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Trailer ✓ The Strange Career of Jim Crow PDF by ✓ C. Vann Woodward 100% my opinion on MLK the soft tone of this book speaks of one aspect of the approach MLK took to the Civil Rights Movement, that being non violent resistance the book in most places feels like someone trying to pummel you into submission with a pillow the fact MLK calls this book the bible of the CRM is something i find disturbing in 2018, as it has such a paternalistic tone Woodward details the myriad ways all three branches of government conspired to deny rights to blacks, all this after abolishing slavery, passing the Reconstruction Acts, overturning Plessy v Ferguson, passing the Voting Rights Civil Rights Acts the institution of the Black Codes, the South s resistance to following the rule of law by claiming states rights over federal jurisdiction when it suited their racist programs pogroms , the formation and savagery of the KKK ar C Vann Woodward s The Strange Career of Jim Crow was first published in 1955 The book was based on three James W Richard lectures given by Woodward at the University of Virginia in 1954 He argued in those lectures that there was considerable economic and political interaction in the South between the races during reconstruction In the 1957 paperback edition Woodward attempted to counter criticism that he had ignored the strength of racism that existed in the South prior to the codification of the Jim Crow laws.
Second and third revised editions followed in 1965 and 1973 Each new edition added a new concluding chapter in which Woodward struggled to make sense of contemporary events The commemorative edition I read, published in 2002, concludes with an afterword by historian and Pulitzer Prize winner William S McFeely.
Woodward i C Vann Woodward, Who Died InAt The Age Of , Was America S Most Eminent Southern Historian, The Winner Of A Pulitzer Prize For Mary Chestnut S Civil War And A Bancroft Prize For The Origins Of The New South Now, To Honor His Long And Truly Distinguished Career, Oxford Is Pleased To Publish This Special Commemorative Edition Of Woodward S Most Influential Work, The Strange Career of Jim Crow The Strange Career of Jim Crow Is One Of The Great Works Of Southern History Indeed, The Book Actually Helped Shape That History Published In , A Year After The Supreme Court In Brown V Board Of Education Ordered Schools Desegregated, Strange Career Was Cited So Often To Counter Arguments For Segregation That Martin Luther King, Jr Called It The Historical Bible Of The Civil Rights Movement The Book Offers A Clear And Illuminating Analysis Of The History Of Jim Crow Laws, Presenting Evidence That Segregation In The South Dated Only To The S Woodward Convincingly Shows That, Even Under Slavery, The Two Races Had Not Been Divided As They Were Under The Jim Crow Laws Of The S In Fact, During Reconstruction, There Was Considerable Economic And Political Mixing Of The Races The Segregating Of The Races Was A Relative Newcomer To The Region Hailed As One Of The TopNonfiction Works Of The Twentieth Century, The Strange Career of Jim Crow Has Sold Almost A Million Copies And Remains, In The Words Of David Herbert Donald, A Landmark In The History Of American Race Relations Brilliant for its time, and even for this time as I d always believed Jim Crow started right after the pact that ended reconstruction when in fact it only really came into its own turn of the centuryturn of this god damned century It s crazy I didn t know that, or how it came into being, and this book was pivotal in reclaiming that recent history against those who see segregation as just the natural way of things.
Of course, being written in the heat of the civil rights movement it s one of those books for King as against Malcolm, it doesn t understand what was happening in SNCC or what Carmichael and the Panthers were talking about But I forgive it that I enjoyed this book because it gave a perspective of segregation you don t normally read about I only gave the book 3 stars, and I would ve given it , but a lot of it I didn t understand The language is advanced and at this age it s hard to understand I think if I read it later in life I would like it and understand it Had to read this for a class, so didn t have as much time to invest into it as I would have liked to Nonetheless, learned a lot I wouldn t have otherwise Will possibly revisit this one in the future when I havetime.
T hings have not always been the same in the South In a time when the Negroes formed a much larger proportion of the population than they did later, when slavery was a live memory in the minds of both races, and when the memory of the hardships and bitterness of Reconstruction was still fresh, the race policies accepted and pursued in the South were sometimes milder than they became later 47 No real relief was in sight from the long cyclical depression of the nineties, an acute period of suffering that had only intensified the distress of the much longer agricultural depression Hopes for reform and the political means employed in defiance of tradition and at great cost to emotional attachments to effect reform had likewise met with cruel disappointments and frustration There had to be a scapegoat And all along the line signals were goi

I don t know why I d never heard of this book until now A fascinating and beautifully written history of Jim Crow segregation in the South from the end of the Civil War to the early 1970s.
The most interesting part was what happened during the fifty years after the Civil War, when segregation as we know it did not yet exist and did not have to be invented And yet it was Why Woodward offers an answer.
This version of The Strange Career of Jim Crow represents four different editions the original 1955 edition, a revised 1957 paperback, the second edition of 1966 and the third edition of 1974 As a work of history, each of these editions is flawed the later parts of the book deal in then current events and in writing about them the author is does not have available some of the important tools of a historian s discipline such as examination of private or otherwise hidden documents or the revelations brought about by the passage of time Most of the material on the 1950s and later was written at the time the events were unfolding or shortly after and arelike journalism, history written on deadline It would seem that the flaws are greater in each subsequent edition as the main changes made were to add accounts of events Ack I wrote a long review of this and it promptly disappeared OK, I ll make this one short.
The Strange Career of Jim Crow is a classic and a great introduction to Jim Crow I imagine some readers will be surprised to learn the Jim Crow was born in the North and only moved to the South years later Woodward begins his study with pre war race relations then moves to Reconstruction, Redemption, and the repudiation of racial accommodation in the late 1800s which allowed Jim Crow and racial disenfranchisement to flourish Woodward explores the nuances of race relations before and after the war and into the Civil Rights era and the tension between integration and black separatism nationalism.
The first half of the book is muchinformative than the second part which at points seemsof a recitation of facts than analysis At the time it was written, though, there was not enough history between the lat

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