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Û Le théâtre et son double ↠´ Download by ¹ Antonin Artaud munjen si, o This is one of those books that seems cursed by having been too influential Some of the arguments, presumably ground breaking at the time, have been so thoroughly absorbed in later theoretical and artistic developments that they seem obvious The end result is a book that feels repetitive and rather banal The message may be trivial, but Artaud s writing is lively He covers Balinese theater, Kabbalah, Aztec culture, and the Black Death not in the manner of an eclectic scholar, but rather like someone who has become fiercely obsessed with a few random subjects As a Marx Brothers fan, I appreciated this bit near the ending The poetic quality of a film like Animal Crackers might correspond to the definition of humor, if this word had not long since lost its meaning of total liberatio O Teatro E O Seu Duplo, Publicado Em E Reunindo Textos Escritos Entre E , Um Ataque Indignado Em Rela O Ao Teatro Paisagem De Combate, Como A Obra Toda, E Reafirma O, Na Esteira De Novalis, De Que O Homem Existe Poeticamente Na TerraUma No O Angular A Desenvolvida A No O De Atletismo AfectivoQuer Dizer A Extens O Da No O De Atletismo F Sico E Muscular For A E Ao Poder Da Alma Poder Falar Se Doravante De Uma Gin Stica Moral, De Uma Musculatura Do Inconsciente, Repousando Sobre O Conhecimento Das Respira Es E Uma Estrita Aplica O Dos Princ Pios Da Acupunctura Chinesa Ao Teatro Vasco Santos, Posf Cio Ova knjiga va na je za poznavanje povijesti kazali ta, ali se ne sla em s vizijom koju predstavlja, zapravo, bolje bi bilo re i da se ne sla em s onim to je ostvarila U mnogome ono to Artaud opisuje meni zapravo zvu i kao folklorno kazali te kazali te koje nije na pozornici, kazali te koje je dio ritualnog prostora malih ljudi, koje njima zna i u njihovoj percepciji prostora, kazali te koje kroz divlje zvukove, ak i lascivne teme zapravo kroz taj kaos poku ava povratiti na duboko simboli an na in red u svemir , ali folklorno kazali te koje je on tuma io u potpuno pogre nom smislu od onoga koje ono nosi ili bar nosi u mojoj percepciji jer sam u njemu sudjelovala Govori u nekim slu ajevima kako treba vratiti kazali te narodu i da je krivnja kazali ta to ono narod ne zanima, a upravo ono to je nastalo inspirirano nje I just re read a little of this After finishing Strip City I wanted something to read while hanging around the house one day but couldn t decide what to start next so I went with a little out of Theatre It is one of my all time favorite peices of writing.
I ve picked this book apart so many times that this time I decided just to enjoy the words Artaud had a way with words that I haven t found anyone else close to Take for example this paragraph from The Theatre and The Plague my personal favorite A social disaster so far reaching, an organic disorder so mysterious this overflow of vices, this total exorcism which presses and impels the soul to its utmost all indicate the presence of a state which is nevertheless characterized by extreme strength Hrvatski centar ITI UNESCOZagreb, 2000.
Preveo Vinko Grubi i Izvorno objavljeno 1938.
Ocjenu sam dao oslanjaju i se prete ito na sadr aj, s time da je stil jako kvalitetan U vezi jezika valja re i da je sve pisano esejisti kim stilom koji je, u nekim teorijskim tekstovima, toliko isprepleten s knji evnoumjetni kim stilom da se neki teorijski tekstovi mogu smatrati i knji evnim djelima, posebice tekst Kazali te i kuga Jezik je jednostavan i razumljiv Artaud je posjedovao izniman i ivopisan duh, iz njegova teksta kreativnost,u stilu i u sadr aju, bombardira itatelja.
Teorijska ideja gotovo potpunog odbacivanja teksta, u potpunosti micanje dijaloga, negiranje europskog psiholo kog kazali ta je inventivna i avangardna Meni je tekst uvijek dra i od posttesktualnog kazali ta, no ku im to Artaud eli S time da nikada nisam gledao artaudovsku predstavu, mo da bi I disagree wholesale with pretty much everything Artaud has to say and his philosophies usually produce the kind of insufferable pretentious theatre nobody outside of an art school can stand but this is still essential reading for any serious theatre student The last chapter on actor as athlete Is particularly worthwhile.
cruelty might be the functionally irreducible element that endures in all of its unassimilable difficulty on through the frustrated attempts of bertalanffian sociological capture the vigor and wildness of this non theoretical anarchistic kinship with antonin artaud stems from an embrace that all sociological form must be continually subverted, that this is the tendency of collaboration, that the structure of kinship is continually broken in its recrudescence, like how fred moten in in the break during one of many of its most perspicacious passages describes the homoerotic link between prolific jazz co composer of one of my absolute favorite pieces of music satin doll billy strayhorn, harlem renaissance modernist painter beauford delaney and artaud true to form at the same time the text betrays he was an embarrassing misogynist and anthropological racist like h

Perfect for a day at the beach I m practically a phillistine when it comes to fine arts Even then, I found much of what Artuad s essays in this manifesto to be extraordinarily accessible.
The Occidental theatre has lost its magic to make a metaphysics out of gestures, lighting, movements, in the short, the whole mise en scene, proclaims Artuad The Director prostrates before the Author, the stage before the text, the non discursive materiality of the word before the written text Frustrated by the emanciation of Theater into a pathetic, anaemic screen on which our psychological and moral squabbles are half projected and half resolved, Artuad proposes that we break out of the dictactorship of written text and restore to Theater its original destiny as a spectacle of equal convulsion, impulse, and vigour as the phenomenon

Antonin Artaud

Û Le théâtre et son double ↠´ Download by ¹ Antonin Artaud Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud, better known as Antonin Artaud, was a French playwright, poet, essayist, actor, and theatre director.Considered among the most influential figures in the evolution of modern drama theory, Antonin Artaud associated himself with Surrealist writers, artists, and experimental theater groups in Paris during the 1920s When political differences resulted in him breaking from