ð Unmarked Treasure: Poems Ä Download by Ñ Cyril Wong

ð Unmarked Treasure: Poems Ä Download by Ñ Cyril Wong i devoured this in one sitting i only wish i d read it earlier back when i was 15 or 16 and i adored the arrangement of the poems very much.
I love so many poems from this collection Many uncanny observations of relationships that felt so spot on.
I picked up this book without hesitation after a three hour writing workshop facilitated by Cyril Wong his charisma sure is potent.
Reading the synopsis didn t excite me it made it seem like the book was centered around the ghost, when the book proves otherwise The poems were good in their simplicity of language and evocative imagery Some spoke to methan others did I couldn t much appreciate the series of invisible snapshots on the other hand those narrated from his mother s perspective were very memorable.
The book was a hit and miss for me till it culminated in unmarked treasure That poem moved me to stillness I had to savor it countless times over till I flipped the page It s a winner, and for it this book gets five stars.
cyril wong writes for his mother, of his mother, and of some if not many singaporean mothers and parents who wish so much for their children but are constantly fearful that we will fail or rebel or turn to the ways which are wrong, because it is wrong.
Raw, wistful, intimate, melancholic Of endless longings.
At a loss for words Mother Doesn t Get ItI don t know why the self is a shadow I keep trying to pin down to point in one direction.
I don t know why this home is where my heart is no longer.
I don t know why my body shrinks with age but my loneliness never doesAlmostSo why is it that whenever I am most contentsomething gives way within me to open upanother vault of longing, my heart like one hugeRussian doll encasing another then followedby another, loneliness like a live, trappedinsect vibrating within its innermost chamber,refusing to be ignored or forgottenUnmarked TreasureToo many years would passbefore I appreciate how it isnot a cause for sadness whenno one sees me as clearlyor better than I believeI do, when what is not knownis precisely that which shapesour capacity to know

A collection of poems that explores longing, loneliness, and lost loves Any longer and I might not be able to climb out of the melancholy.
This is a moving book that should be read asgestaltthan the sum of its parts than simply a sequence of individual poems A movie of intersecting scenes merging with a gallery of mental pictures sometimes inspired by actual photography that deals poignantly with love, family, and the mysteries of our mortality.
Beautifully haphazard, lustful, neither harsh or forgiving in language and metaphor.
After reading this I felt that I got a better sense of Cyril s maturation as a writer As friends have pointed out, the confessional mode makes the persona s andoften than not, the poet s biography front and centre of the work, and most are prepared to overlook much else in the name of overflowing emotions as a result Having read and loved Oneiros, this only goes to show that Cyril has been pushing the limits of his craft successfully.
Here Cyril seems to be gingerly stepping out of the transcendent signifier of himself, trying on personas for size Yet the theme of suicide and death, so embedded in his work, reveals the constraints of his technique there is less meditation upon what death is and means, and muchhinges upon the persona s reactions when confronted with thoughts of death or suicide The writin A Ghost Steps Out Of Its Body After A Suicide And Looks Back At It In Wonder The Poet Wonders At His Own Existence And Struggles Between Actual Living And The Desire To Die Cyril Wong Continues To Explore The Nuances Of Relationships, In Language That Is Lyrical, Beautifully Crafted, And Erotically Charged There Are Several Fine Love Poems That Reach Out To Embrace A Common Humanity Wong Swims Into The Undercurrents Of Family Tensions, Hidden Desires, And The Meaning Of A Self As Well As Questioning Our Understanding Of Both Life And Death Rebecca Edwards, Author Of Scar Country And Holiday Coast Medusa Reading Cyril Wong Is Always To Encounter Risk, The Painful Suturing Of Art And Life, Trials Of Faith And Baptisms Of Fire I Have Only The Deepest Respect For Someone Who Has Razed The Walls Between The Private And The Public, And In Doing So, Carved Space For All Of Us Alfian Sa At, Author Of One Fierce Hour And A History Of Amnesia

Cyril Wong

ð Unmarked Treasure: Poems Ä Download by Ñ Cyril Wong Cyril Wong is the Singapore Literature Prize winning author of a dozen collections of poetry, including Unmarked Treasure 2004 , Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light 2007 , The Dictator s Eyebrow 2013 , After You 2014 and The Lover s Inventory 2015 His novel, The Last Lesson of Mrs de Souza 2013 , and short story collection, Ten Things My Father Never Taught Me and Other Stories 2014 ,