Download Epub Format » Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success PDF by ë Jim Sterne

Download Epub Format » Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success PDF by ë Jim Sterne As a Search Engine Optimization SEO Specialist I found this book to be an excellent resource to clarify the differences between website traffic analysis, search engine optimization and tracking business success metrics I like to drive home to my employer that we need to focus on the goals of our sites and define our own metrics as to what success means My interest is always, How will this increase sales This book makes very clear which numbers matter and why, including web traffic, sales and marketing I especially like the focus on actionable intel metrics are great but what do they tell us to DO differently How will this give us a competitive advantage What does it tell our sales people I recommend this book for newbie One key phrase from this book sticks in my mind and summarizes the entire theme of the book, You know your Web site is serving pages But is it serving company Indeed, this is the most business focused book among the ones I ve read on web metrics The author focuses on two major areas marketing and customer relationship management metrics, which are closely related If you re seeking a technical book, I recommend Scaling for E Business Technologies, Models, Performance, and Capacity Planning by Daniel A Menasce and Virgilio A F Almeida.
Not only does this book go deeply into the business related metrics, but it also shows how select the most meaningful metrics you cannot economically measure or understand everything It also shows you how to develop a This is the book to read about web metrics and measuring web site success.
I read much of this book in a couple of days and found it to be superb clear, to the point, funny and informative A really excellent, useful book I rarely read whole e marketing type books because, to be honest, most of them bore me to tears.
This is a winner.

The tone of this book is pretty coversational but unorganized The information in this book is pretty much out of date For example, this book still talk a lot of banner ad which is almost out of the scope in today s ad on web, while talking little or nothing about PPC It brings out some good old metric but nothing new The technolgy foundation of this book is old and weak and can not reflect and keep up with the current trends.
This book is not efficient in pointing out things It could be condensed I don t think this is neccessary to tell the whole author s personal story and some other trivial things to explain things YOu would just need to point out the definition, and how to apply it, and how to interepte it and etc.
This book just includes a lot of unncessary persona If they taught a Web Metrics 101 class this would be the book listed on the syllabus Like many of my college text books in the past I hated reading them at the time but was glad I did later In fact I actually won this book at a conference where Jim spoke If the aforementioned class existed he is exactly how I would envision the professor, long beard, sweater,slow paced oration and all.
Jim and his book are full of great information, granted they go into some stories a little often than I would like, and many other reviewers have pointed this out already I don t think the reader can digest than a chapter at a time while reading this book, as there is so much to apply to your own companies problems.
All in all I think this is a great foundation to build from but, as many have already pointed out it was written in It showed a couple of metrics but it s already introduced by other analytics books And It has so much extremely interviews and introduction of specific vendor s applications can be thought as PPL Novice can t get balanced overview from this, intermediates just can advertisements about applications, and experts can have nothing.
Especially so many and long interview texts are mostly useless and time consuming.
There Now Exists A Wealth Of Tools And Techniques That Can Determine If And How A Web Site Is Providing Business Value To Its Owners This Book Is A Survey Of Those Metrics And Is As Important To IT Executives As It Is To Marketing Professionals Jim Sterne Is Recognized Worldwide As A Leading Internet Business Expert And Is The Author Of Several Wiley books, Including WWW Marketing, Third Edition Explains The Criteria For Building A Successful Site, Surveying The Tools, Services, Techniques, And Standards For Web Measurement, And Fully Integrating Those Metrics With The Customer Experience Companion Web Site Contains Links To Online Tools, Resources, And White Papers

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Download Epub Format » Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success PDF by ë Jim Sterne Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success book, this is one of the most wanted Jim Sterne author readers around the world.