Download Epub Format ☆ Web Analytics Action Hero: Using Analysis to Gain Insight and Optimize Your Business PDF by ☆ Brent Dykes

Download Epub Format ☆ Web Analytics Action Hero: Using Analysis to Gain Insight and Optimize Your Business PDF by ☆ Brent Dykes Brent Dykes Director of Consulting at Adobe ist ein Filmfan der 90er und zitiert an verschiedenen Stellen Indiana Jones, Matrix, McGyver oder Rambo, um aufzuzeigen, was ein Action Hero ist Eigentlich ein ganz normaler Mensch, der etwas ganz besonders gut kann.
Die F higkeit des Action Heros liegen darin, der Knotenpunkt des Unternehmens zu sein und dieses dazu zu bringen, Handlungsempfehlungen in Aktionen umzusetzen Leichter gesagt als getan, denn normalerweise geht ein Analyst im Reporting Smog unter und hat wenige Chancen auf tiefere Analysen Dennoch Mindestenz 20% der Arbeitszeit sollten f r Insights aufgewendet werden Doch mit der richtigen Kombination aus Zielgerichtetheit, Priorisierung, der Beherrschung der KISS Sprache Keep it Simple and Stupid und der Schaffung von Relevanz Geld im Focus der Analysen ist dies m glich Das Ziel dieses Buche The author stresses the need to tell a story about the data I have taken that to heart Also, there is politics involved in publishing data another good lesson to reflect on Useful no matter what web analytics program you use.
very poor he will provide the photocopy of books I m newer to the Web Analytics Industry, but having listened to Brent describe his book and excerpts in a lecture, I decided to spring for a copy You won t be disappointed Always good to get seasoned expert analysis and tips on moving from a reporting monkey to a valuable company asset.
That If you re a web analyst, or if you want to be, this book should be in your library It is one of the best books because the author is clear and precise.
Great book.
Companies Need Than Just Web Analysts And Data Savvy Marketers To Be Successfulthey Need Action Heroes While Most Of Us Never Battle Evil Scientists Or Defuse Nuclear Warheads, Successful Web Analysts Benefit From The Same Attributes That Fictional Action Heroes Embody As A Web Analyst, Your Main Goal Is To Improve Your Organizations Online Performance You Can Become An Action Hero By Translating Analysis Insights Into Action That Generates Significant Returns For Your Company How You Approach Analysis Is Critical To Your Overall Success In This Book, Web Analytics Expert Brent Dykes Addresses The Unique Challenges Facing Analysts And Online Marketers Working Within Small And Large Companies, Teaching You How To Move Beyond Reporting And Toward Analysis To Drive Action And Change Taking A Principle Based Rather Than A Tool Specific Approach, Brent Introduces You To The Action Hero Framework That Breaks Down The Analysis Process Into Three Key Stages Prioritize What To Analyze , Analyze How To Analyze , And Mobilize How To Drive Action And He Reinforces These Topics With Real World Examples And Practical Tips From Seasoned Analysts At Leading Companies Defines The Type Of Environment In Which Action Heroes Thrivenot Just Surviveas Well As How To Defeat The Villains Of Web Analytics That Stand In The Way Arms Web Professionals With A Strategic Framework For Executing Online Analysis, As Well As An Arsenal Of Analysis Techniques Reveals How Companies Need To Be Both Data Driven And Action Agile To Drive Business Value From Web Analytics For Action Hero Resources And Information, Check Out The books Companion Site At Analyticshero The Ideas In This Book Will Take You Days Or Even Weeks To Work Your Way Through, And They Fly In The Face Of The Emotional Approach To Marketing The Question Is Would You Rather Have Your Competition Lead The Way With Data And Science When It Comes To Reaching Your Market, Or Are You Going To Go First Thats How It Is With Action Heroes No Guts, No Glory Seth Godin AuthorWe Are All Weird Dont Let The Jaunty, Breezy Style Of This Book Throw You Off Brent Successfully And Entertainingly Packs Years Of Experience Into These Pages Along With Case Studies And Insightful Help On Getting The Most Out Of Web Analytics, Adding Value To Your Company And Boosting Your Career Trajectory Jim Sterne Founder Of EMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Author Of Social Media Metrics And Chairman Of The Digital Analytics Association This book can be useful to people in many careers, not just the career of Web Analyst That statement might seem odd, considering that the title and subtitle say nothing about the Web Analyst career So before I talk about where this book excels, let s look at where it has some problems.
The target reader of this book is the Web Analyst who works in a large corporation Most of the text is devoted to the theme of making your case to executives and other stakeholders, so that action can come from your analysis Thus, the subtitle should be changed to How to Be a Successful Analyst in a Corporate Environment The current subtitle implies that the book is targeted to the typical small business that can t afford to hire a Web Analyst except maybe on the occasional special project basis The phrase your business If you think your business means, the company that you own control manage depend on, don t buy this book If, OTOH, your business means, the company that pays your salary, you might find something useful here.
Given that I belong to the first subset and not the second, I found WAAH to be a waste of time.
Hint If the people in your business regularly use the term stakeholders to describe other people within your company, you might find this book helpful than I did Stakeholders is not a term used in the micro world.
Given that most of the intended audience was probably born in the 1980s and doesn t know that Apple ever crumbled, using the quotation from John Sculley as the opening call out is at best confusing.
Mostly This is a book about how to be an analyst who happens to focus on web driven web related data, at a company big enough to have executives, a real ma This book is by Dykes Brent Dykes He takes the dull subject of web analytics and shows how you can use it to gain insight and optimize your business How web analytics can make you Smart Maxwell Smart He uses the analogy of the action hero to weave his insights on web analytics into an exciting narrative that stars You, Action Hero One good analogy is worth three hours of discussion Dudley Field MaloneThis is really a good book on this subject The material is presented with humor, witty diagrams, and pull quotes It is like a Powerpoint presentation that gets it, that doesn t torture the people who have to sit through it at a boring business meeting, but shows the information, rather than just telling you about the information.
Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler Albert EinsteinSome of the information is about

Brent Dykes

Download Epub Format ☆ Web Analytics Action Hero: Using Analysis to Gain Insight and Optimize Your Business PDF by ☆ Brent Dykes Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Web Analytics Action Hero: Using Analysis to Gain Insight and Optimize Your Business book, this is one of the most wanted Brent Dykes author readers around the world.