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[Robyn O'Brien] ¼ The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick - And What We Can Do About It [komik PDF] Read Online ¹ I was extremely fortunate to grow up with parents from Europe who were always aware of environmental issues and the obscene ways in which food manufacturers doctor up the American food supply they subscribed to environmental health journals and I happily read them because, especially as a kid, it was fascinating to learn about the horrors they warned of, e.
g rBGH, and so on Nonetheless, it was a bit of a tough lesson for me to realise that most people aren t aware of these issues and often get irrationally angry when you try to warn enlighten or correct them Ignorance is dangerous, and pride in these matters only hurts youNonetheless, these experiences helped me to appreciate how essential it is that good eating habits start Robyn OBrien Is Not The Most Likely Candidate For An Antiestablishment Crusade A Houston Native From A Conservative Family, This MBA And Married Mother Of Four Was Not Someone Who Gave Much Thought To Misguided Government Agencies And Chemicals In Our Fooduntil The Day Her Youngest Daughter Had A Violent Allergic Reaction To Eggs, And Everything Changed The Unhealthy Truth Is Both The Story Of How One Brave Woman Chose To Take On The System And A Call To Action That Shows How Each Of Us Can Do Our Part And Keep Our Own Families Safe OBrien Turns To Accredited Research Conducted In Europe That Confirms The Toxicity Of Americas Food Supply, And Traces The Relationship Between Big Food And Big Money That Has Ensured That The United States Is One Of The Only Developed Countries In The World To Allow Hidden Toxins In Our Foodtoxins That Can Be Blamed For The Alarming Recent Increases In Allergies, ADHD, Cancer, And Asthma Among Our Children Featuring Recipes And An Action Plan For Weaning Your Family Off Dangerous Chemicals One Step At A Time The Unhealthy Truth Is A Must read For Every Parentand For Every Concerned Citizenin America Today Robyn O Brien takes you on a wild ride on how everyday foods can be extremely dangerous to us and our children This mother of four had a mission, and that was to find out what is going on with our food supply She reveals a horrific experience she had when her youngest had an allergic reaction as a baby to eggs She then continues to share other experiences and scenarios involving food and allergies her and her family have gone through She has gone on to do extensive research on everything from our food, to its ingredients, to the politics involved in the industry The information she has uncovered makes for some very unhealthy truth She reveals in detail what kinds of toxins and chemicals are in our food that ar I appreciate Robin s dedication and perseverance in researching the topics I myself have been researching a variety of things in my spare time and can appreciate the time involved Anyway, she touches on a variety of topics but I was hoping forinvolved information Keep in mind, I am an RN, and have been doing allergen research for a decade This would be perfect to someone looking for a beginning to the food side of environmental toxins I personally was looking forthorough, formal, and scientific information That being said, I have still learned a few things I didn t completely love her writing style but I can see how someone new to the topic would find the conversation style book muchapproachable I hope she inspires people to doof their own research regar

I actually didn t love this book, for two reasons 1 the truths in question are revealed strip tease fashion, a little bit at a time, and I was soon wishing for an executive summary and 2 each truth, when it is revealed, turns out to beunpleasant than the other It s probably necessary, however, to write popular books in this fashion and give the reader time to trust in the author s credibility, for one thing, and to begin adapting to the sheer enormity of the message she brings So please forgive me for not attempting to encapsulate that message here you really need to read it as Robyn O Brien tells it.
It s been several years since I began learning all over again how to feed myself safely the effort has vastly improved possibly even saved my life I m gaining many helpful tips from The Unhealthy Truth but it s also clear that there s muchto say about moder I really love this book My wife and I are seniors, with the usual health problems, and realizing we should have been eating healthier our whole life Now that we ARE trying hard to eat healthy, we have discovered that thewe learn about our food industry tricks and deceitfulness, the harder it is to get truly unadulterated and healthy food I am a retired research scientist, so research investigation comes naturally for me When I started applying my career skills to studying food and health, I soon discovered that all the things we took for granted about healthy food, and all the things our government and food industry were saying about our food, were just plain lies At the very least, their claims and advertising were deceitful an

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