimed was written only for money The Sound and the Fury also became commercially successful, and Faulkner began to receive critical attention.
Characters The Compsons, Dilsey Gibson, Quentin Compson III, Jason Compson IV, Caroline Bascomb Compson, Candace Caddy Compson, Benjamin Benjy Compson, Miss Quentin Compson 1978 1353 422 1383 414 1387 9789643512304 1392 1394 534 9786001216398 1369 317 1376 9644480627 1381 430 1386 1388 139 The Text Of This Norton Critical Edition Is That Of The Corrected Edition Scrupulously Prepared By Noel Polk, Whose Textual Note Precedes The Text David Minter S Annotations Are Designed To Assist The Reader With Obscure Words And Allusions Backgrounds Begins With The Appendix Faulkner Wrote In And Sometimes Referred To As Another Telling Of The Sound and the Fury And Includes A Selection Of Faulkner S Letters, Excerpts From Two Faulkner Interviews, A Memoir By Faulkner S Friend Ben Wasson, And Both Versions Of Faulkner S Introduction To His Novel Cultural And Historical Contexts Presents Four Different Perspectives, Two Of Them New To The Second Edition, On The Place Of The American South In History Taken Together, These Works By C Vann Woodward, Richard H King, Carolyn Porter, And Robert Penn Warren Provide The Reader With Valuable Contexts For Understanding The Novel Criticism Includes Seventeen Essays On The Sound and the Fury That Collectively Trace Changes In The Way We Have Viewed This Novel Over The Last Four Decades The Critics Are Jean Paul Sartre, Irving Howe, Ralph Ellison, Olga W Vickery, Cleanth Brooks, Michael Millgate, John T Irwin, Myra Jehlen, Donald M Kartiganer, David Minter, Warwick Wadlington, John T Matthews, Thadious M Davis, Wesley Morris And Barbara Alverson Morris, Minrose C Gwin, Andr Bleikasten, And Philip M Weinstein A Revised Selected Bibliography Also Is Included Reading some books is like clambering through a barbed wire fence at the bottom of a swamp with your oxygen tank about to run out and this is one of those When you re done with it you look round expecting someone to notice and rush up with the medal and citation you completely deserve for services to literature You finished it Yeahhh But no one does and if you try to explain to your family Hey wow I finished The Sound and the Fury, man was that difficult, wow, my brain is like permanently rearranged, that Faulkner, what a writer they just smile placatingly and open another tin of gunk for the cat.
This is one of those books that makes a gigantic claim As if it s either genius or it s Emperor s New Clothes It won t settle for anything in between On every page I felt Faulkner was straining at the bit to prove to me he s a genius The title has always put me off reading this The Sound and the Fury It s melodramatic, humourless, a bit pompous It sounds like one of those American war films of the fifties starring John Wayne But what is it with southern writers that they only seem able to write books if they can believe they re geniuses Look Homeward Angel makes that claim too Except Look Homeward Angel is probably the most overwritten novel in the history of literature Wolfe maybe had some genius but he wasn t in control of it Faulkner unquestiona William Faulkner s unforgettable 1929 novel of the rotting family in the rotting house It s a somber tale of the tragically dysfunctional Compson family, told with insight and remarkable talent, though it s definitely not readily accessible Mostly set in the year 1928, and in the US south in the days of segregation and prejudice the N word makes a frequent appearance , The Sound and the Fury has four sections plus an appendix Three of the sections are narrated by the three Compson brothers, Benjy, Quentin and Jason.
I think the usual no spoilers rules doesn t work well with this book it s so difficult to put the pieces together than I think most readers like me need all the help they can get So I m going to lay the plot all out here If you re a hardcore non spoiler person, skip the next several paragraphs of this review, until you get down to t Schall und Wahn is not easy reading The plot is shattered by flashbacks, cuts, and inner monologues In each part the narrative perspective changes In spite of this experimental and innovative narrative, the author succeeds again and again in capturing the reader with the tragic force of history and language and to keep the tension alive Faulkner portrays his protagonists realistically, without spoiling their character weaknesses.
Resume A dense language, a great atmosphere A unique novel This world wide work of art, at the height of Faulkner s creativity, leads to a linguistic treasure It must be read absolutely.

The first thing that comes to mind in regard to The Sound and the Fury is Eliot s a heap of broken images Deciphering TSTF is like reassembling a shattered mirror difficult, and likely to end in pain.
On the other hand, it s hard to deny that it s a great book, if only from the standpoint of workmanship The skill it took to create this piece, composed of so many seperate perspectives, confined to such a narrow and specific moments of time, makes me think of interlocking puzzles carved from a single piece of wood or stone Whether you like it or not, you have to admire the workmanship.
That being said, I believe that this book is so highly regarded for exactly the qualities that make it inaccessible to the Whew This is a devastating book Probably one of the most depressing stories I ve read Incest, castration, suicide, racism, misogyny this one has it all Even at the beginning, when it is possible to make out only pieces of the events, a nauseating sense of dread permeates Benji s narrative per Faulkner s pungent writing style And this feeling never really dissipates Jumping into The Sound and the Fury with no prior introduction is like driving through an impenetrable fog or into a blinding glare you can t quite tell who is who male or female black or white first, second, or third generation relative or friend or stranger But gradually, before frustration has a chance to set in, the fog begins to burn off and the glare becomes less direct By the time the omniscient narrator closes things out in part four, the scale The first time I attempted this book, I made my way through a mere three pages before deciding it would be a waste To date, it is the only book that I had the good sense to leave until later, as my usual response is to barrel through the pages come hell or high water Perhaps it was a good thing that I had just finished slogging my way through a monstrous tome that left my brain incapable of facing down the beginning of Benjy s prose I don t remember the title of whatever book left me in that state, but I do remember staring at the beginning pages of this one, my mind wandering in frozen disbelief over the contorted fragments that supposedly made up a story So I left it until later, four years later if I remember correctly, and I m glad that I did.
The writing in this book is notoriously difficult Insert reference to quote from Macbeth, something

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[William Faulkner] ½ The Sound and the Fury [army-of-northern-virginia PDF] Read Online Æ izmirescort.pro William Cuthbert Faulkner was a Nobel Prize winning American novelist and short story writer One of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, his reputation is based mostly on his novels, novellas, and short stories He was also a published poet and an occasional screenwriter.The majority of his works are based in his native state of Mississippi Though his work was published as earl