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[Joann Sfar] ó Vampire Loves [cookbooks PDF] Read Online é Meet Ferdinand, A Vampire Who Bites His Victims With Only One Tooth In Order To Pass As A Mosquito, Who Loves The Music Of Dead Singers, And Who Has No End Of Trouble Trying To Make Sense Of His Relationships Some With The Living, Some With The Undead Vampire Loves Follows The Strange And Comically Romantic Adventures Of Ferdinand And His Friends As They Flirt With, Seduce, Cheat On, Break Up And Make Up With All Manner Of Strange Creatures, Including Ghosts, Other Vampires, Tree Folk, And Golems Edgy, Charming, And Filled With Joann Sfar S Inimitable Blend Of Tenderness, Comedy, Melancholy, And Philosophy, The Four Stories In This Volume Are Drawn As Much From The Jewish Mysticism Of Eastern Europe As From Twenty First Century Goth Culture At Once Silly And Serious, Wild And Poetic, Joann Sfar S Disquieting Tales Are Filled With Intelligence And Rich Humanity Vividly Illustrated And Sensitively Written, Vampire Loves Is Alive With Color, Wisdom, And Humor I actually read this 4 years ago and am re reading it now because it s just so cool Here s what I wrote about it back then French graphic artist Joann Sfar is best known stateside for his Little Vampire books Little Vampire Goes to School and Little Vampire Does Kung Fu which are aimed at children but find a wider audience But this book is for adults and concerns Ferdinand, a vampire with women troubles He s been sulking over a break up with his girlfriend Lani a mandragora, a.
a a plant girl who he caught sleeping with his best friend Sfar s artwork is squiggly and intricate, but sometimes simple The plots meander but are diverting and filled with strange characters like tree men, a werewolf, an invisible man, a golem, et cetera It s often funny and always inventive I really enjoyed these four interrelated tales Sfar has a huge Hang zur DepressionIch erinnere mich noch recht deutlich an eine Kinderserie, die ich sehr geliebt habe Ernest, der Vampir , in der es um einen leicht neurotischen, von Alptr umen gequ lten Vampir mit Riesensto z hnen ging Auf der ersten Seite dieses Comics springt mir diese Erinnerung geradezu ins Gesicht Ferdinand ist auch ein bisschen aus der Art geschlagen Beziehungsprobleme, ein etwas nerdiges Dasein, seltsame Freunde, Gewissensbisse ha beim Verzehren von Menschenblut Weiter von Dracula k nnte ein Vampir nicht entfernt sein Ferdinand und seine Bekannten, der Baummensch, die Mandragora Lilou, die Hexen Aspirine und Ritaline, Golems, andere Untote und erotomanische Werw lfe bilden die Darsteller in einer seltsamen, schummrigen Alte I just re read this book for a second time after having read it first in 2006 I don t think I appreciated it much on the first pass, because of how much of time Ferdinand the title character spends either chasing girls or moping about girls who have dumped him But as an older reader, and one who has now draw close to 1000 pages of my own comics, I appreciate it so much Sfar is a whimsical master of a kind of rambling, strange, funny, spontaneous work He has created a whole universe of characters vampires, mummies, wood nymphs, witches, crime fighters, cats, ghosts, rabbis, golems, and who make cameos in all of his books His stories don t follow a pattern of rising and falling action I ve heard he essentially makes them up as he inks them one panel at a time I would go I don t love this book I ADORE this book I ve probably read through it 50 times Ferdinand you are a doll of a vampire and I would love to meet you It s rare I can read a novel than once It s even rarer for me to want to read a graphic novel than once This is one of the few exceptions When I finally remember to get a copy I can guarantee it will be a very worn book.
The life of Ferdinand is impacted by multiple friends, acquaintances, and total and complete strangers Minus the paranormal things this is stuff that could happen to anyone Realistic, great characters, and fun art Yes Tree man about the rain That s the last thing we needed.
Lani Your roof s full of leaks.
Tree man Never mind, it s only water It s good for the roots.
Lani I don t like it.
Tree man handing Lani an umbrella Here.
Lani Are you crazy It s bad luck to open an umbrella inside a house.
Tree man You prefer getting wet Lani opening the umbrella Hey It s full of holes.
Tree man Yeah, that s why I got it cheap.
Lani But it s useless having an umbrella that s full of holes.
Tree man I like the color And I think I love useless things.
Lani as Tree man s leaves grow out Oooh you know how to grow your leaves.
Tree man It s easy I ll teach you.
Oh, Joann Sfar, the things you do I ll read anything by him This isn t his best, but it s so endearing, who cares.
I d gotten a new copy of this as a present for my younger sister and decided to re read it the day before I wrapped it up for her and in doing so I fell in love with this book all over again I usually prefer polished artwork, but Sfar s messy, occasionally frantic linework and awkward storytelling are absolutely appropriate for this collection of neurotic lunacy The amourous adventures of Ferdinand the Vampire and the rest of this gang of weirdos, most of whom are some kind of supernatural creature, perfectly convey the strange, shadowy land that is dating in the modern age.
This chaptered book follows a neurotic little vampire named Ferdinand as he tries to fall in love with various women, both mortal and undead It s your basic meandering exploration of love s follies spruced up with amusing undead characters and imaginative settings Sfar s drawing is messy as usual, which adds to the charm of the messy tragic and comic love tales contained within this volume.
Since I liked The Professor s Daughter so much, I was in the mood for some Sfar Conceptually, Vampire Loves comes from the same place as The Professor s Daughter, since they re both or less romance books featuring classic monsters I say or less though because The Professor s Daughter is a traditional romance with a star crossed couple we d like to see get together, but Vampire Loves takes of a Jeffrey Brown approach.
This is to say that it s romantic in its own way, but that way is kind of sad and pitiful It s also relatable since most people I know have had way experience with sad and pathetic love lives than they have with successful, happily ever after ones And that s the essential difference between The Professor s Daughter and Vampire Loves The Professor s Daughter puts our lovers through the ringer, but we never doubt the Dieser Comic hat mich ganz sch n genervt.
Also Ferdinand der Vampir was f r ein wundersch ner Name und besser als Fernand im franz sischen original ist s gezeichnet obviously sehr Nosferatu und so neurotisch und wunderlich, wie ich ihn beim Reinschauen und Durchbl ttern wahrgenommen hatte Seinen Liebesgeschichten habe ich gern gefolgt Auch einige Episoden wie sein unfreiwilliger Zahnarztbesuch oder als er der Polizei helfen sollte, einen Fall zu l sen, da er ja gut die Nachtschichten der berm deten Beamten bernehmen k nne, fand ich originell Ich mochte diesen ungl cklichen sentimentalen Typen, der sich verlieben will, aber einfach nicht wei , in wen denn nun, der gern nachts in Plattenl den abh ngt, den Gothic Look beleidigend findet und seiner Katze Imhotep K se f ttert.
Doch viele Nebencharaktere waren f r meinen Geschmack

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[Joann Sfar] ó Vampire Loves [cookbooks PDF] Read Online é izmirescort.pro Joann Sfar born August 28, 1971 in Nice is a French comics artist, comic book creator, and film director.Sfar is considered one of the most important artists of the new wave of Franco Belgian comics Many of his comics were published by L Association which was founded in 1990 by Jean Christophe Menu and six other artists He also worked together with many of the new movement s main artists, e.g.